Thursday, April 27, 2017


How Far Along: 31 weeks. Flash is the size of a Small-Clawed Otter, not including its tail! He is getting closer to his birth height, even though he is still working on gaining weight still! He probably has about 3-5 pounds left to go before his birthday! His neck control is now flexible so he's able to turn his head to either sides. His senses are intact. His immune system is ready to battle the germs on the outside. His brain and nerves, however, are still busy at development. His skull isn't quite fused yet so he can pass through the birth canal with an ease. His joints are getting flexible. Baby Flash is about 17 1/2 inches long at this point, and weighing at 3.5 pounds. 

I am Feeling: Pretty good, and at ease with everything in its place for the most part. I am able to relax until next month then we will have to do a couple more things to make sure all is in its place. 

Movements: Flash has changed his movements. He no longer really goes crazy with kicking, and punching. His movements feel softer, and I can feel his bum wiggling against my belly. He moves the most when he hears his brothers, and Bea play, or when something making noises. 

Symptoms: Not really much has changed. Things are still the same old. 

Labor Signs: I had contractions that lasted for 45 minutes the other night. It was a pretty painful deal; it was as if my body was reminding me that a big show was on its way in less than three months, and that I should be prepared for it! Thankfully, it faded away, and the intensity went down pretty fast. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing Flash's foot on the ultrasound, even though he didn't want to show off his face, and double confirming that he was indeed all boy. And that he is no longer a breech!! The boys came with me to the appointment, and they took turns holding the doppler. They LOVED hearing their brother's heartbeat. They were absolutely enthralled by the sound. 

Looking Forward to: Being in my 8th month of my pregnancy! 

Next Appointment: Tuesday April 25th at 2:45 pm! Just a regular check up. 

Update: I had a bit of scare with Flash that ended up an ultrasound to have him looked at. As it had turned out, all looked well. He got 8 out of 8, not sure what it was specifically for, but it was good to know that he was exactly where he should be at this point in the pregnancy. The best part was finding out that he was NO LONGER a breech! Yay!! 

Monday, April 17, 2017


How Far Along: 30 weeks! I can't believe it. Only 10 more weeks until we meet this little guy. Flash is now a size of a Platypus, a little critter that is oddly created yet fascinating to look at, and that means he's about 17 inches long! He's clocking at 3 and half pounds. From now on, I will be steadily gaining 1/2 to a pound a week until giving birth. It is a good thing that I don't even own a scale! By 34 weeks, Flash's eyes will be able to roam vertically, and horizontally. At this point, he *SHOULD* be departing from a breeched position into a proper birthing position. If he isn't, then I'm going to keep up with spinning babies exercises until he does. Flash is also shedding laungo, fine hair all over his body, but it is possible he can still be born a bit hairy (Forrest did--he reminded us of a baby monkey, and we mean it out of love).  

I am Feeling: Scared shitless! Ha ha ha. It's not in a bad way, but like O-M-G, our lives are going to change again in ten weeks. I am hoping that sleep deprivation will not kick my ass, because I have two little boys, and a baby to look after! I would love it if Flash is as easy as Frank was, but Flash is his own person, and we will find out what is his personality! Then Ugh a bit about postpartum recovery; that is not my favorite part of being done with a pregnancy, because my recovery always seem to take so long compared to other ladies, but it is worth the bundle of miracle in my arms though. I am relieved as well, because I have FINISHED all the things I needed to do on my baby list for the baby's room, and the boys' room. What a big accomplishment, and a load off my shoulders! 

Movements: The stretches can be a bit painful, especially when Baby Flash is trying to turn sideways. All I have to do is boop on his little head or butt, then he will revert back to whatever he is doing. He loves to kick up a storm every evening around 7 pm, and it is quite a fun entertainment to watch my belly move. Occasionally, Flash will have hiccups lasting up to a half hour at time, and it's a pretty neat sensation. I enjoy it, even at 2 am in the morning!

Symptoms: Sore hips is just a pain...literally. Only 10 more weeks. I can do this. The pain can be reduced somewhat by stuffing a pillow between my legs to alleviate the pressure. It  is probably my only major complaint with this pregnancy, to be honest. I am finding that constipation is coming back, because of organs being squished from the growing baby. I have not been sleeping well, because of my darned hips. I get up to pee a lot during the night. 

Labor Signs: BH contractions pops up here, and there. No big deal. Flash is still a breech. Naughty baby. He needs to flip! Hopefully, he will soon. Dr. Mbah says that I will probably need an ultrasound next month to determine Flash's position, and discuss our next step. 

Best Moments of the Week: Knowing that my list is all done! I love knowing that everything is just done. Spending time with Mom. Having Bobbie coming over to watch the boys with Ainsley so I can go shopping with Mom to stock up on summer clothes (which is something I am lacking for Baby Flash). Building the bassinet by all myself! Finding Frank sleeping in the hallway made me giggle. Of course, we put him back in the bed. Knowing that I can relax finally!

Next Appointment: Wednesday April 25th at 2:45 pm. Just a routine check up. 

Update: Frank is struggling a bit with transition to a big boy bed from the crib. I've read so many articles about how to ease the transition, and we have been doing all the right things (yay for being a veteran parents). It's just honestly a matter of time for Frank to feel comfortable to want fall asleep in his own bed. It can take up to a month for Frank to fully adjust to his new bed. Forrest is in the last few weeks of school, and it is hard to believe that he will be done with his first year of 4K! He has been accepted into a charter program, LEADS, for this upcoming fall for another year of 4K. We are quite excited to see how he will flourish in a different environment, and hopeful to see some of his weakness to improve.  I am very pleased to have the boys' room finally organized, and properly set up for the boys to room together. The nursery room is about 95 percent done. At this point, it's just decorating the nursery, and the boys' room. There are several things I need to do left, such as finally finishing up switching out light spring stuff into summer clothes (Wisconsin weather is so finicky yet) for the boys, packing hospital bags (which will be done in the last month of my pregnancy), finishing up my postpartum care kit, creating an instruction list regarding care for the pets and the boys, and installing car seats in our van.  


How Far Along: 29 weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a New England Cottontail Rabbit (think Thumper from Bambi). He is about 16 inches long, and nearly clocking at THREE pounds. His muscles, and lungs are still hard at work maturing, and developing for the big day! Flash is still gaining fat. Fun fact: With each subsequent pregnancy, you will go on to have a bigger baby weight-wise. Will Flash be the biggest baby of them boys? We shall find out! 

I am Feeling: I am pretty good. I'm starting to slowly organize baby things, and unpacking baby clothes from the storage to be washed. I have a long list to go through next week while Mom is here to help, and complete the checklist. I am sure that once I have it taken care of, then I will feel all is at the rest. I can really relax then!

Movements: With Flash getting bigger, it means his home is getting smaller, and it is starting to limit his movements. Flash still enjoy kicking, hiccuping, punching, and stretching out. I suspect he's starting to run out of the room to flip around. When I feel his head, which is usually under my right rib, I can touch the bump without him trying to "run away", because he has no place left to go! 

Symptoms: Breathless, and heating up when I am overdoing things. Hips are really sore from laying in one spot all night long, which is usually remedied by me getting up, and walking around (usually when I have to pee, and go to the bathroom). I find that I am easily annoyed--it's how I know I am in the galore of third trimester--even though I try my hardest to be patient. My indigestion comes and goes still. It flares up really bad when I overdo it with spicy food, but I am stubborn, and won't stop eating spicy food. So I have to deal with the consequence, and because of that, I find that I have no reason to really complain. If it's truly too much, then I will just stop eating trigger food. 

Labor Signs: I have some braxton-hicks contraction here, and there. They are usually triggered by me overdoing things, which is hard to avoid these days, and easily remedied by a bit of rest, and drinking water. Flash is still a breech. I've started doing spinning babies exercise. Think downward dog in yoga. That's what I'm doing. It's supposed to "encourage" Flash to flip. If that fails, then I will have to entrust my old iron board once again. It has worked for Frank! 

Best Moments of the Week: Taking Forrest with me to a sibling class at Bellin Hospital, and having a mother-son date. Seeing Forrest, and Frank enjoying their new bedroom arrangement as roommates (especially when they are passing books to each other up and down the bunks to read), and seeing that Frank is adjusting well to sleeping in a big boy bed! I love being able to give Frank kisses, and hugs without my belly getting in the way! 

Looking Forward to: Setting up potted garden. We are holding off on doing an actual garden in our yard this summer, because we want to work on improving cosmetic issues for our yard. So our compromise to this issue is to set up potted garden. I'm excited. It will also be easier with the baby being here soon! Having Mom here to help me to set up nursery, and prepare for Flash. Getting things I've ordered in the mail--seriously, that's like my most favorite thing ever, aside from handwritten letters or cards from our loved ones, and be able to enjoy them. I am waiting for our 31 bags, take-home outfit for Flash, and lipstick that I've ordered--a new shade of bright red. For those who know me, I love red lipsticks. 

Next Appointment: Thursday April 13 at 1 pm. 

Monday, April 3, 2017


How Far Along: 28 Weeks!!!!! Baby Flash is as big as an Echidna. It's a spiky ant-eater that lays eggs, and keeps the eggs in its pouch until babies hatch. They're funny little creatures! Flash is 16 inches long, and weighs 2.5 pounds. His adernal glands are alerting my body to start producing milk (who knew; hormones is an amazing thing). The wrinkles are smoothing out, and the skin is tightening up. His lungs continue to produce sufactant, and he's packing on the fat! Flash is starting to experience REM cycles of dreaming, and waking. 

I am Feeling: It is hard to believe that we are finally in a home stretch!!! It's officially third trimester! Holy @#$@! I think we have about 11 weeks, give or take some, left. I'm definitely feeling a bit pressured to get the nursery room set up, pack up the hospital bags, organize the house, and prepare, prepare, and prepare for the baby. I am getting anxious to get this stuff started. I have never waited this long with my previous pregnancies to set up things, but with our history of loss, and Flash being our 4th child, I have kind of put it off...until now. It doesn't mean we are any less excited though!!

Movements: I have a lot of crazy activity going on inside my belly. It distorts, and stretches out. It reminds me of a scene out of an Alien movie with an alien popping out of the victim's chest! It's really fun to watch, but I can't say it is pain-less though. It can, and does hurt at times. Flash is most active at the night. I need to capture a video of him moving inside my belly one of these nights. Although, I have to say, Flash does move like crazy when he hears his brothers laugh, talk, and cause a ruckus, same when he hears Bea barking! He loves to snuggle on one side where the cats lay, because the cats purrs, and I think it comforts Flash to hear that.

Symptoms: Sore feet, sore hips, and sore legs. It's all from the increased pressure of having a growing baby inside my belly! I do have to get up quite often during the night just to walk the pain off. It helps to stretch my legs, and loosen up my hips a bit before heading back to bed. I use this opportunity to check on the boys to make sure they have blankets on them. Oddly enough, I don't feel exhausted when I wake up from not sleeping through the night. I'm so used to it! Other symptoms such as gas, heartburn, indigestion, and IBS comes and goes. So I can't complain.

Labor Signs: Baking. Baking. Baking. Fine with me. Flash is a breech. I have started looking at spinning babies exercises, and they recommend starting at 30 weeks. So I'm waiting until then to start those exercises to try flip Flash before he gets too big!

Best Moments of the Week: Transitioning Frank into a big boy bed (he has been doing great for the most part!), making cookies with royal icing, checking up on baby Flash, possibly having another presentation lined up for diversity awareness, and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having lately (is spring in the air??).

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery room set up, having Frank to be used to his new bed, and having Mom to visit soon! 

Next Appointment: Thursday April 13th at 1 pm. It's just a regular check-up, and follow up about the test results. 

Updates:  I can't believe that it is time for me to start visiting Dr. Mbah every 2 weeks! When I am told that it is time for me to start coming every two weeks, I am like, are you kidding me, already?! For some reason, I thought it doesn't start until much later. But nope, it is time for me to start going every two weeks, and this is what feeding into my anxiety to get stuff ready! I passed the diabetes test! Go me. I also got cleared for not having Gestational Throcombeyenia. I'm not sure if they will retest my platelets when I am closer to delivering.  

 Thankfully, Mom will be coming next week to help me out with preparing everything for the baby. The boys have finally started sharing a bedroom together, and they're loving it. There is not much of challenge in this transition, aside from getting Frank to be used to sleeping in a big boy bed (he likes to venture out quite often from his bed, totally normal though--imagine what is going through his head with all the freedom), and setting up new norm for both boys to be roommates. 


How Far Along: 27 weeks! Flash is as big as a Fennec Fox without its tail. He is practicing swallowing, and excreting amniotic fluid as practice for breathing on the outside. It means I need to make sure I keep up with my intake of drinking water! His brain is rapidly developing at a crazy pace to ready his body for control, and movements. His body is full of electrical activity, controlling lungs, and body temperature. He is measuring at 15 inches long! 

I am Feeling: Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm almost entering my third trimester, This has been bringing on a lot of emotions in a wide range from feeling excitement, to a "oh shit moment, I'm going to have 3 kids soon", to sadness about not being able to meet our 3rd, and it is just a wild ride of feelings. Starting to feel a bit pressured to start nursery room, especially when I realized that we have hit double digits in our countdown!

Movements: Oh you bet, a lot of stretching, kicking, punching, hiccuping, and flips. Flash's favorite spot is currently transverse, which is a fancy word for laying sideways, and it does cause a great deal of discomfort for me. What usually helps is I lay down, and nudge Flash into a better position.

Symptoms: Sore feet, sore hips, indigestion, gas, nausea, fatigue, and me standing there, sadly waving away the honeymoon phase of my pregnancy, and welcoming the throes of third trimester!

Labor Signs: Still cooking!! Flash likes to be in transverse position. I can tell, because I feel his head sticking out sideways out of my stomach. I have tried nudging him into head down position, but he's not feeling it. So, I'm going to start spinning babies exercises soon to see if it encourages him to enter a right position.

Best Moments of the Week: Giving presentation at Ripon College at Dr. Jody Roy's class about Deaf culture, and spending time with Stu on the road. Seeing Melanie, who was my interpreter from college, and catching up with her. It was really fun to catch up, and visit the campus, and also, to just hang out with Stu. Getting fox themed changing pad cover for the changing table. Ordering cute 31 bags for myself, and for Stu. I felt that Stu deserved a nice personalized gym duffel bag, because we PAID OFF all of his student loans from graduate school! Being debt free for student loans was a freeing feeling! 

Looking Forward to: Finishing up baby shopping. I only have rainbow onesie to track down, and order, and lavender essential oil for postpartum care. Finding out result for glocuse test this Friday. Getting stuff organized for the boys' rooms. 

Next Appointment/Updates: Friday March 31st. No updates at this time.