Tuesday, October 28, 2014


How Far Along: 35 weeks & 4 days! We are gearing to enter 9th month of my pregnancy. It is crazy, because it doesn't feel like I am almost 9 months pregnant, but I am! Surprisingly, I feel comfortable for being almost 9 months pregnant. 

I am Feeling: Doing good despite feeling very pregnant. I am surprised with how far I've gotten with this pregnancy without feeling dragged down. Aside from feeling dizzy from time to time, I'm doing good. 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a Coconut! The crazy thing is that my uterus has grown 1,000x its size by this week. It does sound like a pure exaggeration, but it is not, and it is to accommodate a baby inside me. If Jellybean is a boy, then his testes have already been descended by this point. If Jellybean is a girl, then she has been just hanging out all along since her reproductive health has already been taken care of for several weeks now! The amniotic fluid is at its peak this week, and will start to diminish in the upcoming few weeks to prepare the baby for the labor. DHA, and Omega are critical at this time, because Jellybean's brain is hardest at work right now with mapping, building, and connecting everything. From now on, Jellybean might be moving less strongly, and more prone to stretch out due to the cramped nature of the home that Jellybean has been living in for the past 8 months. 

Movements: Jellybean's movements has changed, due to the space running out, and my belly still shakes like crazy (especially if I eat a lot of sweet food). Jellybean now likes to jab as hard as possible out of my stomach. It sure smarts. This kid is trying to bust out already. 

Gender Prediction: A human. People have been guessing gender of the baby based on variety of old wives' tales, and the shape of my belly. I just smile, and shake my head. We will see who prevails in the end; team blue, or team pink! That's the fun part. 

Symptoms: Feeling really dizzy from time to time. Lack of appetite--as much as I want to eat, I just don't have a room in my belly to stuff myself, which is a good thing I guess because we won't be able to go anywhere for Thanksgiving, and I can't enjoy Thanksgiving food with how limited space my body has for my stomach. I find it easier to eat a bit at time. Just feeling very pregnant. 

Labor Signs: Braxton Hick contractions are still happening. It is happening more regularly on a daily basis. I remember having those a lot about a month to a month, and half before Forrest is born as well. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing my side of the family, and spending time with them. My aunt's 31 Bag party; I got a really nice purse for myself, and a tote storage box for Jellybean's room. I had so much fun learning how to juice, and can our tomatoes with Dad. We made about 6 quarts of juice out of 20 pounds of tomatoes! Dad, and Jess got me a really awesome canning starter kit, which I am so thrilled about, and can't wait to use them! Eating out at Red Lobster to celebrate our 10-year dating anniversary (we don't really celebrate dating anniversary every year--just big ones), and to continue our tradition of eating there before the baby is born.

front view of my bump! 

Looking Forward to: Trick n Treating with Forrest, and Stu! Dressing up. I LOVE Halloween. We are doing TEAL project--do google it, and find out how you can make Halloween safe for kids with allergies! Making pumpkin pies for my loved ones, and friends! One of the best thing about pies is giving them away, and spreading happiness to others. Carving our pumpkins, and harvesting pumpkin seeds!

Update from the Last Appointment: The appointment from yesterday, 10/27, was an interesting one. Dr. Mbah was unable to find Jellybean's head, or the position that Jellybean was exactly in. So, we all had no idea where exactly  Jellybean was at. His/her heart rate came up quick on doppler, and it was strong at 140! My belly was measuring a week off once again--instead of being at 35 weeks--almost 36 weeks, I was measuring at 34 weeks. I talked with Mbah about what to expect from our November 7th ultrasound. She said that it was to determine how well JB  has been growing because my fundal height measurement (how big my belly is) has been off during my whole pregnancy, and to determine where exactly Jellybean is positioned in. I will be tested for Group Strep B, and platelet count--all that yada stuff you get during 36th week of your pregnancy. Then we will discuss about what is our next step; whether manual flipping Jellybean is possible, and when we should schedule for that to be done at our local hospital (apparently, you have to be in a hospital for this procedure in case if you end up having a baby that day), or to discuss a possible c-section.

Next Appointment: November 7th for an ultrasound to determine what position Jellybean is in. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he/she is in a correct position, and that all the crazy stuff I've been doing is paying off. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


Excuse my Einstein hair. I didn't realize it was THAT messy. 

How Far Along: 34 weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Tired. Stu has not been around much this week, and Forrest has been a wild little man (especially the witching hours). Aside from that, I have surprisingly decent amount of energy during the day to do things.

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a Butternut squash! Jellybean's laungo (a little peach fuzz of hair) is slowly disappearing this week, and the protective coating called Vernix Caseosa is still layering on thick. Most of this substance should go away when Jellybean is closer to his/her due date. Jellybean is peeing a pint a day--and it explains why I am making frequent trips to the bathroom! 

Movements: Jellybean is a little wiggler. He/she likes to wiggle, wiggle, and wiggle! Jellybean is most active at the night as opposed to during the day. Jellybean has his/her days of being quiet, and resting a lot more than usual. It happens on the days when I am experiencing more BH contractions, or when Jellybean is going through a growth spurt. 

Gender Prediction: My friend convinced me to do baking soda method to guesstimate the baby's sex. It was kind of inconclusive. It did not fizz very much, but bubbled up a few bubbles to the surface. There was no foam on the top. If I was to guess based on this method, then the baby was determined to be a girl. According to the nub theory; the baby at 11 weeks ultrasound will have a little nub in the genital area, and it means the nub will be formed into either a clitoris or penis. So if the nub is angled, then it confirms a boy. If it is parallel to the spine, then it is a girl. I checked Jellybean's 11 weeks ultrasound, and sure enough, the nub was parallel to the spine. It meant Jellybean could be a girl. According to old wives tales, I've been craving for sweets, and that means a girl. But...the heart rate myth points to a boy, since this baby's heart rate is between 130-150. My belly is carrying low so that means a boy. Mayan Tale says a boy, yet the lunar Chinese calendar says a girl. Having break outs during pregnancy means a girl. I had that all way from conception until recently (around 30 weeks). So maybe a girl. If your first born's first word was mommy, then a baby girl, but if your first born child's first word was daddy, then a boy. So, in this case, a girl. If you have a raging hormonal angry teen moody boy's attitude, then a boy, and opposite means a girl. In this case, a girl. So, the majority points to a girl. We will see if it is right in a month, and a few weeks from now! Those old wives tales are hilarious though. ;)

Symptoms: This week has been a breezy easy pregnancy week. There has been a couple days in there when I felt really physically out of it (platelets are probably out of whack including my low BP). I've been feeling more pressure at the bottom of my belly. Hopefully, that's a good sign that Jellybean is head down, and staying in put?

Labor Signs: Still getting Braxton Hicks contractions, especially if I am not drinking enough water, or overdoing it.

Best Moments of the Week: Cuddling with my little boy in the mornings, and slowly wake up together is always the best way to start my day. Pureeing pumpkins into glop for pies--it's a lot of work, but so worth the hard work. Stu's 30th birthday luncheon with his family. It is hard to believe that we are entering a new decade! 

Looking Forward To: Stinker roo, Turkey, and I are heading down to my hometown for a week to spend a week with other side of the family. I figure it would be good to spend time with my side of the family before I go into the baby lock-down, and not be able to go anywhere for awhile! Learning how to can tomatoes with Dad. Fried Green Tomatoes--gosh I've been craving for that for my whole pregnancy, and now I have several on the hand! Making a lot of DIY gifts for Christmas--I want to get an early head start on them, because there's no way I can do it once the baby is here. 

Update from the last Appointment: My appointments are all changed up because I saw Dr. Mbah on the 13th for a follow up. Dr. Mbah thinks Jellybean MIGHT be in a correct head-down position, but can't confirm without an ultrasound. My 22nd appointment is cancelled, and changed to the 27th. So that means my appointment on the 31st is cancelled, boo, but I still get to dress up for the 27th anyway! Then I have an appointment on the 7th of November for an ultrasound to determine the position of where Jellybean is resting in. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Jellybean is in a correct head-down position, because Jellybean does flip around a lot! 

Monday, October 13, 2014


How Far Along: Week 33 & 3 days.

I am Feeling: I have a lot of mixed feelings going on, and it is making me emotional more than usual. I'm trying to think positive, and put faith that things will work out the way it is meant to be, even if it's not quite what I had hoped for. 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a Durian fruit. There is not much going on developmentally wise this week aside from brain still being busy at work! Jellybean is practicing breathing by hiccuping, and blinking eyes open and close while wake hours.

Movements: Jellybean likes to stretch out, stick butt in the middle of my stomach, and head-bang my ribs. The little flutters are fun to feel at my hip (from his/her little feet kicking). Jellybean has moments of where he/she is quiet, then others, he/she goes crazy! 

Gender Prediction: Thinking that the baby could be a girl. Then again, the baby could be a boy. I don't have a very definitive feeling. It is hard with this pregnancy, because with Forrest, I just KNEW I was having a boy from the conception (I swear for real), and for Jellybean, I am unsure. I don't have a real strong preference toward either gender as long as Jellybean is healthy. Sometimes I do think it would be fun to have a girl, just to see how different it is from having a boy, then I also think it is a lot of fun to have 2 boys!

Symptoms: Heartburn is less bad this week. Thank goodness.

Labor Signs: Nothing this week aside from same old Braxton-Hicks.

Best Moments of the Week:  Seeing Forrest carry his little doll everywhere, and being nice to his doll--we had bought him a baby doll to help him prepare for a little brother, or sister! Getting the dresser in the mail for Jellybean's nursery room (thanks Grandma Tree), and had Stu build the drawer for me! The baby room got organized, and set up. The only thing left I needed to do is add You are My Only Sunshine posters! Prepping our garden for a long winter ahead, and harvesting a good 5 pounds of tomatoes! Seeing Forrest enjoying yard work with his Daddy. 

Looking Forward To: Prepping, and pureeing pumpkins for the pies, and other yummy pumpkin-based meals/desserts. Getting my order of Jamberry nail wraps from my recent hostess party with my wonderful sorority sister as a consultant (love those stuff, because there's no smell, it's latex free, and easy to remove unlike Sally Hansen wraps--those are HARD to get off).

Next Appointment: October 22--this may change though, and October 31st--I am excited about my appointment on Halloween, because I get to DRESS UP for the whole day as opposed to just for evening during trick n treating hours! I'm a big kid at the heart when it comes to holidays. 

Update from last appointment: My platelet count has dropped from 130 to 109. That drop did surprise me, because it never got that low with Forrest. When it drops below 100, I am no longer eligible for an epidural, and/or spinal block. Jellybean is still a breech baby! He/she has until 36 weeks to turn head down by himself/herself. I am thinking about contacting a prenatal chiropractor, since I've heard that sometimes tweaking hips, and back will assist the baby to enter into a right birthing position. I have been doing a lot of silly, idiotic exercises that makes Forrest laugh to try turn Jellybean! There will be an ultrasound for 36 weeks check up to determine the position of Jellybean, and there will be a discussion as in what will be done next since I am not an ideal candidate for a c-section. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


How Far Along: 32 weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Pretty good, aside from the awful heartburn I've been having all week. I think Jellybean is going to be born with head full of hair! I had a little of heartburn, nowhere as bad as this pregnancy, with Forrest, and he did have a head full of hair when he was born. So I can only imagine how Jellybean's head looks like!

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a squash. Jellybean is gaining weight...which means Mama is also gaining weight! Hopefully, Jellybean should be head down seeing that he/she is now filling out inside the cramped space. It explains why my whole belly shakes like crazy these days. This week, Jellybean's bones are calcifying, which means the bones are hardening, and it is critical that I eat all the good stuff to make sure the bones are good and strong!  

Movements: Jellybean likes to make his/her presence known. My whole belly hiccups, shakes, and bugles out. Jellybean moves so hard that he/she wakes me up in the middle of the night, and keeps me up for good half hour to forty minutes. 

Gender Prediction: Everybody seem to think I am having a girl based on varying old wives' tales. The check-out clerk even told me that she thought I was having a girl based on how low I have been carrying this baby (she had all 3 boys herself, and said she carried them all high--and I carried Forrest high as well). It is kind of funny when you don't know the gender of your baby, because so many people will offer insights, opinions, and thoughts about the gender of your baby! I've also recently learned that many moms who have opposite genders end up with similar heart rates. So now I can fully debunk the heart rate myth, and I'm back on fence whether I'm having a boy or a girl. Well, we all have 50% chance of getting our guess right, right?! 

Symptoms: Sore lower back. My hips are getting sore from being in one position for too long when I am sleeping. I find that I toss, and turn a lot. I get up frequently in the night to pee. Stu jokingly says that I am like an old man with a lousy bladder, and a bad prostate. Very funny, dude, it may come back to bite him in the bum someday! Heartburn has been kicking my butt again lately. I've been relying on Prevacid, and Tums to get through them.

Labor Signs: Braxton-Hicks are still happening.

Best Moments of the Week: Getting things completed for Jellybean's room. Shopping, and spending time with Mom. She has been kind enough to purchase some baby things for us, such as dresser, and some items. I guess this goes to show you no matter how old you get to be, you will always be your Mom's baby! I have a few things left, such as Solly wrap, a few new nursing tanks, diapers, wipes, and a laundry basket, then I'm all set for the baby's room! I'm pretty excited for the quilt clips I ordered from Etsy.com; it's a hand made yellow clouds, and it should go with the quilt pretty well. Forrest got his favorite book in the mail! He had destroyed one of his favorite books in the process of wear, and tear. So we had to replace it with a new one, and also purchased a farm themed book. He has carried it everywhere with him since. Forrest cracked me up the other day by insisting that I am having a pig, instead of a baby, because according to a toddler logistic, Forrest can be the ONLY baby of the family. Therefore, the baby inside me is a pig (it's a compliment, my dear Jellybean, seeing that Forrest reserves his best kind of love for family, and farm animals). Also, I've learned that Dad, and Jess are bestowing me a beginner canning supply, an early Christmas gift, and I am absolutely geeked about it! 

Looking Forward To: Setting up Jellybean's nursery, and organizing everything at last once the dresser gets here. Completing my DIY teething rail guard once the fabric gets here in the mail, which should be today. Making one last trip out to my hometown to visit my family, because after that, I won't be able to go anywhere long-distance for awhile! 

Next Appointment/Updates: Next appointment is on October 22nd.