Tuesday, November 24, 2015

FDR is TWELVE Months Old

Dear Frankie,

You are TWELVE months old.

A year ago today; little did Mama know that she was in labor with you, and that you were about to enter the world at 10:25 pm that night. Matter of fact, Mama told Daddy that he had nothing to worry about, because today was not the day, and she thought it was braxton-hicks contractions. Daddy insisted that you were going to be here sooner or later, and worried about driving through a snowstorm that night. Sure enough, you decided that a blustery snowstorm was not going to stop you from coming. Daddy cautiously drove with Mama through a dark, stormy night. Thankfully you were not born in the car (even though that would make for even crazier story). Mama told Daddy that she knew you were a boy, and that she wanted to make sure that you were going to be named Franklin Dexter. As soon you were born; Mama saw you, she fell in love with you, and realized that the power of love had no bounds. People were right when they told her that with each child, love just grows, and grows.

In the course of the year, you showed the world that you had a very sunny disposition, and had a nature that just gravitated people to you. Your coos, laughter, and blabbering elicited a lot of kisses, and hugs. You didn't allow your health conditions stop you from reaching the stars, and beyond. It was so wonderful to watch you, and Forrest bond as brothers as you grew older. Mama thought it would get easier with you once you turned one, and she was proven wrong. It did not get any easier. While this was not Mama's first rodeo with a child turning a year old, there was still no other Frank, and only one Frank...you. It didn't become any easier with each child turning older even though Mama's heart was always full of admiration, pride, and love for them.

An amazing news has come out of your long journey with Torticillis. You are no longer in physical therapy! Jen has finally released you from her care, stating that you are in a perfect health, and no longer in a need to be worked on with your developmental issues. She believes that you will catch up in due time with walking. Mama and Daddy aren't worried, because after all the work you've done, walking seems to be such a small affair to worry about! Mama and Daddy are so relieved with how all this has turned out for you. It has been such a very long journey with a lot of worrying, questioning, anxiously waiting to see if the choice they had made for you is the right choice, and trying everything to help you as much as they can. A lot of burden has been lifted off their shoulders once Mama and Daddy learned that you are all done, and declared to be in a good health. All this has been worth it as evident by how wonderful you have been doing these days.

You have a doctor appointment scheduled today at 11:30 am! It will be fun to learn what your statistics are for weight, and height. You, and Forrest will also be receiving the last set of flu shots, which is nice, because then you will be protected for the winter season.

You had a wonderful Halloween even though you were a grumpy bat, because you had to be in your stroller the whole time. However, you did have fun watching Forrest prance from a door to the next to get candies! You had most fun crawling around with your tiny wings flapping, chasing after Bea, and getting into the cahoots with her as Daddy and Mama helped Forrest to pass the treats to the trick treaters that came to their house.

You are currently down to two nursing sessions, which is right before your nap and bedtime. Weaning you is proving to be harder than it did with Forrest. You need a longer time to adjust, and transition into new routine with each time when a nursing session is dropped. It takes you about a week to adjust to being weaned off. Teething isn't helping the cause. You prefer to be rocked until you fall asleep. While night weaning you, it took you an hour or two of rocking to get you back to sleep! Now you only need to be rocked for less than 5 minutes to be assured, then returned to your bed to go back to sleep. Progression, my friend. Once you are able to sleep through the night consistently, Mama is going to work with you to drop the last two nursing sessions, which is right after Thanksgiving. Mama is planning to have you completely weaned by Christmas at the latest.

You are a foodie. You are a great eater. There is not a single food that you have met that you did not like! Everything goes right into your mouth...sometimes, things that goes into your mouth is inedible., and Mama has to fish an item out of your mouth quickly before you swallow it. It sure gives Mama some gray hair strand or two already! You love sharing food with anybody, including Bea. It sure goes to show that you do have a sunny disposition! My, you are going to really ENJOY Thanksgiving!

Mama suspects you may have an allergy to dairy. You are developing a tell-tale mark of eczema patch on your cheeks as soon as you consume something with dairy. Like Forrest, you will come to outgrow this, and start to tolerate dairy better as you get older. Because of this, she is not overly worried about you, and plan on having you drink soy milk until Forrest is cleared of having almond allergy through Dr. Warpinski, then you and Forrest may switch over to drinking almond milk instead. You do not have any other symptoms that shows you have a severe dairy allergy, so Mama think this may be more of an intolerance issue just like what Forrest has.

In the meanwhile, you are becoming more bold, and brave with walking. You wobble as you stand up, and fall down after a few seconds of standing. You can walk assisted with a help from using a stroller, or holding on to someone's hands. You still cruise like a boss! When you do crawl, you move at a lightning speed! After all, you have to in order to keep up with your brother, and the dog. You get so frustrated when you are left behind, and make yourself known until you are noticed! You often have bruises on your forehead as a result of many falls, and tumbles. It does not bother you at all.

You recently had your first birthday picture shoot taken by Michelle. Like always, she did a phenomenal job! Of course, you made it easy by being just adorable, didn't you? 

Mama is quite excited to see more pictures to come yet! You are just a gem. She is also excited to start celebrating the holidays with you, especially Christmas, and seeing you and Forrest opening the presents. It will make for wonderful memories. Mama and Daddy are beyond blessed to have you, sweet Frank, in their lives.

Thank you for being you, dear Frank.

Mama, Daddy, and Forrest