Monday, December 18, 2017

Fox is SIX Months Old

Dear Fox,

You are SIX months old.

It is hard to believe that 6 months ago today I went into labor with you, and that you have been on the earthside for half of the year. It is amazing how quickly time has passed. Those past months have been such a wonderful journey with you in our lives. There has been some moments that were hard, sacrifices to be made, many sleepless nights, rocking you in my arm, and balancing a life with three of you boys. Never I have paused to think about a life before you. You fit in our family perfectly, and it feels like you have been with us forever.

You have been dealing with a major sleep regression these days. Every night brings inconsistency with sleep. On some nights, you sleep between five to six hours. On some others, you are up every hour, demanding to be held, and nursed frequently. Mama and Daddy thinks it is a combination of your growing separation anxiety, becoming more aware of the world around you, dealing with transition of sleeping in parents' room to your own crib, growth spurts, colds, and mastering new skills that interrupts with your desire to sleep! It can be quite difficult to run on such low fuel. Fortunately, Mama and Daddy have each other to rely, and a lot of coffee also helps! By the time you are able to eat solids, and sleep training; you should start to show a pattern of better sleep in between teething, and illnesses that comes with the winter season. 

Along with sleeping in your crib, you are adjusting to sleeping with scheduled naps, and it takes some getting used to! You usually take your morning nap in your infant car seat carrier after Forrest is dropped off at 4K for about an hour, then wake up to play with Franklin until it is time for Franklin to go to his speech class. Your morning naps is often squeezed in between school, and doing errands. After all, you being a third child requires you to be able to go on the fly sometimes! 

Then you take an afternoon nap around 12:30 pm. You usually don't sleep that long.  You sleep at most for a half hour. As for right now, you just DO NOT like to nap. Period. Nonetheless, despite you fighting your desire to fall asleep, you have a tell tale that gives it away that you are quite tired, and it is you rubbing your ears! 

You get ready for bed around 6:15 pm  by getting dressed, and having your music turned on for the night. Then you nurse, and get rocked to sleep. Once you are in light state of sleeping, you are put down in your crib for the night, and you are usually fast asleep (unless one of the boys startle you by being too loud) until Mama goes to bed around 10 pm. Then you get fed one more time, and go back to sleep. It depends on that night if you sleep well, or not.

With all of this in the place, Mama is considering about having you drop  a nap from going from three to just two a day.  Mama is planning on having you nap in your crib in the mornings from 9 am to 10:00 am, then again at 1 pm for your afternoon naps. Then you should be good and ready for bed by 6:15 pm. Hopefully, this will help you to get back on the track for sleeping better during the day. 

Tummy time is still so important for you. You love laying on the blankets, grasping at your feet, and rock yourself around. You don't like being on your back for too long, so you flip over onto your stomach, then pose yourself in a superman stance! It looks like you are doing push-ups. Forrest and Frank cracks up when you do this! Forrest and Mama jokingly says that you are trying to fly away just like a Superman. 

Your strength is remarkable. Sometimes you push yourself up so hard that you end up flipping over! You are able to roll from both sides. A complete roll-over is still on the horizon. That time is getting closer though. Before all of us know it, you will be rolling around! Sometimes, it looks like you are also attempting to crawl. You push yourself forward with your feet on your belly! We call it army crawling, and older brothers love army crawling with you on the floor despite you not getting too far. It's great to see you all play together.  

You love jumping in your jumproo. You prefer bouncing over sitting in your activity center. You must be able to rotate, and see what is everybody up to! If you are unable to, then you proceed to scream, holler, and yell until someone runs to entertain you. You love it the best when Forrest, or Franklin, or even both sit down, and play with you! You giggle, and talk along with Forrest when Forrest reads you recipes from a cookbook, or when he tells you what is going on in a book he is reading at that time. You try to bite and chew on whatever Franklin gives to you, which ends up warranting a close watch from Mama to make sure no food has entered your mouth from Frank's hand! You love watching everything, and everybody. You stare intensely whatever a pet is doing nearby. It fascinates you when Bea is eating, or when one of the cats is playing with one of the hanging toys from your jumperroo. Your favorite game is peek-a-boo! When someone yells boo, you jump a little, then you laugh. This game keeps you entertained for good 10 minutes, before you get tired, and want a break. 


You are always wiggling, kicking, bouncing, waving, and quivering. You are rarely still. The only time you are still is when you are on the verge of falling asleep. Even during nursing, you try to sit up, play with your feet, scratch or grasp at Mama's face, and you try to talk while eating! You usually don't nurse for long. You are easily distracted by your brothers, and want to know what's up. You are definitely a wild one. Mama does not think you are very patient when it comes to food. It will be interesting to see how you are like when you are eating solid food! 

                                       Image result for breastfeeding positions funny

Currently, you are not quite ready to start solids, because you have not started sitting up by yourself, and you are still thrusting out your tongue. Once the tongue movement is lost, you will be able to start accepting food into your mouth, and start eating! Mama is thinking about giving you applesauce as your first food, since it's easy to swallow, and play with. Then next food will be an avaocado or a banana. It's soft and mushy--perfect for a little toothless mouth! 

You spent your first Thanksgiving with you being held by so many people! Mama didn't think she even held you that much at all! You sure got passed around like a hot potato! People just adored you. Franklin celebrated his third birthday close to Thanksgiving. You spent his birthday by sleeping through everything. Ah, such a life of a baby. 
With you turning 6 months so close to Christmas, it means you are able to enjoy the scenery of opening presents, and watching people around you to enjoy their gifts! Mama is quite excited to see how you react to the whole thing. Santa will definitely be delivering you some of things! You love the toys that rattle, or make sounds. You can easily spend a few minutes concentrating on how an item works. You enjoy the feel of a toy crinkling under your hands. You grasp things, then lift them in the air to see what happens. You are fascinated by how things work, and want to know how they tick. You are always so busy! However, you do get very frustrated if you can't get something to work the way you want it to, or if it's quite out of your reach while you are on your stomach. Sometimes you try so hard that you manage to scooch a few inches forward to your toy! Sometimes you get flustered when you are in your activity center, and can't move to see where a person is going. Then you sure make yourself known! 

Your six-month wellness check is coming up in January. By then, your stats should be known. Mama thinks you are nearly twenty pounds! Your next major transitions will be moving into a big boy car seat, and eating solids. You are becoming to be a big boy, and it makes Mama sad to think that you are getting closer to being 1 than being closer to being a newborn. At the same time, Mama is excited to see what kind of personality will be emerged, and discovering who you are. 

You are currently in 9-12 months clothes! Holy moly. It doesn't feel like a long ago when Mama pulled out 6 months clothes for you, and there you are...already entering 9 month clothes. You are not quite a chunkster, but rather tall! You're just like Frank from when he was a baby. It makes Mama and Daddy wonder if you will end up having similar body type as Frank. Who knows! After all, you are uniquely you! 

Your personality is full of force! You are alert, intense, and full of fire! You blow raspberries when you are frustrated to the point of soaking your shirt! You yell when you demand attention. You laugh when you are being entertained. Everything fascinates you. You adore being talked to. Your eyes are constantly moving. You are extremely alert, and on the point. You DISLIKE with passion when you are left out, or ignored. You can be quite demanding, and particular about how things feel against your skin. You hate having a soiled diaper, and will scream until you are changed. You must be kept busy. Sometimes this can be challenging for Mama to get things done. You lose interest very quickly, and get bored. Then there is hell to pay if nobody gets to you fast enough. You hate napping, or sleeping in general, because you want so badly to be involved with what is happening around you. If you hear a sound, then you must be brought to investigate. While one may think that you are a high need baby, Mama happens to think that you are a perfect fit for our family, because after all, you have to make sure that you hold a place among your older brothers! After all, this isn't Mama's first rodeo of dealing with a strong-willed, and spirited baby. After all, here's a secret; a strong willed child is a lot of fun, and they rarely make a life boring with them in it. 

We look forward to what month 6 brings to you, our dear little Fox.


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, and Franklin