Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fox is FOUR Months Old

Dear Fox, 

You are FOUR months old. Holy batman! Where did the time go? We are closer to you being 6 months old than we are closer to you being a newborn baby. You are about to see what is all the fun about with the upcoming holidays, and the whole family is so excited to have you to celebrate with them. You are a happy, happy smiley baby boy with a sharp witted edge to your personality. As a Gemini, beware of Mr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyell dwelling inside you, because your happy nature can turn sour in a blink of eye! You definitely like to keep all of us on our toes. It is never boring with you three boys.  

You are beginning to fill out. You are sporting chubby cheeks that are constantly asking to be kissed on. Your thighs have rolls, and it's adorable. It's evident where all of the breast milk are going to! Mama and Daddy think you are in 12-14 pound range, and it will be interesting to see if they are right. Mama and Daddy see so much of Forrest, and Frank in you! 

You are quickly outgrowing your infant car seat. It doesn't surprise Mama that you are following the suit to your older brothers, because your older two brothers outgrew the same carseat by the time they were 5 1/2 months old! You're on the 3rd notch for shoulder harness, and there is only ONE more left this one! It is a good thing you are almost done with this car seat, because it will expire by December. Mama is feeling a bit sentimental about retiring your infant car seat, because it has carried all three of you boys. It will be a sad day to officially recycle the car seat. There are a lot of memories of you all three using the car seat such as first ride home from the hospital, and how small you looked in it to how you are barely fitting in it. It's bittersweet. Once you are done with the car seat, you will start using Frank's current Britax car seat, and Frank will upgrade to using a car seat high back booster. You three boys are growing up too quickly for Mama's liking.

Goodness, you are a drooling machine. It is as if one day your mouth decided to turn on its waterwork, and ever since, you have been drooling like a mastiff. Your onesies get quite soaked by the end of the day. Sometimes Mama have to change you several times because you drool so much! On top of your drooling, you are a quite pooping machine, and has managed to soil your outfits several times. Sometimes you have at least 3-4 outfit changes in just one day! It's a good thing that there is a lot of laundry in the home to be able toss your dirty clothes along with it! 

You have discovered your legs, and toes! You love to bring them to your face so you can examine them closely. Sometimes you fall over, especially if you are propped up against your boppy pillow, and Mama often have to keep a close eye on you. You never like to stay still. You work so hard to achieve rolling over. Currently, you are able to get on your side during your tummy time. You are able to pull yourself forward in a sitting position. We jokingly say that you are working out your abs! You are still not a fan of tummy time, but it is critical for you, especially with your Torticillis. Along with practicing tummy time, Mama is looking into pulling out a jumperoo saucer for you! She has an inkling that you will really love it, given with how much you love to move!!

Dr. Katie, who is your chiropractor, continues to adjust you on a weekly basis. She says that she can tell you're getting stronger, and better. You're able to hold up your neck longer when you are on your belly. Go Fox Go! After all, once your spine is in a correct position to hold all of your neck muscles, then you use tummy time to help strengthen the muscles. It is proving that it has been so beneficial for you. It's a win!

With this in the place, you are able to prove to Dave that you have a full capacity with how your neck function, and he decided, with his good graces, to release you from his care! You have a normal range of neck control, and can hold your head up without tilting. Dave did warn that you may tilt your head when you are ill (which is something Mama has already seen with Frank). Aside from that, you have recovered from Torticillis, and from this point on, it is all about managing your condition when it flares up.

We celebrated Forrest's and Franklin's birthdays by throwing a family party earlier this month, and you were quite lavished on by everybody there! Grandpa Dave and Nana Jess came to visit at the later time; like always, you boys were spoiled rotten! You joined your brothers to visit the roaring dinosaurs, and spent most of your time asleep despite the noises. You even slept through your first dining experience with the family. It was just not that of a big deal to you! 

You are very particular. You like to have your routine to be exactly the same every evening, and if somehow, your routine is thrown off even by slight bit, then you're going to make your feelings known to everybody! For instance, after your day trip visiting your grandparents, you screamed your head off the whole way home, because it got dark, and you didn't go down to bed in specific way that you preferred. You can go from being very happy to being very angry in a blink of eye. If a hat is on you, and you're not up to wearing it, then you will scream your head off until it's removed.  It is as if there is no happy medium to your personality! You are either happy and alert, or angry and screaming your head off. That's it. I suppose you have to make your stand between your older brothers, and make sure that your presence is always known!

You are gradually showing a consistent pattern by falling asleep between 7:30 to 8:30 pm. It is a good thing, because it shows Mama that you are ready for a consistent bed time routine. Staying asleep through the whole night is still out of the question for you! After all, you are still being exclusively breastfed, and your tummy is still small. Because of that, you don't stay full for long, and get hungry. You won't be sleeping through the night until you are past 6 months old, and that is okay with Mama. Right now, the biggest focus is to make sure you are used to sleeping in your crib. To start that process, Mama is going to start putting you down in crib for nap time. Once you've shown comfort with sleeping in the crib for nap time, you will be transitioned from bassinet to the crib for night sleeping. This is rather consistent with your older brothers' pattern from when they were babies too!

Mama is quite excited, because the books she made for you have been ordered, and the first of two books has just arrived! The book that has arrived is called "The Day I was Born", and the other one that is still in the process of being shipped is a pregnancy journal from when Mama was pregnant with you! Mama has made the same books for both Forrest, and Frank. So it's nice to be able to continue the tradition for you. She hope that one day you boys will appreciate those books.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the whole family is excited to take you out for trick or treating! The boys want to buy you a Halloween pumpkin basket to gather EXTRA candies, and Mama told them to wait at least a year before that can happen. The boys want to go as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mama is thinking about simply putting you into a skeleton pajamas that Forrest wore as a baby at your age! After all, Wisconsin weather is usually finicky around Halloween. It's either going to be really cold, or mild. Mama is betting on the former instead of later, so it might as well to put you in something warm during trick or treat!

You will have a visit with Dr. Karbon on Halloween for your 4 month old wellness check as well! It will be fun to see how much you have grown since, because you are quickly outgrowing your 3 month outfits, and transitioning into 6-9 months outfits. Here is the crazy thing; depending on what brand of outfit, some of 6 months outfits DO NOT fit you, not because of your width, but because of your height! You are a tall kid!

Mama and Daddy are excited to bring you with the older two to a pumpkin patch that they have gone every year. It has become something of a tradition for the family to attend that particular pumpkin patch ever since they had moved to the area. You'll be introduced to carving the pumpkins this come weekend. You may be too young to enjoy pumpkin seeds yet! Next Halloween, you will be able to enjoy digging out the goo, and making fun pumpkin faces with rest of your brothers.

You are such a joy, and bring so much happiness to all of us. We look forward to what you bring to Month 4!


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, and Frank