Thursday, September 24, 2015

FDR is Ten Months Old

Dear Frankie,

You are ten months old. You're in double digits!! There is no slowing you down, buddy.

You weighed at 20 pounds, and measured to be at 29 inches tall from your last wellness check with Dr. Karbon. What a tall boy that you were becoming to be! Mama scheduled you, and Forrest at your 12 months wellness check to receive the last set of flu shots, and she was mind blown that the next visit meant you are almost a whole year old! 

In the beginning, you preferred laying on your back to sitting up, and rolling around as a mean to get around rather than crawling. Mama and Forrest were constantly encouraging you to sit up by playing with you, putting on youtube videos of children songs to keep you occupied, and toys nearby for you to learn how to reach them with age-appropriate milestone developments. It had been a lot of work in a disguise of playing, which was a blessing in itself, because you enjoyed doing them without feeling like was a work!

Then suddenly on one early afternoon, you decided it is time to take off with crawling, and you've been unstoppable ever since! Nothing were no longer safe from you, especially the dog food and water dishes!!

You happily keep up after with your brother, and the dog around the house, and Mama is busy trying to keep everything tidy on the floor. Otherwise, it will end up in your mouth. You are a crawling machine. Mama realizes that now life is going to get even busier with two boys to chase after! Jen is impressed with how quickly you are progressing with PT. 

Jen has been teaching you how to cruise. A trick has been implemented ever since, which is using an upside down laundry basket placed in  the center of our living room, because it promotes you to use the holes to pull yourself up, and you enjoy doing this with a lot of help from Mama. In time, you will probably take off with cruising! Right now, it is to strengthen your core muscles, and it has been so helpful in doing so!

Dr. Katie, the chiropractor, has recently released you from her care! She said you have progressed so much, and you had no to very little sign of being out of adjustment with your Torticillis. She suggested for you to come in for an adjustment once in every while to make sure everything was doing great physically. Rock on, little man!  

You've been sampling a lot of vegetables such as Pattypan Squashes, carrots, spinach, bell peppers, onion, butternut squash, zucchini, and mushrooms. You enjoy tasting, and eating them steamed, or pan fried. Only if Forrest follows your suit with eating vegetables! You like baked prunes, even though you tend to spit out the skin, and enjoy eating sweet potato pancakes. You've come to enjoy eating cheerios, and sweet potato puffs! Forrest has been sharing a lot of that with you lately for snack time, which constantly warms Mama's heart to see that. Meat has been recently introduced into your diet. You love shredded chicken. You are definitely an adventurous eater, and nothing stops you from wanting to try any food! 

It is becoming apparent to Mama that you are having a skin condition called Ecezma just like your brother, and parents. Weather is not helping either by becoming very cool, and chilly, which aggravates your skin. You've been getting Ecezma lotion lathered on every evening, and it has been helping to keep your skin moist.

You recently went through a sleep regression, because you had so much on your mind with crawling, and possibly teething. You have turned into a big drooly creature with a mouth rash lately, and everyone have been patiently waiting for a tooth to make its appearance. So far, no appearance. This did not come to Mama as a big surprise, because Forrest was a late teether too. 

Forrest is now in play school (3K) three times a week from Tuesday to Thursday for 2 and half hours. He also is receiving speech therapy for half hour on Mondays and Fridays. You love this time slot, because you get to spend some quality time with Mama, and get a long restful quiet nap time in! Mama suspects that Bea enjoys this quiet down time too!

Forrest also had his annual allergy test check, and Forrest had his blood test scheduled to test for tree nuts in November. Mama talked with Dr. Warpinski about having you tested soon as well. He supported Dr. Karbon's suggestion to wait until you turned a year old to sample dairy, and to receive blood test to rule out a peanut allergy.

You recently celebrated a wonderful, beautiful day with Uncle Spencer, and Aunt Wally for their wedding! You, and Forrest were both absolutely wonderful. It was a fun-filled day for you two with a lot of faces to see, yummy food to sample, spending time with grandparents, grandaunts, and family. It was quite evident that it worn you both out when the weekend was over since both of you got sick, and thankfully have since recovered from.

Halloween is quick approaching. Mama and Daddy are debating if they should go with theme costumes; you, Forrest, and Bea dressing up like dinosaurs and parents dressing up like paleontologists! Or have you to go with your own costume, while Forrest get to dress up like a dinosaur with the dog. You will be participating in your first pumpkin carving, and festivities for Halloween! Mama and Daddy are looking forward to you and Forrest having a blast!


Mama, Daddy, & Forrest