Wednesday, May 20, 2015

FDR is SIX Months Old

Dear Frankie,

You are SIX months old. It is hard to believe that you are celebrating your half birthday already. It feels like it is still yesterday when Mama gave birth to you. Time has a funny way of speeding up, and allowing moments to blur all into together. You are still Mr. Sunshine, loves to laugh, coo, and smile. You are such a happy baby, and everybody is always commenting on how much you love to smile.

You are on the verge of being done with physical therapy sessions! You have gained a strong head control, and full range of head mobility. It helps that you have both Forrest, and Bea, our Basset puppy, to track as they zoom around by you. Tummy time is slowly becoming easier on you as well. While you haven't rolled over, it is okay, because each baby has their own timetable with succeeding milestones, and you've already overcome so much with Torticillis diagnosis. You are already attempting to roll over by flipping over to your side, and it's just matter of time before you are able to flop over on your stomach. Just take your time, little man, and we will rejoice the day when you finally manage to do this.

You can sit up with assistance. You're already sitting at the dining table with us! You love being able to sit in the highchair, and watch us dine. Soon, you will be joining us! Mama is brainstorming your first choices of food. Hopefully Farmer's Market will be starting up soon, so Mama can gather yummy fruits, and vegetables for you to try! Even better is that Mama, and Daddy are about to plant their garden, Mama is looking forward to harvesting, and canning this fall. Hopefully, you'll love fresh food on your plate throughout the summer into the fall.

Something exciting has happened to you, my dear boy. There had been an earlier opening for your helmet to be painted, and Paula painted your helmet! It was worth the wait!! You definitely have been rocking your helmet ever since. It definitely did ease a lot of people's stares, and allowed them to approach Mama with questions, which Mama did not mind answering, and explaining about your diagnoses.

You've come a long way with term of fixing your flat. You originally started at 24MM of abnormality in the head shape, and went down to 8 MM! Imagine that, all in 6 weeks! Mama was told that once you hit 5 MM, you will be done with helmet therapy, after a few extra weeks of careful monitoring to ensure that the numbers stays the same.

Hopefully by mid-summer, you will be all done with needing the helmet. Your head is starting to look fantastic, and Mama could not be any prouder of you than she already is.

You met your Aunt (really, she's your second cousin, but we don't have to concern ourselves with official titles), Lauren, and Uncle Joey, for the first time! While it was great to finally meet, and catch up with Lauren, and Joey; Mama sure wished that they lived much closer...maybe one day?! Even if not, it did not matter, because a family will always be a family! Lauren, and Joey absolutely doted on you, and said nothing but wonderful things about you. You definitely loved their attention, and was more than happy to be held by them.

You are now 17 and half pounds. Daddy has been calling you Frank the Tank these days. Isn't Daddy silly? You are definitely tall for your age, and you are already sporting 9 months clothes! While they are a bit baggy on you width wise, they fit you perfect length-wise, and it's crazy with how quickly you are shooting up like a weed these days.

Everybody in the family had been battling with one sickness after another for nearly a month. Here it is to hoping that germs will stay away this time! On top of this battle with germs, you also went through six months sleep regression for about two weeks, and much to Mama's relief, you went back to your usual schedule one night.

This family is on a verge of change once again. You see, Mama's Jeep is quickly being outgrown by bulky car seats, and a traveling kennel cage for Beatrice. Daddy's Kia car is just too small to fit a family of four, plus a dog. Daddy, and Mama know it is time to upgrade for a bigger vehicle. Because of this, Daddy, and Mama are shopping for a van to accommodate everybody, and it has been a work in progress to find a perfect fit! It will be a bit weird to trade in the Jeep for a van, yet at the same time, it will be great to finally be able to drive together.

It is hard to believe that you are six months old already, dear boy. In other six months, you will be a year old!!! Ack, Mama isn't ready to think about that just quite yet!

We love you very much, sweet boy.

Mama, Daddy, & Forrest