Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fox is EIGHT Months Old

Dear Fox, 

You are EIGHT months old.

"The days are long, but the months [years] are short" saying has entered my mind when I think of you being 8 months old. You have certainly kept all of us on our toes these days with your lightning crawling. You are such a curious baby, and MUST investigate everything. As result, it requires us to be on constant look out for you. More often than not, you are usually hauled out of the way by your older brothers, or rescued from Mama from a perilous doom of a terrible consequence, or quickly secured to be safely kept in Dad's arms. With you being so busy, Mama doesn't have very much time to do anything these days, and that is okay! Things will eventually get done at the end of the day when you are down for bedtime. 

You had a recent scare, or rather Mama did. You had been so fascinated by the stairs. Just like moth drawn to the light, you had to go by the stairs to explore, and oh so many times, you teetered on the top stairs like a tightrope walker balancing on a thin rope miles above the ground. Mama grabbed you so many times before you fell down the stairs. Alas, one day, it was not the case. You did the same teetering act, Mama ran toward you, and before she could grab you, you tumbled down the stairs! Admittedly, Mama cried way more than you did when that happened! As it was customary for a third child, you brushed off your fright, and attempted the VERY SAME THING. Needless to say, a baby gate immediately went up, and blocked the fateful fall from happening again.

Food continued to unsuccessfully make its way down the hatch these days with you. Food pieces ended up being scattered all over on your lap, between your body and the high chair bucket armrest, and between your legs. Fear not, Beatrice was more than glad to help to clean up the mess! Her favorite spot was sitting beneath your high chair tray with her snout pointing up toward the falling gifts from the great above beyond. She waited until you were removed, then pounced at the chance of lapping up morsels left behind by your feast! 

You are eating three meals a day. Mama has yet to discover what is your favorite food. You eat pretty much whatever that is given to you. This usually  mean Mama has to make sure Frank doesn't give you wrong kind of food! He LOVES to share with you. Food is more of a plaything than nourishment for you since you are still being breastfed. You enjoy practicing your pincer grasp, and fine motor skills by picking up food pieces. About 90% of food usually don't up being consumed, but that is quite alright. After all, the beauty of BLW (Baby-Led Weaning) is that the development of eating grows with a baby as the baby acquires skills, and abilities with self-feeding. When a baby is ready to be able to eat more, then the baby will make it happen for himself. All will come in due time with eating, little Fox!

Sleep is still ever eluding for you. Out of all three boys, you are our least best sleeper, and we are still praying to the Sleep gods that you will one night sleep through the night! You still wake up between 2-3 hours to nurse to make up for not nursing very much during the day. It is something that comes with the deal, since you are constantly distracted, and amused by your older brothers! Being congested, and hit by colds almost constantly does impact your sleep. It has not been a healthy winter season for all of us! Hopefully this come spring with you eating more amount of food, and being less congested, you will be able to sleep through the night? Maybe?

You are currently napping like champ, and knows your routine when it comes to bed time. You are out like a light as soon as your head hits the mattress. To get to this point, it did require a lot of patience, and work on both of your and Mama's part. Within a few weeks, its has become a daily routine for you to go to sleep, and it has become one less battle to fight. Yay Mr. Fantastic Fox!

Dr. Karbon has given Mama a green light to get you started on night weaning. Understand, you aren't expected to drop ALL of your feeds. However, with you waking up between 1-2, sometimes 3, hours every night to nurse, and getting to the point where you are soaking through your nighttime diaper, it is a good indication that you are ready to have some of your feedings dropped. After all, Daddy and Mama suspect that some of those are more for comfort than nourishment. Mama is hoping to get you to drop all the feedings between the final nursing session at 10 pm, and 4-6 am for waking feeding. Mama is eager for more than 2-3 hours stretch of sleep! At the same time, she is a bit apprehensive about how you will respond to this. After all, you are one fussy little man! 

You are starting to attempt crawling off your belly, and loves to pull yourself up on anything you can find. It is still a work in progress to perfect your pulling up stance, and you've been hard at work to achieve this. Mama usually finds you trying to pull yourself up on boxes, laundry baskets, a chair rung, a step leading upstairs (since the stairs to downstairs is blocked off), on anybody's leg. and whatever you can reach. 

You are a determined baby to keep up with Forrest, and Franklin. When they run around the kitchen island...or face it, everywhere really, you try to crawl as fast as you can. It is not very often that one doesn't find you lingering behind your brothers' chaos. You like to crawl by where they are playing, and much to their grimace, you try to steal their toys or crayons to chew on. You want whatever they have. It can be a struggle for the older brothers to understand that you are not quite at the same level of understanding as they are when it comes to toys, and sharing. Nonetheless, it is wonderful to see how much love they have for you. You are ALWAYS doted on. Never have I seen one of your brothers hit you out of anger, or frustration. When their patience runs out, they often pick you up with your knees still on the floor, drag you over to your playmat, and walk away. Mama tries to tell them not to do that, but it still happens anyway! You are never frazzled, or frightened when they do that to you. Third child, I say. 

You are in 12 months clothes. You live mostly in warm footie pajamas these days with Wisconsin winter being in a full force. Mama is looking forward to warmer days so you don't have to be bundled up so much anymore!

You love to babble, and shout. You continue to alternate between happiness, and fits. You most certainly keep us on our toes, and living with you (and as well as your older brothers) is rarely boring! You LOVE the pets in our home. Cats fascinate you, and you desperately want to cuddle with them. Sadly, they don't reciprocate the same feeling for you, especially after Missy discovered that you have a very strong grip! Bea is more willing, and patient with you approaching her. She usually lay with you pulling at her collar, or holding her fur without much resistance. Nonetheless, Mama is very firm with her belief that boundaries should be established, and animals to be respected. Because of this, she doesn't allow you to mess around with Bea, and teach you gentle touch (even though you may not understand the concept yet--it is good to be exposed to it early on). Our family is thankful for such a patient loving dog, and prudent cats that know how to stay out of the way for the most part. 

You are such a joy in our lives. You continue to be an anchor of hope, and love for our family. Your older brothers are so proud of you, and love to show you off with every chance they can get. To further prove this, the other day, Forrest proudly showed you off to his classmates! Franklin loves to kiss, and hug you with every chance he gets. You are such a blessed little boy who is very loved.

We look forward to what month 8 brings to you, our little Fox.


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, and Franklin