Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fox is SEVEN Months Old

Dear Fox,

You are SEVEN months old.

You celebrated Christmas by participating in unwrapping gifts with a lot of help from your older brothers. Your favorite thing was watching Forrest, and Franklin open their gifts, and showing them off to you. You loved your presents from the Santa! You also enjoyed being lavished on by family members over the holidays. It was a wonderful Christmas despite all of you being sick with a stomach bug.

You've celebrated a lot of your firsts recently! You transitioned into your big boy car seat, and looked so much more comfortable. You also appreciated being able to see your brothers in the back seat, and not having to remain in the infant carrier when you were taken out of the van. The world just got a bit bigger for you, our dear Fox. Frank also ended up getting a new car seat with a 5 point harness, and Forrest switched over to high back booster seat! An exciting time for all of you boys for advancing to a big boy car seats.

You sat up for the first time, and actually stayed seated without toppling over! You loved being able to sit in the shopping cart, and be able to enjoy the sights around you. With sitting up, you also began crawling! One day, Mama placed you on the quilt mat to play on while she turned her back to you to put away dishes, then turned to check on you, you were nowhere on the playmat! With a prompt investigation, she had discovered that you were able to army crawl to your destination that you wanted to reach. Everybody were quite correct in stating that you were going to be able to get moving sooner instead of later! 

Mama and Daddy bought you a 3-in-1 high chair, and introduced you to eating solids for the first time! Frankly, you had no idea what to expect at first, and did not seem to appreciate your first meal, which was chopped half banana. Then you gradually started to learn what stuff on the tray was for, and began to show some interest in eating. Mama decided to just full on introduce you to normal food called Baby-Led Weaning method (just like what she did with Franklin after doing some combined puree-BLW). It basically meant no pureeing, or canned baby food for you. You just jumped right into the world of sampling food right away. You've had chicken, shredded pork, shredded cheese, scrambled eggs, pancakes, carrots, bananas, and avocados. It was discovered that you preferred meat over anything else.

You started sleeping so much better. Your awful 4-month sleep regression lasted what it seemed like to be forever, then one day, it ended. Mama did start sleep training you by nursing you, then placing you in your crib immediately after (of course with a lot of hugs and kisses first).You did not like it at first, and cried on and off for an hour and half. Mama went in to check on you frequently to assure you by stroking your head, and kissing you to let you know you were not alone. The following night was easy peasy. You knew the drill, and went to bed no problem.

Now, sleeping through the night? Not happening yet. Fear not, Mama isn't worried though. Sleeping through the night usually don't come until later, which usually coincides with eating more solids, and meals during the day to help keep a tummy nice, and full. While not sleeping through the night, you are able to sleep longer stretches with being more bundled up. You love sleeping with your minky winter sack, and you don't feel as quite cold as you were in your fleece sack.

Napping also has been going well! It took a few tries, and some adjustments to figure out your napping schedule. Once Mama figured out your rhythm, napping became easier, and you napped usually between 1 pm to 2 or 2:30 pm in the afternoon. The mornings still posed some struggle with not consistent routine with fitting nap time. So you usually slept in the van from 10 to 11 am while you and Mama waited for Frank and Forrest to be done with school. On the weekends, you usually nap during the same time period in your crib. Afternoon naps is usually when you sleep the longest.

You recently had your 6-month wellness check. You were measured to be at 27 inches tall, and weighed at 16 pounds! What a tall, and thin guy that you are! You received mostly third set of vaccinations, and a flu shot booster. It was great to see that you remained in a good health. You continue to be a drooling machine these days. Is teething on the horizon?? Possibly!

Your personality continued to show a great divide between two sides; super happy, or extremely angry. You are very alert, and on the point. You must keep up with your older brothers. You are always army crawling to them, and demanding to be in the sight of them. You get tired, and bored of things quickly. It is a good thing Forrest, and Franklin are always keeping you busy! You enjoy trying new things, and being exposed to new situations. You continue to make things known when you are angry. You make sounds to get attention--the sounds vary between a high pitch laugh, a scream, or coo. You love talking, and being talked to! You enjoy exploring, and getting into things. You are always gnawing, and chewing on anything you can put your hands on. It usually means Mama have to keep a close eye on you to make sure you don't put anything undesirable, like a dog food, into your mouth!

You're such a joy, and give us so much happiness in our daily lives. We look forward to what you bring to us during Month SEVEN!


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, and Franklin