Thursday, July 23, 2015

FDR is EIGHT Months Old

Dear Frankie,

You are EIGHT months old! Can time slow down? As time is speeding up, as it seems, Mama is cherishing every little moment of your baby hood, because she remembers how fleeting it was with Forrest, and Forrest is nearly three years old already. Soon, Mama will be saying the exactly same thing about you. Instead of being sad at the prospect of how quick your babyhood is going, Mama is enjoying every moment with you by treasuring your baby chubs, cheeks, and giggles. 

You are eating two times a day, because nursing alone is not enough to keep you full these days. You have moved on to chunkier pureed food, and your favorite food remains to be sweet potato. Even though you are eating chunkier purees, you are still having a bit of hard time swallowing, and it is why Mama continues to go with purees instead of normal cut up food (baby led weaning). You enjoy eating mixture of vegetable such as peas and zucchini in grounded up rice or oatmeal. You love eating Gramps Dave's applesauce for breakfast. You like to feed yourself by putting spoon in your mouth, and often grab spoon away from Mama. It is allowed for you to go town with food, and sometimes, it can turn quite messy with glops of purees falling to the floor, on yourself, or even on others! It is a good thing that Beatrice is on clean up duty, and likes to clean up after you! 

The 4th of July was celebrated by a lot of sleeping. You slept through the fireworks! Mama said it was a second child syndrome for sure, and Daddy jokingly said you could sleep through a hurricane. You really did not care for the parade that much, and didn't fuss until almost to the end. It was a bit too hot for you to enjoy the festivities. Nonetheless, you were content to be held. When you were up north at the lake by Grandma Bobbie's camper, you were introduced to swimming for the first time, and you were not very sure what to think of it. As your tiny piggies touched the water's surface, you bent up your knees out of surprise, and was not very impressed! However, with some coaxing, and holding by Daddy; you grew to accept being in the water, but not for too long though, because you began to fuss. So off you went, little man, and you were perfectly content to sit on Mama's lap to watch Forrest swim like a fish! 

You like to roll over onto your belly, and reach to the toys around you. You still have not mastered going over because your left arm tend to be in the way. Even so, you are quite determined to get what you want by kicking your squishy thighs as you move forward. You have a napping buddy now! Beatrice loves to nap underneath your crib while you are napping. Once you are up, Bea is also up, and both of you are refreshed for next few hours until your next nap! You still nap twice a day, and you are not as good napper as your brother is at your age. However, unlike your brother, you are a great sleeper at the night. You continue to wake up once a night...more likely in wee hours of the morning between 4 to 5:30 am to be fed.

You smile, giggle, and talk quite a lot. You are not afraid to make yourself heard when you are ready to be fed, to be held, or when you're done playing on the floor for tummy time. You are enjoying tummy time more these days, and can tolerate it for long stretches of time. It doesn't bother you as much as it used to. Mama, and Daddy have noticed that you are getting stronger with your upper body strength. You go, Frank, you go.

You recently discovered a new game that you love: Peek-A-Boo! You love to hold any fabric like a shirt, a blanket, or a towel rag over your face, and kick your feet until someone comes along to take the item off your face. You scream in glee as the said person gasps as he/she sees you. You are such a funny little man. Forrest is starting to become more interested in you by playing with you, sharing his toys with you (which is a BIG BIG deal), and you absolutely LOVE him. You bright up every time he is in your proximity, and spends time with you. You love your brother so dearly. It's absolutely sweet. 

You are still in cloth diapers for the daytime. You prefer it over disposable diapers, and are less prone to rashes in cloth diapers. Mama still thinks it is one of the best investments that she has made for you boys to use cloth diapers, and hope to continue using them for your future siblings. It saves so much money, and is better for the environment! 

Dr. Staci has decided that you will be evaluated once again by the end of summer, instead of this month, to determine when your helmet will be coming off for good. She wants to see more improvement in your head's circumference, before ending your treatment. To everybody else, your head looks amazing, and could not be any more pleased with how great your head looks. 

Dave is still working with you. You are able to lift your head with the helmet on, and hold yourself up more these days. You are finding strength by laying on your belly, and doing tummy time. Dave is pleased with how well you are progressing. Your head range is nearly normal. At this point, it is matter of working on gaining bodily strength, and being able to hit developmental milestones. He is not worried with your progression, because you are making small improvements, and working hard these days! Dave is planning on releasing you by the end of August when you are 9 months old!

Because of PT ending at Bellin, Mama has decided to contact 0-3 (birth to three) program in her town about home visits from a PT to continue working with you. Daddy, and Mama feel that you could benefit with additional help even though you have made a HUGE stride in term of getting upper body strength, head range, and the head tilt. They want you to get all advantage you can get to continue improve yourself. Currently, it is in the works that you will be getting PT for home visits.

You are beginning to sit up! You are able to hold yourself up for a few seconds to few minutes at time before toppling over. Some days it is easier for you, and some others, it is harder. Just like you with rolling, Mama is not in a big rush for you to hit this milestone, and know you will achieve it when you are ready. You are such an awesome kiddo! 

Mama, and Daddy are talking about taking you boys for your first family trip to Milwaukee Zoo! The Zoo is having a Dinosaur theme, which is something Forrest is quite obsessed about, and it will be fun to visit the Zoo to see  all the animals as well. There has been a talk of making a trip down to Florida perhaps by next summer, or two summers from now. It will be fun to go as a family, and spend time together on the beach! 

A great thing happened recently; same sex marriage has been legalized, and it has made your parents happy to know that you boys will grow up in the world where human rights are shared, embraced, and acknowledged by all. One day, you will look at this in the same way how your parents once looked at the history of interracial marriage, and have a hard time believing that our society once had opposed something that should have been normalized since day one. Mama hopes that this will continue to reinforce your values of love, compassion, tolerance, and respect for others.


Mama, Daddy, & Forrest