Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fox is TEN Months Old

Dear Fox,

You are TEN months old. You are officially in the double digits!

You celebrated your first Easter by visiting Mama's side of the family. You got plenty of teething toys, baby food, and a few outfits from the Easter Bunny. You enjoyed Easter food! You definitely loved strawberries over anything else at the Easter dinner. You didn't care much for the egg hunt, but enjoyed playing with the plastic eggs that your brothers manage to gather from the hunt. You and your brothers sure looked handsome on that day!

You continued to sample a wide range of food. You loved cooked spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and any type of meat the most over anything else. You loved having meals with your brothers, and often laughed in glee as they offered you their food.

You sport toothless mouth as you giggle, coo, and scream. Dr. Karbon said that she has not seen any teeth about to erupt yet. Mama isn't worried. You boys are late teethers! She is not expecting to see a tooth closer to a year. You are a screamer. You scream when you are frustrated, when you are excited, or when you are tired. It's your favorite mode of getting attention!

Much to Mama's delight, you have started sleeping through the night. Yes, my dear Mr. Fantastic Fox, what an accomplishment! You sleep from your bedtime until 1 am, or 2 am, then wake up to nurse, and go back to sleep until Mama comes in the morning to wake you up. You are also napping like a champ. You sleep for 2 hours to 2 hours and half in the afternoons. Mama is definitely doing a celebratory dance around the house. The terrible sleep has become a thing of the past...*knocks on the wood*.

You're still nursing, even though the nursing sessions are gradually being dropped, and you're no longer as interested as you used to be. You are always distracted, and wanting to focus on something else other than nursing. Mama isn't very worried; you are getting plenty of nutrition by eating meals, and snacks as well as being supplemented by nursing. Mama is hoping that the weaning process will be easy for you, because she has a goal of you being completely weaned by the time you turn 12-13 months old. 

Daddy had to lower your crib mattress, because Mama discovered you standing up in your crib one evening, and ever since, you were very adamant to pull yourself up to try get over the railing! No way Jose! Daddy ended up lowering the crib the following day. You continued to pull yourself up to stand up. However, this time, the top part of the railing was way above your head so you were unable to topple over, and remained safe...and contained!

You are able to crawl off your belly! Because of this, you are constantly on the move. You continue to zoom everywhere rather quickly! You have taught yourself how to climb up the steps. It also didn't help that you had two older brothers cracking up storm laughing, screaming, and encouraging you to follow them up the stairs! Now the adventure of you attempting to explore the rest of the house has begun; you are always getting into everything, and everything is a big adventure for you! You are pulling yourself up to your feet! You are able to cruise on the sofa. You like to grip on anything, then take a few steps. It is not quite "true" steps, but you are getting there! People say that it is a first step toward you learning how to walk. Oh lord. Oh lord. Soon, Mama will have three very ambulatory boys! Who needs a gym when Mama has all three of you?

Earlier in the month, you woke up with a nasty viral rash that left you looking sunburnt! Fortunately, Mama was told that it was a typical reaction to a bad cold, and that you should return back to looking like yourself. Sure enough, by the end of the day; your sunburn rash faded away, and you started to feel better. That was scary though!

You visited Dr. Karbon for your 9-month wellness check recently. You weighed 17 pounds 14 oz, and measured to be at 29 inches tall. You received a last booster of a flu shot, which was something you did not like, and also had your finger pricked for a lead test. Everything else checked out great for you!

You are most comfortable with familiarity, and people you know. When you are around people you don't know very well, you make it known that you no longer want to be in their presence by reaching to Mama. You don't like new situations, and get overwhelmed easily. With some time, you grow okay with the idea, and become more comfortable. It is possible that you might err on the shy side, but it's hard to say, since babies do typically go through this stage between 8-12 months old.

Mama is growing impatient with winter overstaying its welcome. It had not been much of spring these days with a lot of snowing, and freezing rain. Matter of fact, you got to experience your first major historical blizzard that broke records from left to the right! We spent several days snow-bounded, and you boys were quite excited to see all of the snow. Nonetheless, Mama is rather anxious for warmer days to swoop in, and stay for good, then she can start going out for walks with you, and the boys. The boys are always asking to play at a park, and wanting to play outside. Let's hope that spring will arrive very soon?


Daddy, Mama, Forrest, & Franklin