Monday, October 26, 2015

FDR is Eleven Months Old

Dear Frankie,

You are now ELEVEN months old. It is becoming more difficult to take your monthly pictures. You are no longer interested in staying still. You are on GO GO GO GO. You want to take on the world now you are able to move quickly, and keep up with your brother. Staying still? No way! You've done enough of that already, right?

You are a month away from your first birthday. Mama has booked your one year old photo session with Michelle. It is tradition that has started with Forrest, and Mama plans to continue this with you, and for future siblings. Traditions are very important to Mama, and she is very excited to be continuing this with you, sweet boy. This is a perfect timing to introduce traditions to you, especially with Halloween around the corner, and the holidays coming up!

You visited your first pumpkin patch. You wore your cute knitted owl hat that Forrest once wore as a baby, and everybody kept complimenting on how adorable you are. It was not surprising to Mama, because it appeared that everyone gravitated to your sweet nature, and kept bestowing you with kisses and hugs. You also enjoyed your first time carving pumpkins with, more like eating the glop out of the pumpkins!

Mama is looking forward to taking you out to trick or treating with Forrest, and Daddy. You will be dressing up as a tiny bat! Forrest has opted to go as a dinosaur. You two are going to be adorable!

You are no longer a toothless gummy little creature. You have ONE tooth, and two more on its way. You haven't been going to bed well these days due to teething pain. Poor boy. You often ask to be comforted more frequently. You love being rocked to sleep. Mama and Daddy have no problem obligating your request. After all, you are only this small once. You like to wake up at 4 am, and have a crib party much to Mama's and Daddy's dismay. Mama doesn't have a nice word to contribute to teething, and sure hope you feel better in no time. It is crazy to see how differently you, and Forrest reacted to teething, however, you are two different people; naturally, you both will have different reactions to the same stimuli.

You are battling a cold, and you've been such a trooper in term of getting through this. With the weather turning colder, and Forrest being in school, Mama and Daddy are anticipating a cold or two along with flu this winter between you, and Forrest! It is a good thing that you will be getting your last set of flu shot at your 12 months wellness check! Once you and Forrest get your last set of flu shot, everyone is protected for the winter, and it should help to combat off some germs. Nonetheless, Mama is rather curious to see how much you've grown since!

Jen has been working hard with you for PT. You are able to cruise freely, and crawl off your stomach. You are doing SO well that Jen feels that there won't be much physical therapy in your future! You most likely have about three to five more sessions left before being officially released. Mama and Daddy are excited with this prospect, because it means the light at the end of long dark tunnel is finally near. Soon, you will be completely DONE with all the treatment for your Torticillis, and maybe just in time for your first birthday??

It has been a very long year in term of treating your health conditions, and the thought of you being finally finished with them is so uplifting. Mama and Daddy are so thankful for people who have worked with you since your diagnoses. They are blessed to have such a great team of doctors, physical therapists, and support from other parents to get through a long year of getting you to a better place. Most of all, Mama and Daddy are so blessed to have YOU. You are definitely a little fighter.

You've been eating a wide array of food, and you love whatever is handed to you. Your current favorite is slow cooked shredded chicken. You enjoy fruit such as watermelon, melon, and pineapple! Mama is planing on introducing yogurt as your first sample for dairy to see how you react. Mama think you might have a touch of dairy intolerance based on eczema worsening from cross contamination, and the food trial will yield better answers soon enough. You won't be introduced to any nuts, and peanuts until your blood test at age of two. You haven't met a food that you dislike. Everyone likes to remark on how well you eat. You are such a foodie! You are going to love Thanksgiving. It has all great food for you to sample!

You are currently in the process of being weaned. You are now down to 4 to 5 feedings a day now that you are eating three meals during the day. When you are closer to twelve months old, Mama will start dropping feeds before your naps, and replace them with snacks. You have been introduced to drinking sippy cup with water until you are allowed to start drinking milk close to your first birthday. You have mastered sipping anything with a straw, just like Forrest, at your age. You prefer drinks with straws over sippy cups. By your first birthday, you should be completely weaned.

It is mind boggling to think that you are no longer in your babyhood, and that you will be a toddler! Imagine that, two little boys running around the home...which is something Mama and Daddy have always envisioned ever since having Forrest. Matter of fact, when Mama got pregnant, she told Daddy that she had really hoped for another boy, and that Forrest and you will have a great brotherly relationship growing up. Now it is the case, and it is going to be so wonderful to watch you grow with Forrest. Most importantly of all, it is going to be wonderful to watch YOU grow up into a person that you are destined to be.


Mama, Daddy, & Forrest