Monday, February 15, 2016

A Drastic Change Coming Up!

It has been a while since I last blogged, because of a couple reasons: One, life has really gotten busy, and I'm sure all of you can empathize with that, especially with raising two kids under age of four, and two, we had a big news that I wanted to keep under the wraps until everything got to be official.

We found a house! 

We spent good year and half searching for a right home for our growing family. Where we live, there was not a lot of houses that met our requirements that we wanted in a home that also met our budget! In January, we were given an opportunity to have a home renovated, and we decided to take the offer. It was exactly like the show called Property Brothers on HGTV. Check it out, and you'll know what I mean!

It was very scary, I won't lie, because the house was older, and you know as it usually happens in an older home...they tend to be very outdated! The home had very good bones with a lot of potential. As my mom said to me once, after expressing my doubts to her, it's a diamond in the rough. She was right. It was a diamond in the rough. I just had to let go of what I was seeing at the very moment to visualize our new home. 

The renovation began on Sunday February 14th, which made it a great Valentine's Day gift to us! The first step of renovation was to take down the hideous room of a kitchen to create an open concept on the first floor of our home. You will see why it was cringe-worthy at first. 

When we first walked in, there was a large green wall, and it was an extreme eyesore. Blargh. 

Holy paneling, right? UGLY. That HAD to go. It made the entire floor so small to install hideous walls to surround the kitchen. It was a quite terrible concept that the previous owner did to his home. Then there was a hole in the wall? It was not a great design. 

I have no idea WHY, but panels are quite popular in older homes up here in the north woods. It is just not my thing. It may have worked for some homes, but it is not jiving so well in our home. 

Inside the room, there was a kitchen. Of course, everything had to go in order to create an open concept for the entire first floor. This whole thing got ripped apart, including the walls, and Stu even had a chance to destroy this with the crew. It was a lot of fun for him! 

I stopped by shortly after the room was disassembled, and I was surprised to see the difference! 

By removing the weird walls to create a kitchen, it really opened up the whole floor. I was pleasantly impressed with the outcome. 

Now, we are nowhere close to being done. There is still ways to go yet. This is still only the beginning. The next step is to rip out the carpeting, and put down the flooring. We are thrilled with our choice of the flooring. It is a "hot" thing right now, and I can't wait to show it off. Once the carpet is out, the linoleum is ripped out, the crew will proceed to level the ground, because right now, it's a bit not level. Once that is corrected, the new flooring will be put in. Think barn floor. That's my hint! Of course, that air condition unit will go, and the wall will be patched up. We are having a central air installed! 

After the floor is put in, the walls will obviously be painted with a choice of our color we like. I'm thinking maybe cream, or beige, but I need to see the flooring in the place first before we can make a decision about the wall paint color. The island, a large pantry closet (so excited about that), updated appliances, updated cabinets (we went with espresso chocolate), the dining room, and a small formal living room will be put put in. Of course, the patio door will be updated. 

And that is only for the first floor.

We have already updated the upstairs bathroom. The previous owner had a job arranged, and did not want to have that money go to waste. So, by the time the crew came in, the bathroom was halfway done! It was a good thing we liked the texture of the wall, and the color. We picked a different shower tiles to replace the wall inside the shower stall with the tub to match the paint job. Awesome. It saved us money to have the bathroom painted! 

A lot on the upstairs level is already updated. It requires cosmetic work rather than an actual demolition. We plan on having carpet replaced, and walls repainted. We want to do more cosmetic work for the doors upstairs, but those can really wait until the next house project...perhaps next year? 

As for the third level, which I hesitate to call the basement, because it is not a true basement. It has other living room, a bedroom, and a half bathroom, which will be converted into a full bathroom with a shower. Adjacent to the living is a mudroom/laundry room with an enormous crawlspace to serve as a "basement". I will write other blog post about the third level, because it is a large task in itself. I plan on taking pictures of before, during (if I can), and after. Right now what I can say about the third floor is...holy paneling...again! Why, people, why? Here's a preview for you to CRRRINNNNGGEE. 

Of course, that will all go, including barf green carpet, and hanging lights. Bye Bye. The bedroom is adjacent to the living room. It will closed off. I'm hoping that we can install barn doors. In front of the photo off the right is the half bathroom. The mudroom is just off the left. I will take better pictures next time to give you better idea. As for right now, it is just barf-worthy, and I am excited to see the drastic difference in time yet to come! There will be several blog posts coming up to document everything, and I am quite excited to share this journey with you guys! 

In the meanwhile, my kids are growing hungry for a snack, and the dog is begging to be let in. So I shall conclude right here, and...until next time! 

(In the meanwhile, I really should update you all about the Russ Family. Perhaps a Russ Family Update is in order soon?) 

Stay tuned for the next post!