Friday, March 18, 2016

Main Floor Renovation

Oh boy, our main floor is a mess right now.  Even with the mess, it is so exciting to see the crew hard at work with the renovation. Here's a quick preview of our kitchen pantry before and after! 

Our main floor is currently being worked on. The wall there is going to have an accent wall, meaning a different shade of color than the rest of the walls in the house. The air conditioning unit is GONE, and the hoel is patched over. The painters are coming to paint the walls. Then I believe the floor will be next. 

Lower Level: Basement Renovation

As promised, here is a post about our lowest level of our tri-level home. Oh boy, there has been so many changes! I'm extremely pleased with how well things are going. Remember our hideous wood panel basement?

Well, well, it is all gone! Here's the entrance to both upstairs to our bedrooms, upper bathroom, and downstairs entrance to the basement. I thought I had taken pictures of our new bathroom in the basement, and apparently, I did not. So you can kind of see the bathroom being renovated downstairs. 

 Here's our basement that will be changed into our living room. Off to the left is the fourth bedroom. I am not sure what we will be doing to the panel wall extension. It cannot be removed, because if we opt to remove the extension of the wall, then it goes right into the foundation. It costs too much money to remove the wall extension for additional few inches. So we are leaving it as it is, and we will update the panel. 

To the right, you can see that we added more room to the downstairs bathroom. We added a shower in there! 

The fourth bedroom is still being renovated. We plan on converting it into a multi-purpose room where my sewing table will reside as well as our computer and my videophone, play room for the boys, and a guest room for when our guests spend night with us. I will have to take pictures of the room next time I am there. 

Here's the before pictures of our mudroom, and laundry room. The door there leads out to the backyard. There are little doors, which the ugly washing and drying machines are blocking in the photo, that leads to crawlspace to store rest of our things for holidays, traveling, boys' clothes, and our stuff that we don't need on for our daily use. 

This is not the best "during" photo, but you get the idea of what it looks like! You finally can see the cellar doors leading to the crawlspace here. We are removing a door from the living room to the mudroom to have it be replaced with a half door. That way, I can peek over to the kids while I am loading the washing machine, or allowing our cats to jump over to eat their food, and do their business. I am hoping to update our cabinets by painting it white, or different color, but keep them for laundry stuff. I don't want to remove them, because it is nice to have additional storage space. It just need to be spruced up with new handles, and a fresh coat of paint.  

Like always, I will post more of during photos while we are having our home renovated!