Wednesday, March 22, 2017


How Far Along: 26 weeks! Flash is as big as a Slow Lori! Lori is apparently a little primate from Indonesia that has wide, large eyes, and has an expression of a constant surprise. I doubt Flash's look like that though, even though he may react in surprise when a light is shined into his dark home, because he is able to open his eyes! Flash is gaining fat in preparation for staying warm once he's evicted from his warm little world.. His bodily functions are now intact. At this point from now on, his development is geared around gaining weight, and height. Currently, Flash is 2 pounds! 

I am Feeling: Tired. We just came back from visiting my side of the family over Forrest's spring break, and I am doing like 10 loads of laundry on top of multi-tasking with other errands to be done today. I'm putting off cleaning until tomorrow! 

Movements: Flash is an active little boy. He sure likes to party a lot during the night while I am trying to sleep. He also moves when he hears his brothers, and Bea play. His movements are definitely strong, and at times, painful! Sometimes, I have to nudge him off one specific spot, because he's punching too hard! 

Symptoms: A lot of BH contractions. Unfortunately, those can't be really avoided. The best I can do is keep off my feet until they pass...which is saying easier than done! Aside from that, I am doing pretty good. 

Labor Signs: Nope, too early. Flash need to keep on baking! He is starting to flip around a lot, and it hurts when he does that. So I am hoping he decides to go head down, and stay head down!

Best Moments of the Week: Visiting my family! The boys had so much fun with their grandparents, and grandaunt. Shopping for myself, and for baby Flash, and knowing I'm nearly done with baby list! Visiting my niece, Izabelle, and watching how my boys interact with her (they were amazingly wonderful with her--very loving and protective). Seeing Stu after a long time being apart! Getting a package from my birth photographer; an onesie, and a thank you card. So sweet! 

Looking Forward to: For my crazy day to end! So I can sit back, and rest my feet! Setting up nursery room for baby Flash. Making loveys. Warmer weather ahead! It's the first day of Spring today! 

Next Appointment: March 31st. No updates at this time.

Monday, March 20, 2017


How Far Along: Flash is as big as a parrot! Flash is about 13 and half inches at this point. Flash's skin is starting to smooth out, and losing that wrinkle-like appearance. Flash is dexterous, and can touch his toes! The sleeping schedule is becoming very regular. Let's hope that it stays the same after he's born! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. Getting bigger though!

Movements: Flash is starting to get stronger! He packs a punch, especially when he feels a bit squished from me carrying Frank on top of my belly, and kicks as hard as he can to show his displeasure. Okay buddy, I got it. 

Symptoms: I am starting to feel better with managing what I eat. Gas is not much as an issue anymore. Thank goodness, those gas cramps aren't fun to deal with! My belly button has popped out!

Labor Signs: Lots and lots of BH contractions. They are both annoying, and uncomfortable. I can't really avoid from not having them, because I have so much to do, especially chasing after two active little boys! 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting a lot of Flash's baby stuff in the mail from Amazon, and other sites! I love it!! However, they're taking up space in our living room. Ugh. Time to start organize the nursery room, and move Frank into a big boy room with his older brother! 

Looking Forward to: Visiting my family for a week during Forrest's spring break!

Next Appointment: March 31st.

Monday, March 6, 2017


How Far Along: 24 Weeks! Flash is as big as an Atlantic Puffin, which is also known as "Sea Parrot", or "Clown of the Sea" (how cute is that), and he's clocking at 1 and half pound! That explains my drastic weight gain, eek! He is stealing--erm--using up all the protein intake that I am taking into my body to rapidly develop his brain. His hair has finally retained color! Based on our two boys, it will be a toss up between light brown, blond, reddish colors! His body is absorbing antibodies from my body to fight off infections, and kick start his immune system. The best part is that Flash has reached to his first viability milestone, which is finally getting stronger lungs to be able to breath, once he enters the world! The surfactant, a hormone that produces a material which is very slick and slimy is helping his lungs to not stick together as his lungs expand and inflate, has kickstarted. His taste buds are developing, and it's good time as any for me to start sampling different food for him to taste. 

I am Feeling: My nausea is back. It's not bad. It's just more annoying. I haven't had to deal with nausea in my previous pregnancies (not counting my third) throughout my entire pregnancy, so this is a new thing for me to deal with. Eating more protein seem to help to curb nausea. I suppose it means I need to eat more protein, which is one of my struggles with this pregnancy, because I don't have very much interest in meat. Aside from that, I am feeling pretty good. Just cruising through my pregnancy like a boss! 

Movements: You bet. Flash loves to move like crazy when he hears his brothers, and Bea play, scream, bark (the dog that is), and cause a ruckus. He's pretty eager to join on the fun with them! He moves the most at the evenings, and early mornings. During the day, Flash tend to sleep a lot. Just the other day, I pretty sure I found his nose! Let me tell you something, he sure doesn't like having his nose booped--he gave me a pretty hard kick when I did that. 

Symptoms: Like I mentioned, nausea is back. IBS bothers me still. It's not anything major though. When I sneeze, I pee a little in my pants, and I feel like I should become a spokesperson for Depends underwear. 

Labor Signs: Baby Flash is still hanging out in a breech position. I feel his kicks all of the time in my lower half of my belly. Braxton Hick contractions kick in at the most random times, especially when I am carrying Frank too much, or I'm not drinking enough water, or if I am on my feet too much. I'm not very concerned--those contractions, while annoying, doesn't hurt. 

Best Moments of the Week: Finishing up the Dalek egg cosys for my friend, and sending it out for her to enjoy! Almost being done with Flash's fox cocoon set! They're actually really cute. Getting things for Flash in the mail like swaddling blankets, to name one. My aunt bought us a double stroller, which I am so, so thankful for, and I can't test it out as soon as the weather permits (which could be a while yet). Buying the boys cute bed sets. Frank is getting the one with different vehicles, and road construction bed set, and Forrest got the dinosaur bed set (of course, what else). My dad sending us a text picture of him sporting a shark mask, which made my boys laugh like crazy, and they just eat it up! Finally getting a list together of things to buy for Flash. 

Looking Forward To: Ordering a bunch of things for Baby Flash. It feels good to make decisions with what things to buy for Flash. I love Amazon. We are getting the boys' bunk beds on Tuesday instead of over the weekend (cheaper to deliver during weekday), and I can't wait to organize the boys' room. It will be fun! I ordered a bunch of great books for the boys from my book party, and I am excited for them to get the books. I'm saving the fun books for their Easter Baskets, and giving them educational books right away (especially the phonic, sound-out words, and hand grip control skill development books). I'm looking into buying a rainbow baby take-home outfit for Flash. Yay! 

Next Appointment: Friday March 31st at 12:30 pm. It's my Glucose test day! Basically I just drink a super sweet water, and wait an hour, then have my blood drawn to make sure I am not developing gestational diabetes. I don't have to do any diet restriction prior this, which is nice, and just eat like normal. I am told that I will be monitored for Gestational Thrombocytopenia starting in my 7th month. I *feel* like I may not be developing it, since my blood pressure has been fantastic throughout my whole pregnancy, BUT it can drop in my third trimester. We will see. 

Update: In the past month, I've gained a lot. EEK. It's always a bit hard to see your scale jump up in big numbers, but I remind myself that the baby is growing, and it's a normal thing. In my pregnancies, I tend to jump big numbers from time to time, then not gain much in the between. If Dr. Mbah is concerned about the weight gain, then I am sure she will discuss it with me. So far, she hasn't. Baby Flash is doing great, and nothing out of ordinary is happening. I'm planning on taking Forrest to a sibling class at Bellin Hospital next month. I think he will really enjoy learning, and talking about becoming a big brother AGAIN, and touring the maternity ward with me. I've been taking him with me out on one-to-one dates, assuring him that he's still number one boy, and encouraging him to talk to us about his feelings. He is still struggling a bit with sensitivity, and outbursts. We aren't overly concerned about it, because we know it's a big change coming for him, and we are keeping things consistent for him. Frank is just in la-la land, and doesn't seem very aware about my pregnancy.  He has been behaving in a way that a two-year old would act. They're great boys.