Monday, September 18, 2017

Fox is THREE Months Old

Dear Fox,

You are THREE Months old. We have officially left the fourth trimester. It simply means you are no longer a newborn, but an infant. Mama and Daddy always seem to forget how quickly a newborn stage goes by. It is quite difficult to have you grow up so fast, yet at the same time, it is truly a joy to watch you learn about the world around yourself as you get older.  


You have recently begun to smile!! It is the most endearing thing, EVER. Your smile reaches to your eyes, and cause a sparkle to shine from your face. You are easily amused by your brothers playing, and talking to you. You love, love, love, I cannot begin to emphasis on this, being talked to. You enjoy a conversation whether it's gibberish from Frank, an imaginative story by Forrest, a baby talk by family members, and reporting by Mama about what happening in the day. You respond with your vocalizations such as ah, eh, and oo! Forrest and Frank often tries to get you to sign back, and they even go so far to help you to move your hands properly to create signs to reply! It is amazing to watch you three communicate in two languages. 

You are starting to be interested in your surroundings. Sometimes you try to focus so hard that your eyes end up crossing each other! It's kind of funny when that happens although it startles you when that happens. You are starting to flap your hand against hanging toys, not quite grasping them, but learning to grasp at them. Go Fox Go! You really enjoy toys that rattle. You try hard to get a toy rattle, yet you have not mastered a skill of grasping, and holding a toy. Often, one of us need to rattle a toy for you, and you get a kick out of it!

You weigh 11 pounds 8 ounces from your last check up. You are a TALL boy. You are 24 inches tall. Because of your height, you did not remain in 3 months clothes for too long, and entered the 6 months clothes. You do still fit in some 3 months, but not all. Crazy! Mama and Daddy does wonder if you will end up being the tallest of all three boys. Who knows? Only time will tell. 

Mama also got a news from Dr. Karbon about your health. You have been diagnosed with Torticillis. Here we go for the second time. Fortunately, it is milder than what Frank had. Right now, it looks like all you need is physical therapy with Dave at Bellin every 3 weeks or so. Most of the exercises are being done at home with Mama stretching your neck. You tolerate having stretches done when you're in a happy mood, and if you're being talked to. Otherwise, there has been some instances when you protest...loudly, and fight hard to have the stretches done. Nonetheless, it has to be done, because you do show remarkable improvement after being stretched.

Fortunately, you have not been diagnosed with plagiocephaly, which means a flat spot developing on your head, and when that does happen, it usually requires a corrective helmet to round out your head. Mama has been on top of this by turning you over like a hot potato during the night to prevent your head from getting flat. Tummy time helps greatly. You love to be baby-worn inside the wrap, and watch the world go by around you. Mama is nearly done with the tummy time quilt for you, and when it is done; you will be able to spend a lot more time on your belly! With all of this being done for you, Mama thinks you'll be able to avoid from needing a helmet.

You love hikes the most, because you get to breath in all the fresh air, watch your brothers run with the dog on the trail, and watch tree branches wave above you. It always soothe you, and put you in a wonderful mood, especially if you are really struggling with your crying fits.

You finally have met nearly the whole family. It will be fun watching you grow up alongside your cousin, Izzy, since she is about over a half year older than you are! You are definitely spoiled by everyone. They all love you so. You just need to meet Uncle Joey, and Aunt Lauren soon!

You continue to be a fidgety boy. You are craving to be on move, move, and move! Mama and Daddy imagine that you will take off running once you learn how to walk just to keep up with your older brothers! Forrest, and Frank continue to lavish their love, affection, and protection over you. You laugh, and coo back to them, which is the most awesome thing ever, and enjoy their presence. You get sad when they are no longer in your sight.

You are getting better at sleeping during the night; waking up 2-3 times to nurse, and go back to sleep. However, when you are going through your fussy periods, which coincides with your mental leaps and regressions, you do go back to waking up every 1-2 hours to be nursed, and consoled. It's just all part of the territory. Growing up is a hard work!

You like to wake up for the day between 5-6 am, which is pretty much when your older brothers wake up! There has been some mornings when either Mama or Daddy have to wake you up for the day! Your colic days are somewhat behind of you. Mama thinks that you are over that hump. However, spicy food can be a trigger for your crying fits, since it triggers your reflux. It just means Mama has to be more vigilant with what she eats until you are a bit older. When you also want to be held, you cry until you are picked up, and held. Who can blame you though!

Time is quickly approaching for you to be transitioned to your nursery. You are still fitting in your bassinet, but you are quickly running out of the space to be comfortable. It makes Mama a bit sad to think that you will be moved into your own room very soon. Of course, it is always harder on her than it is on you, and your brothers from when they were babies! After all, this is a big step for you, and Mama both. Nonetheless, your room is now completed, and ready. It just needs YOU in it. Mama thinks that by mid-October, you will be sleeping in your own room. My, you're becoming to be a big boy, aren't you?

With September drawing to its end to welcome October, Mama and Daddy are excited to start exposing you to a lot of fun traditions with fun holidays arriving around the corner! You're quite lucky to have two older brothers to show you all the fun to come soon yet.


Mama, Daddy, Forrest & Frank