Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FDR is EIGHTEEN Months old

Dear Franklin,

You are 18 months old today!

As it is to be expected, you are entering Terrible 2's! The way how you express your frustration is endearingly cute. Even if you are being cute at throwing a fit, Mama and Daddy step in to nip it in the bud, because you know what, one day it is not going to be so cute anymore! You throw yourself on the floor, and kick your feet against the wall. Or you hit yourself in the face when you are upset. Mama and Daddy have been encouraging you to use gentle hands on your body, and to express yourself by using signs, or verbal words if you are able, rather than hitting yourself. 

You squeal, and scream when you are excited. Whatever tickles your fancy, you make it known, and you squeal happily. You love playing with Forrest, and Forrest is beginning to think you are not bad after all. Forrest takes your hand into his, and takes you with him to play in his bedroom. Forrest shares some of his toys with you. It warms Mama's heart to see this. You love your big brother so, and it makes you burst with joy when Forrest allows you into his world.

You like to get into everything. You are a little Evel Kneivel. You get yourself into most dangerous situations ever known to man. Mama jokingly calls this stage, a suicide stage, because it is when toddlers get into things that potentially kill them. It is why Mama has some gray hair strands already, and also the reason why Mama is always on the move. You are learning, and that is okay, because it means Daddy and Mama are teaching you boundaries in order for you to stay safe.

You are very expressive. You love making faces, and you make it very obvious to everybody how you are feeling at that time. Mama laughs every time you make a disgruntled face with pouty lips. You prefer signing over speaking. You sign so many things such as water, meat, food, dog, cat, mama, to name a few. You are a quick learner. You acquire a sign, and know immediately how to connect it to something. It is quite amazing to watch your language develop. 

You love food. You eat, eat, and eat. You have NOT met a food that you did not like. Whatever is set in front of you, you gobble it up, and ask for the seconds! Daddy jokingly says that you need to teach Forrest to pick up your habits with eating, since he's so picky with what is given to him! Mama is excited for this upcoming summer, because with Farmer's Market, there will be fresh vegetables for you to enjoy!

You had your first major move into your brand new home that Daddy and Mama recently bought. You handled the procession like a champ, and was not frazzled by the changes. You were thrown off  your routine a bit, and within a couple days, you returned back to normal as soon as you realized that the routine had not changed. Daddy and Mama were quite glad with how well you and Forrest adjusted to living in a new home.

You are nearly matching Forrest in height by being 33 inches tall! You weigh at 26 and half pounds. You are definitely going to be our linebacker with you being so tall, and stocky!

It is hard to believe that you will be two in 6 months. It is mind boggling how fast your babyhood has gone by. It feels like, at least to Mama, that your babyhood is even quicker than Forrest's. Perhaps it is because life has gotten busier with two little kids underfoot running around. Nonetheless, as quick as your babyhood is going by, Mama and Daddy are enjoying it as much as they can.

Mama and Daddy and Forrest