Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Putting Things in a Perspective

It is one of those days when I have to shake my head, and resign to the constant mess in the house. Forrest has been in dumping mode lately. He likes to take a dog snack bag, and dump it all over the floor. Quickly pick them up before Turkey eats them all, and get sick. Then there's a bunch of crumbs that is embedded int he carpet. Vacuum. I hate vacuuming, by the way. He dumps sliced bananas on the floor. Time to pick it up, or let the dog eat them. A few minutes later, Forrest asks for more food. I sigh, and say no, because he just dumped his bananas a few minutes earlier. Of course, it doesn't help that Forrest is a bit cranky, because he decided that 5:30 am is a perfectly suitable time to get up, and get the day started. Soon, he's off to an early nap, and this mama gets a bit of rest. And hopefully, the dog will end up not getting a tummy ache. 

As much as Forrest drives me crazy sometime with his learning development, I often have to step back, and remind myself that it is a part of his learning process. I think being an adult, you forget that the world is new, and everything is prime to be learned. I really do believe that being a parent is a spiritual experience. When you find that something pushes your button, you need to figure out why is that, and correct it within yourself. It is easy to get impatient, and angry. The true challenge is staying calm, and understanding the world from a toddler's perspective. Suddenly, you realize that it is really nothing to be all worked up about. 

Also, there is a recent situation with a friend's daughter that definitely takes me to a different perspective. This little girl is only a year older than Forrest is, and has been recently diagnosed with cancer. Imagine that. It has affected me so much, upon finding out the news of my friend's daughter having cancer, that I had to have Forrest sleep by my side that night. While it is a struggle to deal with Forrest's allergies, and flare-ups with eczema, he is as healthy as he can be, and I feel blessed. This also makes little things that Forrest does seem so trivial. I imagine that it is something that my friend would rather deal with than sitting by her daughter's side while she is ill. It definitely puts things in a perspective, doesn't it? 

It has been raining nonstop all week. Due to the weather, we are feeling quite cooped up inside. One good thing about the rain is that it is not snow. And other good thing about the rain? Chicken soup in the slow cooker. I plan on letting chicken soup stew all day tomorrow, and reap the deliciousness of the soup by end of the day. Maybe throw in a homemade bread. It will be good for our souls. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Catching UP

I hope your Easter was lovely, and wonderful! Ours was really nice, and we enjoyed ourselves. Food, and the company were fantastic. Forrest had a blast playing with his cousins, and probably spent most of his time over at his uncle's, and aunt's house more than he did with us at his grandparents' house. The egg hunt was really fun. We did it indoors, since it was raining, and gross outside. At first, Forrest didn't really understand what was going on, and threw a fit. Once we showed him an egg, and allowed him to transfer the egg from its hiding spot to the egg holder basket, it was when Forrest got it, and started zooming everywhere to find more eggs! He had a big smile on his face the whole time, and then finally, he found his basket left by Easter Bunny. He was so surprised. It was really cute. We were tempted to hide all the eggs again, because Forrest had so much fun finding eggs, and it was such a joy watching him have fun. 

Forrest had a trip to an allergist this recent Tuesday for a follow-up. There was not much said at the appointment, other than the usual, and everything looked good with Forrest. Dr. G wanted to test Forrest this summer for dairy, egg, and tree nut allergies. Those three allergens came back inconclusive at Forrest's 11 month allergy skin panel test due to his eczema being so bad. Now he was a bit older, and his skin got a lot better with management; we decided it was time to retest Forrest, and to get confirmation. I prepared myself for dairy, and egg allergies to come back positive though. As for tree nuts allergy, I doubted he had any (barring an exception to Cashews--that one we knew for sure that he was allergic to), however, I was prepared for that possibility as well. We had not given Forrest any tree nuts since 11 months old, and avoided them as much as we avoided peanuts. So that won't be a major lifestyle change if Forrest did come back positive for those. I also got a new prescription for epipens, since ours expired, and felt better having valid epipens on the hand. 

Spring is still sort of fleeting. It comes, and goes. It is hard to believe that next Thursday will be May, and it's still chilly outside. But that's Wisconsin for you. At least there's green grasses, and flowers sprouting everywhere! The birds are a frequent visitors to our bird feeder. It's nice to see wildlife starting to come out. Hopefully, that means snow is finally done, and won't come back until this winter. We've been having lions and lambs type of weather lately. One day, it would be gorgeous, and warm, then the next, it's cold, and raining. 

Lucky us, this weekend is supposed to be nice, and that makes me happy, because we are having a huge town-wide rummage sale going on. I'm excited to hit up the houses with a lot of baby, and toddler gears to check out what they have. I love rummage sales!! Don't you? It is one of my favorite things about spring/summer. I love going through garage sales, and seeing what they are selling.

Just to mention, Turkey is doing great. She's back to her scruffy stinky old self! 

Stu, and I are still watching Dexter. We're...okay, I am rather behind on Dexter, and Stu is waiting for me to catch up. I'm almost all caught up, then we are back on the track. We are on season 5 of Dexter. So I think we are a bit over half way done with the series, then we have to figure out what next we should watch. I am thinking about OZ. I've been wanting to watch that for some time now. We are waiting for SOA to add on new season as well as The Walking Dead. It won't be for awhile though. 

I'm reading a book by Jodi Picoult, and the book is called SING YOU HOME. It is a really, really good book. Without giving away too much about the book, it is about gay marriage, and trying to get pregnant, then ending up in a court about the validity of gay marriage, and becoming parents of the same sex. Of course, there's a conflict of interest with a very religious group that disagrees with this couple's decision to have a baby. It's really good. I like it, and do recommend it. It puts you in the shoes of same sex parents, and the issues they face in today's world. Jodi Picoult is a great author, and I don't think there is many books that I DO NOT like by her (except Handle with Care book, that was terrible, and the ending pissed me off). 

I have a few things on my agenda for May, and tying up a few loose ends for the upcoming weddings this summer that we're attending, or are involved with. I can't wait for weather to warm up, and rejoice marriages of our loved ones!! It will be fun. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Have a Great Easter

I'm a bad blogger lately. I've been extremely busy with tying up last minute things, doctor appointments, doing laundry, and spring cleaning before we head up north to the Farm for Easter. Before that, we had a busy weekend with witnessing our wonderful friends' renewal vows, and having a dinner with them. It was good to spend time with our friends, especially with them moving out of the state this come summer to pursue their academic, and job careers. 

To catch up about Turkey, she had to be returned to the vet clinic to get IV fluid drip, because she had not been drinking water. Because of Turkey not drinking water, she was dehydrated, and it made her feel even worse! Silly dumb dog--all this could have been resolved if she had drank her water in the first place--you see, when I said silly dumb old dog, I meant that with a lot of love! Anyway, after she had IV fluid drip, Turkey gradually got better, and was back to her old self by end of the day. It was such a relief! Even though Basset Hounds were quite notorious for sleeping a lot, and laying around, it was hard to see Turkey motionless, and so ill from being put under for dental cleaning. Along with her treatment with IV, we were also given special doggie digestion aid wet dog canned food to be mixed in with her regular dog food. That helped a lot! It elicited her to want eat, and put food in her empty stomach. We ended up being down to the last dog canned food, and decided to hold it off until we came back from Easter to finish it off. After all, Turkey was back to her old self, and we didn't want to have bring an opened dog canned food with us on a long drive up north. No thanks. So, yeah, Turkey was back to her sloth, slobbering, and begging old self, and that made us very happy! 

Because Wisconsin sucks, and mother nature hates us, we got another snow fall recently! Ugh. Seriously. It was like, going from Oh yay green grasses to oh shit, what is this white thing? Oy. 

But it is not too surprising that it has been snowing on, and off this late in the year. We can even get snow in as late as May. Crazy, I know, but that is what you get for living in the North. We are supposed to have a bit more snow up at the Farm, and I'm not sure if we will be doing outdoor egg hunt. I have a feeling we will be doing it inside. I'm looking forward to Forrest learning how to egg hunt. It will be fun. I don't think he will fully understand what the deal is, but with his cousins running amok to find the eggs, Forrest will get into the spirit of things, and have fun! For me? It will be nice not to have to cook over the weekend, and relax! 

I hope you guys will have a safe, and fun Easter!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Turkey's Dental Cleaning

Yesterday, Turkey had to be dropped off at the vet for a dental cleaning. We had been meaning to have her teeth checked out for a longest time. You see, when we first adopted Turkey, she had a really poor condition with her teeth. Turkey was missing all of the crowns from her front teeth (incisors), and her enamels had been worn down all way to the gums. On top of this, she had a really bad tartar, and inflammation in her mouth. We put it off, mainly because it didn't seem to bother Turkey too much, and it was going to be very costly to have her teeth cleaned. We finally bit the bullet, and scheduled an appointment for Turkey. 

Off we went to the vet clinic, I dropped off quivering Turkey, and felt like a terrible dog mama for leaving her behind, especially with her being so scared. It was strange not to have Turkey around the house. Our food was safe. We were able to eat in the living room, while watching Fraggle Rock on Hulu, and not worry about Turkey attempting to steal our food. I didn't have to go outside to let Turkey out. I was able to clean without tripping over 50-pound dog. However, I didn't enjoy the freedom without having a dog in the house. Our home was not really home without her. It was funny how something so small can leave such a huge void in our lives. 

4 pm finally rolled around, and we rushed to the vet clinic to pick up our stinky old dog! Turkey ended up having her teeth scaled, polished, and fluoride was applied to her teeth. Fortunately for Turkey, she did not need any of her teeth pulled. Whew! Upon picking up Turkey from the vet, she was groggy, and having a hard time walking in a straight line. I helped her up into my Jeep, and she gave me the saddest basset eyes when our eyes met. I kissed her, and promised her that she was going to get venison chop left overs for her dinner the following day. 

Turkey ended up resting in one of her favorite spots, under the computer desk, when we arrived home. She spent the whole time asleep, only offering soft thump of her wagging tail when I bent down to pet her. 

Our poor old girl is still kind of out of it today. She has not exhibited much interest in drinking water, and eating. She has not perked up when Forrest walks past her with food in his hand. It makes me sad to see her miserable, and not feeling well. I'm hoping she will come around in a bit. After all, she is our first baby that we adopted together when we first got married. 

Right now, she is basking in the sun light on the sofa. At least she's comfortable, and resting. Hopefully, the venison chops left over will be enough to elicit her to eat a bit later today! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great Flood of 2014

I contemplated publishing this post yesterday, and then I realized it was April Fools day. If I published this post yesterday, then nobody would have believed me, thinking it was my prank on them, when in fact, it did happen, and it was not a prank. So I had better wait until today to publish this post.

I was relaxing with Forrest on the sofa with Turkey (not an actual bird, but our lazy Basset dog). Forrest grew bored of watching a movie with me, and plopped off the sofa to wander off somewhere else. I felt a vibration of him falling down, and I didn't address Forrest immediately. After all, kids were going to tumble, rough around, and fall, right? Within minutes of feeling that bump, Forrest returned to me, bawling, and I noticed nothing out of ordinary at first. I got on my knees to give Forrest a big mommy hug, and kiss that miraculously always cure every ouchies, right? As I gave him a kiss on top of his head, I noticed his hair was soaking wet, and as my arms went around his little body, I found that his entire back was soaked with water. Puzzled, I had no idea why, and it registered to me that he may have lifted Turkey's water bowl, and dumped it all over himself either by accident, or on purpose. 

I got up, and went to investigate. I fully expected to see a upside down dog bowl with water scattered around it. What I found instead was a HUGE lake in our kitchen. Holy BATMAN!

 photo tumblr_n3ba19zdNz1ssbvp5o1_500_zps7f10e548.gif

I ran into the lake, wondering where the heck all this water was coming from, and quickly inspected all the pipes under the sink to find that everything was intact. I turned around, waddled through the ever rising water, and went into the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen. It was the culprit. The toilet was vomiting water. CRAP CRAP CRAP! I fell onto my knees, and went around the toilet to shut off the water supply. Suddenly, it stopped spewing water like a demon out of an exorcism film. I stood up, soaking wet, and looked at a huge lake in our kitchen. Forrest, having overcome his sadness of having an ouchie, decided to play in the water. Turkey joined the enthusiasm. I scowled at the old girl, and wondered why she didn't have a Lassie bone in her body to alert her mommy, who happened to be Deaf, and unable to hear the water pumping out like that. For a moment, I considered losing it.

 photo tumblr_mzgjdlC52g1sig0tlo1_500_zps24ec7bbd.gif

Alas, I decided not to. I took a deep breath, and went to upstairs closet to gather all towels I had, then carried the mountain of towels in my arms as I went downstairs to conquer the flood. I threw down the towels to soak up the water. Slowly, but surely, I managed to mop up the entire mess in the kitchen, lamented briefly at our stained dining room carpet from being soaked, and tried my best to get water out of the carpet. I blew an air out of my mouth, thinking okay, the worst is over, and I texted Stu to ask him to come home immediately instead of lounging at work when he was out. 

Tired, wet, and throat coarse from scolding the dog to NOT drink the water, and the boy for encouraging the dog to drink the toilet water, I gathered heavy towels, weighed down by water, and kicked them down the stairs to the basement. It was when I saw water creeping at the bottom of the stairs. 

 photo tumblr_lzoijxD4sg1qjjt1l.gif

At this point, I had no towels to mop up the water, and I was out of resource to mop up the watery mess in the man cave part of the basement. I went upstairs, grabbed all little rag towels I had left, and gathered all the rolls of paper towels. I returned to the basement to find that our TV, and WII was damaged. Yay. Not. I moved the gaming system along TV out of the way, put down the bowl to catch the leak, and mopped all water out of the area. I dragged two large rugs outside, while thanking weather gods for not sending us snow, and sent us sun instead. 

While cringing at killing the trees, I put down the paper towels, and rags on the smaller version of lake compared to what was in the kitchen. At this point, I was fuming at Turkey, for not being a Lassie, and for happily chomping on cat "treats" from the litter boxes. She must have been in heaven that day with drinking all that toilet water, and chomping on cat poop. Good for her. In the meanwhile, the boy was opening the patio door, and wandering into the backyard half-naked. I ran after him, gently corrected him, and brought him back inside with me. Again, I thanked the weather gods for this semi-warm weather. 

I was sweating, panting, and a fine wet mess at this point. Not to mention that I was also exhausted. Stu finally came home as I threw out several rolls of paper towels, and dumped soaking wet towels in the washing machine. He helped me to clean up the remaining mess, put down fans to dry out the affected areas, and took the boy upstairs for a much-needed bath. 

Once the crisis had been resolved, I plopped on the sofa, and briefly thought about dying, then realized I was already dead with exhaustion. 

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-30887-1387318156-0_zps422a43a2.gif

Stu came downstairs with a clean toddler laughing, and bouncing to me. I allowed Forrest to cover me with his little kisses, and hugs. Stu, being a wonderful husband that he was, decided to order us hot wings, and pizza so I didn't have to make dinner that night. 

A bit later, I looked at Stu, and Forrest eating their dinner, as Turkey drooled, and pleaded for human food, and thought to myself...what a story I will tell Forrest someday.