Monday, November 28, 2016

FDR is TWO Years Old

Dear Franklin,

You are TWO years old. Where did the time go?! At your two year old wellness check, you clocked at 28 pounds, reached 3 foot tall, and had a big head circumference. It did not surprise Mama and Daddy at all. After all, you've been dubbed Frank the Tank for a reason! 

You absolutely love food. You can never not get enough of food. Daddy jokingly said that you even taxed him for sitting next to him at the dining table by demanding for his food...never mind that you often cleared your own plate first! It became so fitting that your birthday fell on Thanksgiving, because of your affiliation for food, and you had plenty to eat to celebrate your birthday! 

The only time you turned your nose up to food was when you battled a nasty stomach virus for two good weeks. Poor dear you, all you wanted to do was to lay down on either Mama or Daddy the whole time. It was quite difficult to not see you be your normal self during those weeks. Thankfully, the nasty bug did exit its way out of your system, and you bounced back to your old self by eating, playing, and getting into everything! 

As it is customary for many two-year olds, you entered the "Terrible Twos", and often talked back when you were being scolded for your misbehavior. You often point your finger, and scream back. If that failed, you fell to the ground, and throw a fit by stomping your foot, banging your head, and holler as loud as you can. You often do this point finger with screaming when you wanted to defense your older brother from his misdeed. 

You are still not talking. It is quite common among child of Deaf Adults (CODA) to start speaking later in their lives. You rely heavily on sign language, and prefer signing over speaking to communicate. Just like your brother, you are most likely going to be enrolled into a speech program in order to catch up to your peers. Mama and Daddy aren't worried; you will be alright, and you will catch up in due time with the intervention from a speech therapist. It will be all good! 

Oh dear Franklin, you have such, such, such big heart. You often break your food in pieces to offer to someone sitting next to you, or to drooling Bea (who clearly often has more than enough to eat from her own food, yet people food appeals to her more). You love giving kisses, and hugs. One cannot get enough of those from you. Ever. You share toys, books, kisses, hugs, and food with anybody you meet. You smile, laugh, and squeal when you are amused. You love scaring people by roaring, and having them react. You often laugh from the depth of your stomach, and it is so endearing to hear. No one ever tires of hearing your belly laughter. 

You are an empathetic toddler. You feel emotions very intensely. Your sensitive nature often leads you to develop a quivering pout when one gently tells you no. It is quite difficult to say no to you sometimes, especially when you've mastered the pout, and guilt someone into saying yes instead. Big fat tears often are shed when it is not possible for you to have your way. One can't help, but to hug and kiss you until you feel better. You pour all of love you have in your little body into your bear hugs, and wet kisses. You gently pat Bea, or any of family dogs on their flank, and give them kisses. Unlike Forrest, who can be quite rough with animals, we often have to remind you that sometimes some animals don't like to be lavished by with kisses, and hugs. You remind Mama so much of her when she was younger with the animals. 

You quite adore your older brother. Sometimes, you and Forrest don't quite get along, because Forrest boss you around some, and you don't like always sharing things with him. There are occasional erupting fights over the toys, books, and Ipad. Those fights lead to Mama wanting to send you two to the Zoo! Despite those conflicts, which can be a good learning experience for you and Forrest to resolve a situation, you love each other so. It is so sweet to find you two imagining you are explorers driving through a thick jungle filled with prehistoric dinosaurs and creatures, and fighting them off when they present danger to you. Forrest is such a protective big brother toward you. He often comes to your defense when you are being a bit naughty, and has to be put in a time out. Forrest sneaks in a piece of snack to you when he thinks Mama isn't watching. He holds your hands across a parking lot to make sure you don't dart out of Mama's grip. He gives you a kiss and hug randomly. Oh, you end up with a biggest smile when Forrest does that. 

You love trucks, cars, and anything that makes noise. Dinosaurs excite you, and you love playing dinosaurs with Forrest. You love making messes, and helping to clean up. Sorting shapes into the right holes fascinate you. You can spend hours sorting, just like how Forrest enjoyed the same at your age once upon a time! Touch-feel books are your absolute favorite. You enjoy reading books with Daddy, Mama, or grandparents. You love to play toys, watch nursery rhythm songs through Baby Genius on Netflix, Sesame Street, and listen to songs on Ipad. 

You are more cautious than your older brother is. Despite your cautious nature, you try to keep up by being independent in trying to put on shoes, oh especially boots which is your favorite these days, by yourself. You try to mimic Forrest by putting on coat by yourself, and often get quite frustrated with not being able to zip up. It's when Mama usually swoops in to help you. You prefer being close to someone you feel safe with, rather than zooming out to introduce yourself to new people. You are a bit shy, and that is alright. 

You're a gentle, sweet boy with a big heart. Mama and Daddy does not want to see this ever to change in you. It is one of your best features, and makes you YOU! Mama, Daddy, and Forrest are so lucky to have you in their lives. 


Mama, Daddy, and Forrest