Sunday, May 21, 2017


How Far Along: 35 Weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a Mini-Lop Rabbit (so cute)! Flash's testicles are descending into its rightful place. His skeletal development is nearly completed. He should be rotating into a head-down position itno a birth position into the pelvis. Because I've had previous pregnancies, Flash may not drop until I go into labor. Currently, he's piling on fat, and his lungs need a bit of touch extra work before completing. His height size is completed. 

I am Feeling: Tired, and big. I am finding it laborious to get dressed, and doing simple things. My belly is in the way of everything. I am getting anxious, and excited to meet baby Flash!! 

Movements: Sometimes, Flash like to chill on one side, which is usually on my right side, and all the weight pressing against the uterine muscle doesn't feel that great. I find it helpful to just gently nudge him back into the position. He likes to stretch out, causing an alien effect, and it can be quite fun to see. I also enjoy feeling his bum! His bum is easy to detect; unlike his head, he doesn't shy away, and just lay there to let people bop him on the butt! 

Symptoms: I really don't have much of appetite anymore. It's just too uncomfortable to want to eat. However, when I do eat, I find that I want to eat. It is just that the appetite part is lacking. I have heartburn, and a bit of water retention in my legs. 

Labor Signs: Still having BH contractions here and there, especially when I am very active, and not drinking enough water. Otherwise, Flash is content as a pill bug! It will be curious to see when cervical checks begin. I am not really expecting to be dilated at all. My body doesn't appear to get things going until two weeks before  my due date. 

Best Moments of the Week: Visiting my family. It's my last trip before Flash gets here! Boys having grand fun at the Milwaukee Public Museum! They really enjoyed the dinosaurs, and the history of the museum. Being on a date with Stu, and making our server's day. 

Looking Forward to: My appointment. I am curious to see how things are progressing, and being in month 9!!! Home stretch!!!!!!!!

Next Appointment: May 25th at 1 pm. No updates at this time. 


How Far Along: 34 weeks! Flash is as big as Quokka, which is a pretty cute Australia marsupial. A slippery coat, called Vernix, is beginning to dry out. He is about 18 inches tall, and weight around 5 pounds (it feels like 8 right now). His nervous system, as well as brain, and lungs are rapidly developing into a final stage before birth. Flash is peeing about a pint a day, and preparing his first poop! It makes sense why I am pissing like a race horse these days! 

I am Feeling: Very pregnant. Everything is driving me nuts lately; people who drive too fast, people who drive too slow, whining, constantly moving and not resting enough, and...well, I'm hormonal. I would like those comments to stop about my appearance too. I know I am big, and I can see it in the mirror. I do love being pregnant, and with that, I don't love those little remarks! I know this and that about how I look, feel, and act. 

Movements: The little guy isn't so careful about where he stretches his arms, or legs. He loves to favor on my right side, and it's morbidly fascinating to see an alien-like movements under my skin. Flash continues to be most active at the evening, even though he perks up a lot when he hears his brothers talking, and screaming at my belly (poor guy). Ha ha ha. 

Symptoms: I'm always thirsty, and as result, I am constantly peeing. If I have to go, then I have to go NOW. Otherwise I will pee in my underwear. My itching is gradually lessening, which makes me happy, and I think it's allergies, since I notice the same behavior in Forrest. We both have skin issues. Yay for that. Aside from that, I'm feeling pretty good. 

Labor Signs: Nothing. Nada. None. Just a little Braxton Hicks going on. It's not terrible though. 

Best Moments of the Week: Being with the boys, enjoying the warmer weather, and hanging out at the park with the boys. Getting a cute Mother's Day card from Forrest that he made in the class! It made my whole week! 

Looking Forward To: Just truckin' along. 

Next Appointment: May 25th at 1 pm. I will be tested for Group Strep B, and probably cervix check. I'm not sure about the latter, since I can't really remember, but here we go. Then we start weekly appointments!! Holy shit! 

Update: I am glad to report that my blood result came back clean. So no ICP! I don't have to be induced, and get to keep my natural birth plan in the stone. I'm just an itchy pregnant lady! It's probably seasonal allergies. 

Monday, May 8, 2017


How Far Along: 33 weeks. Baby Flash is as big as a Ferret. Flash is about 17-19 inches tall, and could weight between 4-6 pounds. He will continue to put on a half pound per week until he is born. He is nearly at his birth height! His bones are hardening, although he won't be quite ready to support himself once he's out of the womb! Flash continues to have a waking, and sleeping cycle. Soon, he will be ready to meet the world!

I am Feeling: Quite stuffed. With a baby, that is. It is getting difficult to dress myself, especially putting on pants, and socks. I'm quite glad for pregnancy yoga pants--just quickly slither them on, and be done. When I sit, I have to lean back, because all I feel is the baby when I bend forward. I don't think Baby Flash enjoy it either when he's being squished even more!

Movements: The movements are becoming different now that Flash is running out of space. He is no longer crazy little gymnastic. His movements are more lazy, and stronger. He is still most active in the evenings. He likes to stretch out, and it's crazy to see all the bulges out of my stomach!

Symptoms: I'm starting to feel itchy. Big. Uncomfortable. Tired. Less energy. Less motivated. Just feeling very pregnant. 

Labor Signs: Nope. All is well in the baby land! Just a month and half to go yet. 

Best Moments of the Week: Attending Forrest's concert! He did great. It was so much fun watching Forrest sing, and participate with his classmates. Working on Baby Flash's blanket. I try to do it with each of my baby; to cross stitch a crib quilt, and add a cute fabric on the back. 

Looking Forward to: I am eager to finish final touches in the baby room. I am planning on washing cloth diapers as a prep, and to be stored until it's time to cloth diaper the little guy! I plan on organizing, and tidying up our bedroom to put the bassinet in there! The countdown begins! 

Next Appointment: May 10th. It will be just a routine appointment of making sure all is well, and check on the baby. 

Updates: Because I've been feeling itchy, more than usual, I had to have my blood drawn to rule out a condition. I am pretty sure I do not have it, and am thankful that my doctor is at least looking into it to make sure everything is okay. I won't know the result for maybe 2-3 weeks. I think by my next appointment, not this upcoming one, but the next; I should know the result by then. 


How Far Along: 32 weeks! Baby Flash is now the size of a naked-tailed armadillo. He is about 4 pounds! He's busy gaining weight, and growing. He's currently around 16 and half inches tall! Flash's digestive system is all set to start working. The skin is now opaque, and no longer "see through". Flash is busy preparing for life outside the womb! Only a few more weeks to go yet! 

I am Feeling: I am doing pretty good for the most part. I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable, and I can tell baby Flash is running out of the room. I think he will be a tall baby. It is getting harder to dress myself, especially my lower half of the body, and I am hoping for warmer weather to roll around. So I can just slip into a dress, and wear flip flops--which is a lot easier than trying to put pants, and socks on! Emotionally, I am getting anxious at the idea of having 3 kids, and juggling them all. It's almost more like nervous-excited energy rather than actually nervous energy. 

Movements: Baby Flash's movements are getting a lot more constricted. He's no longer flipping, and kicking like crazy. He is quite budged in where he is. Flash is still the most active in late afternoons into late evenings. He likes to rock around, stretch out, and hiccup a lot. 

Symptoms: Sore belly, constipation, dizziness, and out of breath while walking up and down the stairs. I am moving much slower, and waddling more these days. I am thirsty a lot, and as result of that, I go to bathroom more frequently. 

Labor Signs: Aside from those contractions I had last week, all is quiet on the front, and I still deal with those pesky BH contractions. They're more annoying than painful. Flash still need to bake a bit more though!

Best Moments of the Week: Having a movie night with the boys; we had popcorn, and watched The Secret Life of Pets. It was a great movie! The boys had a blast! Enjoying warmer weather here, and there. 

Looking Forward To: Summer like weather. We've been having a taste of it, and ugh, I'm so ready for warmer days ahead! 

Next Appointment: May 10th and May 25th at 1 pm. Then after that, I am starting weekly appointments!!!