Friday, August 19, 2016

Forrest is FOUR Years Old

Dear Forrest,

You are FOUR years old. My dear beautiful boy, how is this possible? The past four years has become a swirl of memories from the day Mama found out that she was pregnant with you to the day you were born to many of your firsts, especially so with you becoming a big brother for the first time. 

It is such an inconceivable idea that you are 4 years old.  Your sweet boyish face no longer exhibit any baby features. Your legs have grown taller. Your body has stretched out, causing your pot belly tummy to disappear, and your cheeks have become more defined. The only physical remainder of your babyhood is in your eyes. The shine in your eyes have not changed though. The mischievous twinkle you get in your chocolate brown eyes, which often perfectly accompanies your loud chortling as you find a glee in small things. If you fall asleep on the sofa before your bedtime, Mama gently picks you up in her arms, and a slow dawning realization that comes from feeling your weight of your body that you are no longer a small toddler, but a child. 

When did you become a child? How did you go from being a chunky little toddler to a boy? In the days that has passed, you have grown into an incredible boy. 

You are a student of life. You are always exploring, always wanting to learn, and always questioning. You talk about aliens in the cold black space with billion stars, you say big words like measuring tape when you want to measure the dog, and you eagerly drink up all the answers you get until your questions are satisfied. You love school so much. It boggles Mama and Daddy how much you want to be in school. You constantly come home, armed with new information to tell people about what you've learned, and you are so proud of yourself for knowing those things. Oh lord, you know all dinosaur names by their scientific names that Mama or Daddy have no clue how to spell, or pronounce. Mama and Daddy says that you will grow up to be a paleontologist. 

You are always talking. It is not very often that you DO NOT talk. It is hard to imagine that upon a time, you barely spoke, and everybody often wondered what swirled through your mind. You walk people through the world of your imagination, which involves a scary T-Rex, an aggressive Velociraptor, a wise Triceratops, a gentle Stegosaurus, a speedy Pterodactyl, to name a few. You love finger family song. You sing, talk, and crackle. Sometimes you say the most darnest things that makes people laugh! It is rather endearing to have you share your world with us.  

You are technology savvy. It is crazy how you are able to navigate your way with a remote to smart TV, your way on the iPad, or even on a computer. You are only four years old yet you can trump Mama or Daddy with technology stuff. It will be a challenge for you as you get older to not rely so much on technology for entertainment. Mama is beginning to understand why people say to their teenage children, "When I was your age, I had to wait forever for our dial up internet", "when I was your age, I had to use big bulky computer", and "when I was your age, I had no wifi access"... Mama and Daddy probably will be saying those to you one day!!

Your happiness is contagious. Your big smile is infectious. Nobody can resist your smile. When you smile, they smile. You crackle instead of politely laugh. Your laughter comes from deep inside your belly. Mama and Daddy never tire of hearing you crackle. 

You are beginning to eat better. You are still finicky, more so than your brother, and it is always commendable of you to sample something that may look "weird" to you. More often than not, you do discover that you like the food you have tried...for the next couple days, that is! You still very much prefer pizza, hot dogs, and chips over normal food, which is not very surprising, because it is all what Mama ate when she was carrying you in her belly! Nonetheless, we all know you can't live on pizza, and it is always so good to see you eating different food on your plate! You go, Forrest! 

You love intensely, fiercely, and deeply. You take Franklin's hands in yours, and kiss him without being prompted. You share a piece or two of food with him when you are feeling quite generous. You gently pet Bea's body, and tell her what a pretty dog she is. You love being with your grandparents. Every time when we have to leave to return home, you shed a tear or two, and tells Mama how much you want to be with your grandparents. You demand for a loud smack smack kiss every night at bed. You squeeze tightly for hugs. It is so gratifying to get those hugs from you! 

Your assertiveness will come in handy as you get older, especially when dealing with your peanut allergy, because you will be able to stand up for yourself, and explain why you can't have certain food. It is so good to see that trait in you, because it helps Mama to worry less about having you deal with your esteem surrounding food allergies, because sometimes people can be less than understanding. 

Alas, you are also just four. You can be self-centered, which is absolutely normal for your age, and you should be in order to learn how to establish your space! It is just learning a finesse of balance of when it is okay to be self centered, and when it is not okay to be. You can be quite bossy. Ah, the trait of being the oldest child. You like to take over a leadership role, which is just wonderful, yet with help of your teacher along with Mama and Daddy, you learn how to relish your leadership role to share, and help others. Having said those things, it is easy to see why you are fiercely independent. You are extremely assertive, bold, and fearless. You march up to the strangers to strike up a conversation with them.You love playing with neighbor kids, regardless their age, at the park. Sometimes, Mama and Daddy jokingly say that you need to have a fear of God put in you to just have some prudence to fearful situations. For instance, at recent family vacation that you went on to Wisconsin Dells, you had no fear of wanting to slide down big slides, and jump into pools at the the water park! 

Sometimes you throw fits, as to be expected, at your age, because you are so independent, and not always want to listen to what others have to partake for you to hear. It results you in a time out. It is not always fun for you to earn a spot in a time out, and it is not very fun for Mama or Daddy either, but rules are there in the place to guide you. Structures, and rules are so important, even though you may not like them very much, because they are in the place to protect you, and to give you a sense of security. Not all kids are lucky to have this in their lives. To be punished for your actions that are not appropriate may not feel so good; it is done to teach you morals, and respect for others in order for you to become a functioning member of our society. 

You are all set with pee training! You love to pee standing up. Now, the story that comes with you learning how to stand up while peeing is crazy, because no one taught you that. You simply learned from doing so by watching your buddies at school, and decided you just have to do it as well. You don't wet your overnight pull ups as much as you used to. You are gradually increasing your ability to be able to hold your pee. Now with pooping? That's a whole other story! It is quite a struggle for you, and you are still working on being able to go potty on the toilet instead of in your underwear! In no time, you will be able to grasp it. After all, they aren't kidding when they say that boys are notoriously harder to potty train. 

School is coming up in a couple weeks, and you could not be any more excited than you already are. You ask to go to school all of the time, and just knowing you will go back soon makes your little wiggly butt absolutely happy. Your happiness is so contagious, and we are just so blessed to have you to be our son.

We are so, so lucky to have you in our lives. We love you so much, little man. 

Mama, Daddy