Saturday, March 30, 2019

Expanding Once Again

The Russ Family is once again expanding! It is such an exciting moment to finally let out our long-kept secret to the rest of the world. Our fifth pregnancy is perfectly summed up by this: While we wanted another baby to perfectly compliment our family, we thought it would be something that would happen in a while from now, and God looked at us, then He laughed. 

I found out quite early on. I just had a feeling. After all, it was not my first rodeo! I decided to test. It was negative. I let it go, and went on with my life. Then I decided to test again, because I had an odd symptom that threw a curveball at me, and to our surprise, it was positive. 

Baby number 5. It is a bit sad to go into my appointment, and be reminded that this is my fifth pregnancy, but with only three beautiful kids to show for it. Mind you, I have long since come to a different place from our loss, and our rainbow toddler has definitely healed so much of the hurt caused by the loss of our precious third baby. Nonetheless, it is still a bit jarring emotionally to be reminded of how fragile a life is. I admit that it has been difficult to feel attached with this baby during the first trimester. I pretty much lived with this mantra of "don't think about it, don't dwell about it, don't wonder, don't hope, don't anything really. Just know this: You are pregnant today." 

Stu and I looked at each other, then looked around at our cosy home, and knew it was time to sell our house. We were outgrowing our home. The idea of putting up the boys in the fourth bedroom on the third floor did not really appeal to me. I wanted all kids' bedrooms to be on the same floor. Perhaps it was a Deaf mom thing, or just a mom thing. On top of this, our living space was not large enough for four active small people, and two adults! Stu and I found a perfect home, and the owners were excited to sell it to us. We put our house up on the market, and quickly found the potential buyers to put in an offer on our home. We hoped that everything worked out on their end by May first in order to officially start the offer process.  

In the meanwhile, I had to go on progesterone treatment once again, which I really didn't like, because the discharge would bleed red, and it was just so stressful to see the reddish discharge every morning. I had to remind myself that it was the medication. However, at the same time, I was grateful for modern medical advancements such as this to help me to maintain my pregnancy while the placenta grew, and became more self-reliant. By the end of the first trimester, I gleefully said good bye to the progesterone suppositories. 

This pregnancy did not feel any different from my previous ones. The only major symptom I constantly struggled with was an extreme fatigue, which was something I had not experienced in my previous pregnancies. It was quite awful. I felt I was living in a fog, walking through a haze, and doing things required me to give myself a pep talk constantly. Simply getting off the couch was like pulling a tooth out of my mouth. The fatigue was beyond ridiculous. Thankfully, the fog slowly lifted, and my energy slowly returned. I was able to take up one of my favorite pastime activities, crocheting once again! If it was not for my extreme fatigue, my pregnancy was pretty comfortable at the best with some nausea that came and went. Nausea was the worst at the beginning of the week, and dissipated by the end of the week. It became very cyclical, which helped me to brace for the nausea by stocking up on crackers, and water. As my pregnancy progressed, nausea became my constant companion. Instead of it being awful and made me feel gross, it was just there, and remained even with snacking throughout the day. I learned to live with it. 

Running also helped immensely. I decided not to give up on exercising with this pregnancy, and was determined to continue with what I began prior my pregnancy. My doctor gave me a seal of approval, and told me to go ahead! 

I didn't have very many aversions, if even any. I just did not like strong, or bad smells, because it set off my nausea. Aside from that, it was almost an non-issue. My cravings consisted of Cracker Barrel Mac and Cheese, cheese and crackers, ice cream, and a bit of sweet food. Basically, this baby was all about dairy, and sweets! I cannot get enough of Mac and Cheese, I tell you. 


At our 8-week scan, we were thrilled to see a tiny heart flicker on the screen, and I breathed a deep sigh of relief, but felt like I was not quite out of the woods just yet. I viewed the end of the first trimester as a cross line from the dark woods into the light, and to finally be able to feel more secure with my pregnancy. I was given two due dates: September 28th, and October 1st. The technician decided to go with the first of October since it was based on my cycle rather than the baby's measurement itself. I was secretly thrilled to have a fall baby! I felt that I had my kids in all of the seasons of the year: Forrest was our summer baby, Fox was our late spring baby, and Franklin was our winter baby. Then this one was going to be our fall baby! 

Our NT scan rolled around. Dr. J confirmed that the baby was definitely healthy, and that he saw nothing wrong with the baby. What a relief! I had a first trimester screening blood test taken, and was told that I would get the result in a couple weeks from the scan. We decided to tell our older boys about the baby by giving them gifts. Forrest was thrilled! Franklin and Fox both seemed to have it go over their heads, however, I had a feeling that Franklin was going to catch on eventually as my belly grew. As for Fox, it was probably not going to be something he would understand throughout my pregnancy, and that was okay with me. After all, he was a bit too young yet! 

Forrest has been a wonderful big brother by speaking softly to my belly, giving my belly hugs, and kisses. Of course, it helps that he already has a lot of experience of being a biggest brother! Franklin, perhaps more of mimicking Forrest than out of self desire, has been doing the same. Forrest has an idea of the baby's gender, and has been telling us quite adamantly that he was correct with his prediction. I smile every time when he insists, and tells him that it is something we would have to wait until May to find out. 

This year is definitely going to be an adventurous year with moving into a new home, adding our last baby to the family, and going on small vacations throughout the summer. 2019 is going to be a very exciting, and fun year for us! 

Baby Russ due October 1st! 


How Far Along: Week 13! According to plethora of websites, I am either in second trimester now, or will be entering second trimester next week. I've settled for 13.5 to feel like I am officially in the second trimester! 

I am Feeling: Tired. Fatigue is unreal, and extremely annoying, because I have so much to do, and I can't afford to be tired. HOWEVER, there is a light at the of the tunnel. I've found that I am getting some of my energy back, and I'm not walking through haze so much anymore. My nausea comes and goes. It is a lot more manageable when I work out though! I am not sure why it is that, but hey, I like that. Heartburn comes and goes. It is a symptom I'm VERY USED to having with each of my pregnancy. I think it is because I'm too stubborn to give up my spicy food. 

Movement: I don't have any movements. It is still early on, and it is possible that this one is not as active as how Fox was. I'm going to ask Dr. J on Wednesday if my placenta is anterior or posterior. It will play a big role with feeling the baby's movements. 

What Do I Miss the Most: My energy. No kidding. 

Cravings: Unchanged. I like ice cream, cheese, and all that delicious stuff, even though my intestines is not a fan of it. 

Aversions: I really don't have any. Just nausea that accompanies with eating, or not eating. That seems to be my main symptom. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing our little one on the scan, announcing our pregnancy to our family, and making a Facebook debut! 

Looking Forward To: Hearing the good news about the potential buyers' selling their home in order to order their offer on our home. It would be amazing!! I know it might take a while. After all, we did give them until the first of May to be able to officially close their offer. I am just so anxious to be able to start packing, and possibly moving next month! Fingers crossed. Finally ending the progesterone treatment. I'm so ready for that part to be done!! 

Next Appointment/Updates: The next appointment is on April 24th at 9:00 am. I'm hoping to get the first trimester screening before then. So we would know that our baby is completely healthy and well. Based on the NT scan, the baby looks really good, and it would be great if the tests matches up with what Dr. J had seen on the scan. Then after that, anatomy scan!!! 


How Far Along: 12 weeks.

I am feeling: The fatigue is kicking my butt with this pregnancy. I haven't experienced this kind of fatigue with my previous pregnancies. I suspect it is because I'm older, have three boys to chase after, and we have a lot of happenings in our lives right now. As result of that, I am always wanting to take a nap, or to just do nothing. I am hoping that my energy will be restored so I can get back at crocheting! 

Movement: None as at this moment. I'm experiencing a lot of round ligament pain. Otherwise, all is quiet.

Gender: I don't have a strong feel with this pregnancy yet, but I am strongly leaning to Team Blue! 

What do I miss the most: My energy level! I need it back, especially with three boys to look after. They have been sick lately with a bad cold, and high fever. Because of this, I haven't been getting a lot of sleep. 

Cravings: ICE CREAM. It's always ice cream, and cheese. I can't get enough of either in this pregnancy.

Aversions: I don't really have any food aversions. I find that I am queasy from time to time, and combat with a lot of fatigue more than dealing with food aversions. It's very similar with my previous pregnancies. 

Best Moments of the week: Getting an offer in for our home! How exciting that is! It is one step closer to being able to move into our new, bigger home, and finally be able to prepare for the baby.

Looking Forward to: Making an announcement about our pregnancy, letting our boys know that they will be big brothers once again...albeit for a last time though! It will be fun to have them be on with it with our secret! 

Big News: We are selling our house, which is super stressful in itself, and we do have a new home lined up. I'm so excited about the fact that all four bedrooms will be on the same floor! It's a big thing for me. 2019 is truly a big year in term of having a new baby, and moving into a new home! We also had a 8 weeks scan, and the baby looks great. I have two due dates, which are September 28th and October 1st, but the 1st is my official due date. The baby is measuring a couple days ahead. I have a strong feeling that this little one will be arriving in September instead! I'm quite excited to have an autumn baby.

Next Appointment/Updates: March 27th at 8 am with Dr. J for NT scan, and first trimester screening! I'm currently on progesterone suppositories, and must continue this until 14 weeks. By then, the placenta should be fully functional, and I won't need the medication anymore. I can't wait!