Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fox is ONE Year Old

Dear Fox,

The tradition continues with you as it has with the other two, and your first letter is in the making for you to cherish someday. Daddy and Mama have always known that we wanted a big family. What they did not know is that they will end up with three very rambunctious, loving, sweet, and beautiful boys. We are blessed to have you three in our lives. You each brings an unique factor to our family, and to not have one of you with us most certainly will cause a void. Mama hope you each will come to understand that you are valued, wanted, loved, and cherished. 

Daddy and Mama does not make it a secret that you came after a loss of their third baby. It is their hope that you understand that you are not going to be associated, or shadowed by that experience, and that you are uniquely you. You are not a replacement, or a filler for what is lost. You, and your brothers are gifts. With having said this, you are also shaped by what had happened, and you are our rainbow baby. It goes to show that love, and hope are always going to prevail. After all, you are the living proof of this. You come bearing with a valuable lesson that it is possible to survive a storm, and to be still blessed. 

You are our third living child. You have two older brothers to look up to, and it is in my hope that you three will form an unbreakable bond that will continue long after when Daddy and Mama are gone. Your relationship with them will not going to be perfect, easy, or neat. There will be moments when you may not like them very much, or them you. There will be moments when you may feel that they outshine you. You may feel left behind as they get older, and lose interest in things that you still enjoy. Do know this though, you will always be cheered on, exalted, loved, and supported by all of us. The sibling rivalries will fade away. You are never left behind. You are always kept in front of us with your brothers. You three may end up on different trajectories in your lives, the love and brotherhood you have with each other will be what holds you together.

Forrest made Mama a mother for the first time. They navigated through the murky waters of parenthood together, experienced a lot of firsts, dealt with a lot of tears, trying to adjust to the life of a baby which was hard for someone who was fiercely independent, and to be honest, Mama did not know what she was doing most of the time. Everything was so new, overwhelming, amazing, and beautiful with him.

When Mama went into labor with Franklin, oh, she cried, and cried as she held Forrest against her chest, because she was so worried about losing that unique bond she had with Forrest, and whether she was going to love this baby as much as she loved Forrest. Then Franklin came into the world, and floored her completely, because her heart grew so large with love, and she realized there was no limited capacity of how much you could love someone. Franklin was such a happy, happy baby despite his medical problem, and she gained confidence. She had some idea of what she was doing the second time around with a newborn. Franklin taught her that love had no bounds, and that it just kept growing.

Then, you came along. Mama was not worried about not loving you as much as Mama loved Forrest, and Franklin, because Franklin showed her otherwise. You healed what was missing in our hearts. You anchored us in a midst of a tumultuous storm, and brought a rainbow into our lives. When Mama's heart felt sad, all she had to do was hold you, and all was right once again in my world. Because of this, you three are so special to us.

You're such a cunning, funny, sweet, wild, and loving boy. Mama can see you becoming an imaginative, adventurous, and have a wicked sense of humor. You're going to be an unpredictable one. You are quick witted, and expressive yet you can be broody and serious. You love to scrunch your face, and it is one of the most awesome facial expressions you have. We never know which side we will end up with!

You're never without kisses, and hugs. You're always being picked up, and talked to. Your brothers are beginning to discover how much fun you can be now you're more mobile! I imagine watching you growing up with them, and developing that close bond with them. It is my hope that you continue to foster that relationship with them, and keep your brothers connected with you.

Dr. Karbon gave you a clean bill of health. You measured to be 31 inches tall, and weighed at 18 pounds! Mama called you her Bean pole! She was not used to having such a thin baby, but Dr. Karbon assured her that all was well with you! You hadn't begun to walk on your own, and showed no interest in doing so. She diagnosed you with eczema, and suggested cutting out cow milk to see if it helped your skin to clear up. At this point, Mama was an old pro in handling with food sensitivities, and had no problem switching over to almond milk. All left she had to do was finding the right management for your skin to remain clear.

Fear not, it will happen when you are good and ready. It can happen any time between now until 18 months. You still sport a gummy mouth with no hint of tooth on the horizon! Mama is told that you can get your first tooth at age of two! She certainly most hope not, because then it would be harder on you to deal with pain.

You are so chill. You are happy to go along with everybody. You're perfectly content to just sit on Mama's or Daddy's lap, and watch the world go by you. Your only requirement is that you get to be a part of the flurries during the day. Once in every while, you will throw a fit, and be upset about missing out life. You love your older brothers so much, and to see you being upset by how they handle you is very rare. If you are being tripped over, picked up, held funny, or dragged around, then you just laugh, and want more of it! Mama suppose with you being a third child, you just have to take life's knocks, and see a humor in it!

Mama and Daddy are looking forward so much to watching you grow up into a little person in the following days yet to come.


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, & Franklin