Monday, March 19, 2018

Fox is NINE Months Old

Dear Fox,

You are NINE months old. You're three months away from turning a year old. It boggles Mama's mind how quickly time is going by.

Mama decided to start sleep training you, and what an ordeal it had been! She took away your pacifier, because she decided it was a good time for you to be weaned off them, since you were able to fall asleep without needing one for your morning naps. So you went cold turkey! Boy, let me tell you, you were NOT happy about losing your pacifier, and made your feelings very clear about this. You fussed for a half hour before falling asleep for your afternoon nap. That come evening, boy, there was a hell to pay. You screamed, and cried for an hour, and half! It proved to be difficult for you, and Mama. Nonetheless with a lot of patience, you resigned to falling asleep, and stay asleep. To Mama's great surprise, you slept until 2:30 am, nursed, then went back to sleep! The following day, you barely fussed for your afternoon nap, and went to bed with minimal crying that lasted less than five minutes.

You love sleeping on your belly. It is funny. Each of you boy have your own sleeping preference. Forrest loves to curl up like cat, and sleep in a feral position on his side. Franklin is most content sleeping with his arms, and legs splayed everywhere while laying on his back! You are a belly sleeper.

At first when you discovered this, Mama was not a fan, and worried about your ability to breath while sleeping on your belly.  You were her first boy to sleep on the belly, and it was a new territory for her. She tried to flip you to your side, or back, and you were quite adamant to roll back onto your belly. After mama realized how MUCH better you sleep on your belly, she let you be, and sure enough, you started sleeping longer, and longer at the night. Mama learned that colicky babies often preferred sleeping on their bellies, because the pressure on their bellies reduce the gas pains in babies.

You still nap in the van in the mornings during the weekday, because it's the only time that Mama can consistently keep you on the schedule for nap in the mornings. You nap from 10-11 am. On the weekends, you sleep longer than an hour. For the afternoons, you sleep anywhere from 1 hour and half to two hours...sometimes two hours and half in your crib! What a turnaround from you napping under an hour! You start your bedtime routine after supper, and nurse 20-25 minutes prior going to sleep, enjoy a bedtime story with your brothers and Dad, get dressed, and have your music turned on, then you go to sleep. You fall asleep within 5 minutes! You're gradually sleeping longer, and longer at night. You wake up at anywhere between 11 pm-12 am to be fed, and go back to sleep until between 2-4 am for another feedings. Mama LOVES this new schedule. 

Currently, your sleeping schedule is a tad messed up due to you having a fever. It appears that you have caught Forrest's cold, and sleep has been evading from you. Poor dear. Hopefully within a few days, you will be back to your old self, and be on a regular sleeping schedule. It is also not fun to see you so miserable from feeling sick. You don't handle being sick very well, and most certainly no one blame you for that! 

Along with other dilemma on top of you having a cold, the Daylight saving business has thrown a screw into your brand new sleeping schedule. You, being a particular little gentleman, does NOT appreciate how the DST isn't lining up quite nicely with your internal clock. Nonetheless, Mama is quite determined to carry on as normal with your routine. In time, all should recover for you.

You're getting better at this eating shtick! You're determined to use your pincher grasp ability to pick up food, and shove it into your mouth. You're also able to drink from your sippy cup from observing how your brothers tip the water bottle as they help you drink. One day, you happen to pick it up on your own, and tipped the bottle back. Boom! The history is made on that day, and you're loving it ever since. You continue to eat whatever what the family is eating, and has not met a food you dislike. However, Mama has discovered your favorite food: spinach! It does make a lot of sense seeing that spinach is one of Mama's cravings while pregnant with you. Wilted spinach is a big hit with you! You love eating Cheerios, because it is something your brothers, and you can share together. You demand for Cheerios when you see them eating a bowlful! You also LOVE yogurt melt its, especially the berry flavored one.

You're now sitting up unassisted with no problem, even though you still prefer laying on your stomach while playing, and you are able to also sit upright on your knees for a few minutes before toppling over. You're working so hard at rocking back and forth as you are off your stomach for crawling. Mama can see that you are on the verge of taking off, and it is just a matter of time before you realize you are able to move in that position. You love pulling yourself up on your knees to reach to things above you. Sometimes you do get stuck, and get upset!

You LOVE taking baths! You enjoy splashing, and tasting bath water. You love it even more when one or both of your brothers join you (even though it makes the whole bathing ordeal even messier). You laugh, coo, and kick at the water. You're fascinated by the bubbles. You try to eat them! Water fills you with joy. It's rather endearing to witness.

You are beginning to recognize certain signs. You respond to MILK, SLEEP, and CHANGE (diapers). You get excited when you see the sign for MILK, and respond jovially. You know it meant getting fed! Mama is working on getting you to recognize FOOD for eating. So far, you have not made the association between the sign FOOD with eating solids. Fear not, you will pick up on it in no time!

You are now in 12 months clothing, not due to your weight, but to your height! The only fat on you is in your thighs! Besides that, you're a lean baby. Mama has switched out your 9 month to 12 month clothing for your dresser. It is nice to see a few summer outfits starting to appear among your winter stash. It means that spring is on its way soon...right? Who knows with Wisconsin weather?! 

Easter is coming up soon. It will be fun for you to celebrate your first Easter! Your 9 month wellness check is also coming up next month. Your wellness checks are always fun for Mama, because she enjoy getting stats about your overall well-being, and be updated with how you are doing health-wise. Aside from this fever and cold, you are a generally healthy little fellow, and there is no worry when it comes to your wellness appointments.

Hopefully in no time, you will be back to your regular content self, and warm weather will finally bestow upon us all for spring!


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, and Franklin