Monday, July 28, 2014


How Far Along: 22 weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Pretty happy, and excited, because we have found a perfect rental home! It's just perfect, and I am so excited about the house. We will be moving in on August 15th. There is some sadness about leaving Ripon, because it holds so many memories for us, and it will not be easy to leave this area. I'm also a bit stressed about packing, and making sure that everything fits in the mover's truck. Along with that, I have to figure out which things we want to give away, and sell, or keep. I am also glad to spread some kindness, and happiness to our wonderful duplex neighbors, Tom, and Deb, by giving them our portable dishwasher for free. We figure that they have done so much for us, and that is the least we can do for them. So having them be happy makes me happy! 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as a Papaya fruit. At this point, Jellybean is settling into sleep cycle, which is between 12 to 14 hours at time. This week, Jellybean is fine tuning its muscles by practicing grip, wiggling, and kicking. The fat is piling up on Jellybean's bones, and the baby no longer looks translucent. Fingernails are developed. A bit on the gross side; my belly button has popped out, and it is so weird, because my belly button did not pop out until almost very end with Forrest. 

Movements: I feel Jellybean kicking all over the place, especially toward my right hip. I feel the kicks the most at the bottom rather than on the top. It makes me wonder if Jellybean is still a breech, or going crazy all over the place, and the placenta is just blocking out some movements on the top (due to it being anterior...other word in the front). 

Cravings: The other day we went to our local Farmer's Market, I was so excited to be able to pick up yummy cantaloupe, and Kolrabi vegetable. I've been wanting vegetables, and fruits a lot lately. The fresher it is, the better! I wanted fried green tomatoes, but green tomatoes seem to be impossible to find so I settled for Kolrabi (a really weird looking cabbage/turnip vegetable). I made Kolrabi fritters, and OMG--best thing ever! So good!!! 

Aversions: Unchanged. 

What I Miss the Most: At this point, my pregnancy is really easy. I don't have a little foot up in my rib, or any complaints. I do have occasional sore feet, and back, but nothing I can't handle. I do find that I do miss coffee. Again, I could drink coffee if I want, but I choose not to just like what I did for my pregnancy with Forrest (just healthier to go caffeine free). 

Best Moments of the Week: Finally settling on a place that we will be moving in! I'm so excited about the first floor laundry, and big beautiful kitchen. Those two are my top two most coveted things in a home. Coming up with an idea for Jellybean's nursery room: You are my only sunshine theme! I plan on doing a lot of DIY projects on my own. Learning that Forrest outgrew some of his allergies, and no new allergies had cropped up from the test result. Stu FINALLY felt Jellybean move! It is such a great thing to see Stu's face beam up when he realizes that there is a little person growing inside of me. 

Looking Forward To: Moving in the new place, and being under one roof with us all once again. It has been hard to be apart, especially with me being pregnant, and missing Stu. I'm looking forward to finally setting up nursery room for Jellybean, and toddler proofing Forrest's bedroom. He may not be ready to have his crib converted into a toddler bed just yet, but at least his room will be prepped in advance for when that does happen. I just LOVE interior decorating, and it is one of my favorite things to do. 

Monday, July 21, 2014


How Far Along: Week 21, and 3 days.

I Am Feeling: Pretty good, and happy from the long weekend of festivity!

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is about the size of one of my favorite fruits, Pomegranate, and is estimated to be at one pound! I am starting to notice that I am starting to get bigger from being able to eat more (that heartburn medicine is a life-saver), and in the next ten weeks, it is when pregnant women, on average, will gain half of their total pregnancy weight! Grow, Jellybean, Grow! Jellybean's brain is starting to be able to synchronize all the network mapping in the nerve system, and due to this, the movements are no longer jerky. The movements are now stronger, and deliberate. Jellybean's bone marrows are forming red blood cells (which spleen, and liver had formerly been taking over until now), and the small intestine is starting to absorb sugar from amniotic fluid. My bellybutton is starting to be stretched out, and it is slowly going inside out. It's fascinating, yet gross.  

For the inquiring minds, here's a bump comparison shot from when I was pregnant with Forrest, and now with Jellybean: 

It's funny to see how similar bumps are, even though I feel with this pregnancy, my stomach is shaped differently, almost like a football cone, whereas with Forrest, it is more like a basketball! 

Movements: Jellybean is a kicker. I feel little feet kicking up a storm toward my right hip while the head is pressed up inside under my ribs. Or is it reversed? I have no idea if Jellybean is still a breech, or all over the place! I feel Jellybean a lot in the evenings, and especially in the late nights when I get up to use the bathroom. 

Cravings: Sweet food is still on the top of my list! I often have to run through bakery store section, otherwise I will end up succumbing to wonderful smells, and want to buy out the entire bakery! It's the devil when I food shop. 

Aversions: Nothing in particular that stands out. I feel that I'm cruising through an easy part of my pregnancy right now. There has been days when I feel nauseous, either from eating too much, or from being really warm, and tired. It's nowhere like when it was in the first trimester! 

What I Miss the Most: My feet? I feel that they are growing?? Ugh! I don't need bigger feet! 

Best Moments of the Week: Alex, and Girl Alex's wedding! It was so beautiful, and I felt privileged to be a part of their special day. It was fun to be a part of such special day. The food was amazing (I had Salmon, ricotta, and asparagus for dinner, yum). Stu, and I had a blast in the photobooth! Too bad we didn't have that for our wedding! Forrest had fun playing with his second cousins. It was a good time had by everybody. It was easy to say, because there was a great food, a great music, and a great company. I also had fun co-hosting a bridal shower with other maid of honor for Lauren. She got a lot of nice things, and appeared to have a wonderful time. It had been a VERY busy weekend, and we are tired from all the celebration, but it's worth it. It was also great spending time with Stu. This long-distance marriage thing is no bueno! 

Looking Forward To: Finding a place so we all can live under one roof. It's such a pain to house hunt, and living apart. I'm looking forward to fast forwarding through packing, and unpacking. Too bad I can't twitch my nose, and magically have everything done by itself. It is hard to believe that summer is half-way over?? One more wedding to go, then we are officially done with the wedding madness...for now. I'm also looking forward to the test results for Forrest with his allergy appointment this Tuesday. I hope it brings good news. It will be interesting to find out the result! Then not this upcoming Friday, but the next, it is Lauren's turn to be getting married!! Holy batman! 

Monday, July 14, 2014


How Far Along: 20 Weeks & 3 days. I'm now half way done with this pregnancy! Where the heck is time going?! 

I am Feeling: Good, tired, and stressed, but mostly good. I just got a prescription from Dr. Mbah for my heartburn, and I am supposed to take it once a day. Hopefully, it does the trick for my heartburn!

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is about a size of a banana! Jellybean's ears are perfectly formed, and can hear what is going on outside the womb. The amniotic fluid has doubled in the amount, and it is a bit over 1.5 cups of fluid. The interesting thing about the amniotic fluid is that it is maintained at an elevated temperature than my core body temperature to keep Jellybean warm. Also, amniotic fluid amount is important to our OB-GYN doctors, and midwives, because it gives us an indication of how well the baby is growing, and developing. Due to amniotic fluid increasing, Jellybean is starting to gulping down more of this fluid, and the taste buds is fully developed so Jellybean is able to taste what I've just eaten! To encourage a better palate, all I have to do is eat different types of food for Jellybean to taste. 

Movements: Jellybean's movements is ranging from little pops to quivers, which feels very much like shivering on the inside, and tend to move a lot more when I gulp down orange juice or eat something with sugar in it. Jellybean continues to be most active in the late evenings when I am resting after a long day of being on move. It's a different experience to have a baby that is more active, because with Forrest, he did not move very much, and he was content to just stretch, or hiccup, or hit with his fist once in while. 

Cravings: Still the same old. Nothing new.

Aversions: Unchanged.

What I Miss the Most: Not much at this point. I just miss being able to breath easily. Jellybean's head is right under the placenta on top-front of my uterus, and the growing uterus is starting to compress everything else in my digestive system up against my rib cage. So it is getting harder to catch my breath. I also miss coffee. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing Jellybean on the big screen! I think Jellybean looks kind of like Forrest. Jellybean is measuring great in everything, is at 53% of weight (Jellybean is around 11 ounces right now, I believe), and growing beautifully. The only thing that surprises me is that Jellybean is currently a breech! It is rather common in subsequent pregnancies from what I understand, and to have babies be vertical with feet down. 20 weeks, this is not a concern, because Jellybean is still very small, and boy, sure is the baby active!!! Dr. Mbah said that Jellybean should flip around to be head-down between 33 to 38 weeks. If Jellybean has not flipped by then, then it would be a concern at that point. As for now, it's all good! We do not know Jellybean's gender, and even if we wanted to know, then we would still probably not have known, because Jellybean kept the legs crossed the whole time! I think Jellybean wants to be on it too, and surprise everybody--not just us parents! 

Looking Forward To: My brother, Alex's, wedding this Saturday! I can't believe he is getting married. It is going to be a really great day. I'm excited for him, and Girl Alex (his fiancee).  My sister will be flying in from Texas, and it will be really good to see her, and her fiance, along with rest of my siblings, and family. It will be a great time! I'm also looking forward to finding a place to rent. It has been such a hassle to find a right place that accommodates our family. I'm hoping to find something by end of July at latest. Fingers crossed that we will find a place soon!! 

Monday, July 7, 2014


How Far Along: 19 Weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Still experiencing heartburn. Stress is not helping to alleviate heartburn too. I jokingly tell people that Jellybean will be a neurotic baby from all the stress. *See, the keyword is JOKINGLY, because I know Jellybean won't be a neurotic baby!* I am feeling pretty tired, because I have not been sleeping my best lately, and I am looking forward to the day when the whole family is under one roof once again. 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as a Mango this week. The skin is slowly being covered in a waterproof goo, which is composed of laungo, oil, and dead skin cells, to protect the skin from amniotic fluid. Otherwise, Jellybean will come out looking very wrinkled! Because Jellybean is still too little to actually develop a real fat that we have, the special kind of fat called Brown Fat (how creative) will be developed to protect the vital organs, and to keep Jellybean warm during the early newborn months. Jellybean is so busy growing that he/she spend most of his/her time sleeping to conserve all the energy to grow, grow, and grow! At this point, my uterus is right under my bellybutton to accommodate growing baby inside! 

Movements: Jellybean likes to pop a lot. It is all over the place with no rhyme, and reason. I notice that I feel Jellybean the most in the evenings. Hopefully that means Jellybean IS not a morning person. Because when I was pregnant with Forrest, he was most active between 3 to 5 am, and guess what...he likes to get up during those hours still to this day. I tell people that I hope Jellybean will love to sleep as much as I do, because the little mister (Forrest) certainly does not. 

Cravings: Unchanged. The only meat these days that I really enjoy eating is turkey meat. Aside from that, red meat is not really big on my menu, because A) it gives me heartburn due to its rich nature, and B) I am just not interested in eating it. Nonetheless, I still do eat a hamburger here, and there, but it's not like what I had with Forrest.

Aversions: Unchanged.

What I Miss the Most: Having Stu home with us. It is tough not to have him home during the week. It is more tiring, and harder to parent Forrest alone. Thankfully, Forrest, despite his active nature, is pretty easy kid to take care of. I would imagine that Stu is anxious to have all of us back under one roof as much as I am! 

Best Moments of the Week: Forrest really enjoyed the fireworks! He was pretty insistent on sitting with his cousins on the blanket to watch fireworks. Forrest made a connection between an animal, and word: COW. Because of that, he kept asking to see cows in the barn almost all of the time. It was fun to see how his little mind began to map things in the world around him.

Looking Forward To: Seeing Jellybean this Thursday! I'm determined NOT to find out the gender. I'm tempted, I won't lie, and I have thought about finding out. Then again, I really don't want to know. My desire not to know is stronger than my desire to know. I think it will be fun to be surprised at the birth. On some days, I think I am having a boy. On other days, I think I am having a girl. Not knowing is kind of fun, because we did find out so early with Forrest (12 weeks), and it will be my motivation to bring Jellybean into the world just to find out who Jellybean is! I'm also looking forward to a new DIY sewing project. I am planning on sewing nursing pads, because I find that I prefer reusable pads that can be washed over, and over again over buying paper pads. I remember how expensive they got with nursing Forrest, and when I discovered reusable nursing pads--I fell in love with those! The only thing is that they can be a bit expensive. So I am taking it into my hands to sew my own! Hopefully, they will turn out great, and work really well. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


How Far Along: 18 weeks & 4 days. I'm chugging toward to being half-way done with this pregnancy. It is mind-blowing to think that I'm nearly half way over with this pregnancy. It has been flying by so fast with so many things going on these days. It still has not really hit me that we are having another baby in early winter! I wonder when it will finally hit me. I told Stu the other day that I am 5 months along, and Stu said, ALREADY?! 

I Am Feeling: A bit stressed about the move, and finding a place to live. We went from looking for a rental home to possibly buying a house only to go back to looking for a rental home again with a plan to look for a house in spring. Heartburn has been kicking my butt these days. It's not so much of pain in my chest, but the burning at the base of my throat, and it's a constant thing. Does that mean Jellybean will be born with a head full of hair? We shall see! I've been getting foot cramps along with backaches from picking up Forrest, a shift in the gravity due to my growing belly, and walking around. It's weird to experience more physical pain this time around, because I barely had any with Forrest, and I guess it's overdue? I suspect my blood pressure is low once again, due to my fainting the other day, which sounds more dramatic than it actually is. According to my doctor, all I need is to stay cool, hydrated, and eat frequent small snacks in the between of meals. Also, I had a dream the other night that I gave birth to a boy. I wonder if that is a prediction?? 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as a sweet potato! Currently, Jellybean is able to suck the thumb, hiccup, roll around, kick, and do all the crazy aerobic exercises. The bones are ossifying, a fancy term meaning that the bones are finally hardening, and it is still crucial to make sure I take in plenty of calcium in my diet. Jellybean's nerve system is maturing. The nerves are now being encased in Myelin, which helps to protect, and stimulate them to relay messages to the brain. 

Movements: There has been days when I feel little kicks, which reminds me of a popcorn popping, and it is a fun feeling. Jellybean seems to be most active in the afternoon/evening.

Cravings: Something fresh, and crispy. Then sweets. I don't have much of desire for meat with this pregnancy. I've been eating a lot more fruit these days. My fruit of choice had initially been peaches until I took a bite into a moldy pit. Now my appetite for peaches is nonexistent. Boo. However, that disappointment has been replaced by joy when my mother in law, Bobbie, bought us cherries. So good! I may have to buy one more bag today (we ate it all in two days). 

Aversions:  Unchanged pretty much. Nothing new has popped up. At this point, I just avoid anything spicy, or take a gamble, and stock up on tums.

What I Miss the Most: Being heartburn-free. Being able to function without feeling woozy once in while. Not being so stressed!!

Best Moments of the Week: Meeting up with the family, and spending the day with them at a park for Wally's birthday. Seeing Forrest having so much fun going cooler diving (he ended up getting soaked. I guess that boy was really warm, and wanted to cool off)! Cuddling with Forrest--he has been more cuddly than usual these days. 

Looking Forward To: Having things work out in the end with finding a place to live. Finding out how Stu's first day of work goes! Ultrasound appointment next week on Thursday (it got rescheduled from Tuesday to Thursday. Bah for waiting a few more days until I see Jellybean!!). July of 4th celebrations; I love watching fireworks, and eating yummy food.