Sunday, April 14, 2019


How Far Along: 16 weeks! 

I am Feeling: Tired, stressed, anxious, happy, and excited. It is a plethora of emotions. It has been a tough week recently. I had a recent doctor appointment that resulted me needing a breast ultrasound, and thankfully, the result came back clear. The radiologist suspected that the tissue was thickening, and the milk ducts were developing due to the pregnancy. Then I received my first trimester screening result, which required some changes with my appointment, and that made me emotional. On top of this, we have been extremely busy with packing, and getting ready for the move in two weeks and half. I'm experiencing a lot of aches in my hip, and stretching from the baby's growth. 

Movements: I have been feeling lightest movements from time to time. I think it is most likely the baby. It feels like sliding sensation against my belly. It's an interesting feeling. 

What do I miss the Most: Stability with my emotions, and the situations we have been in. I just want to be done with the chaos, and settle in already. 

Cravings: Still the same old with sweets, and Mac n Cheese. 

Aversions: Garlic, and certain spices make my stomach turn a bit. I don't have very many aversions. Just dealing with nausea after eating. It's annoying, but it is what it is. 

Best Moments of the Week: We were blessed to get some food, and a frozen meal from a family friend to help us to have one less thing to worry about during the moving process! That was so super helpful, and it definitely eased some load on our shoulders. Getting to feel the baby's heartbeat on the fetal doppler. Knowing we were done with both crawlspace and garage--they were two very large jobs that we were dreading, and we got it done! It felt good to purge of unnecessary things, and be able to have things that mattered to us to be moved to the new home. 

Looking Forward to: Moving! I'm so, so excited to be moving into a bigger home. I'm also excited for Easter this coming weekend, because it means I get to meet our newest member of the family, baby Alice! I've been dying to meet her since she came into the world last October. So excited!!! 

Next Appointment/Update: I ended up having to reschedule our anatomy scan, which was sad, but it was necessary. Because of the test result I got from the first trimester screening, I had to be referred out to a high risk specialist, and meet with him for our anatomy scan. From what I understood, the baby was in a good health, and there was no defects to be worried about. However, the concern was about the baby's growth, and because of that, I needed to be monitored more closely. It meant non-stress tests starting at 32 weeks, and more growth scans in the third trimester. From what I had been reading, this was not a major concern, since my numbers weren't way off, and it probably most likely meant I was going to end up with a smaller baby weight-wise. My appointment remained on 7th with Dr. Mbah for a routine check up, and the anatomy scan got moved to May 14th at 1 pm. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Week 15

How Far Along: Week 15!! 

I am Feeling: Tired, overwhelmed, gratitude, proud, excited, weepy, and anxious. It's a mixture of emotions. 

Movements: I am constantly guessing, is this the baby, or gas? Oh gas. Wait, baby? It is difficult to discern exactly what is what. I've been feeling almost like brush-like strokes to little pops. 

What do I miss the most: A sense of calm. I always worry about this baby about whether the baby is thriving, and doing well. I'm stressed about the move. It is not a bad kind stress, but you know, just one of those things. It's always overwhelming to pack up everything, and try to take care of the older kids in the midst of chaos. 

Cravings: Strawberry-cranberry shakes, salad, chicken everything, and MAC N CHEESE. This baby cannot seem to get enough of Parmesan white mac n cheese. I am always wanting something sweet too. 

Aversions: I've discovered that this baby does not like steak at all. It is too rich for my stomach. Definitely not a fan of rich meat. I am indifferent to other types of red meat, yet I find myself finding something else to eat. 

Best Moments of the week: Our potential buyers sold their home, and will be closing on their house this week. It means that this month is going to be rather hectic with packing, and purging! We are moving into our new home during the first week of May. I'm so excited, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and happy all at once! Between Stu and I, while juggling three kids, managed to empty our crawlspace, which is a HUGE feast. We also purged so much of stuff that we have held on to those years, and do not need (after all, they are just sitting there). It feels really good to minimize things we have, and save meaningful things. Scheduling an anatomy scan for May 7th at 1 pm! 

Looking Forward To: Purging our stuff while packing is always the best. I like doing this, and minimizing what we have. I am ready for our next big assignment, our garage, and do the same thing as we have done with our crawlspace. This will be next week. I also need to convert Franklin's 5 point harness car booster into a plain high back booster. It is time for Franklin to make that next step! 

Next Appointment/Updates: May 7th at 1 pm. It is our anatomy scan! Yay! I ended up having an earlier appointment, and because of that, the office cancelled my April 27th one. They went ahead and booked the anatomy scan. Hoping for a healthy baby! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


How Far Along: 14 weeks!

I am Feeling: Pretty good. My energy is returning, so I am able to function more normally these days. I still struggle with nausea. It is very cyclical. It comes and goes. I've just learned to live with it. I find that I am more weepy as well. 

Movement: I am not completely certain if it's the baby, or the gas. Sometimes during the middle of night, I thought I felt a little burp, but it was hard to tell. 

Gender: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, and oh....we are waiting to confirm at the anatomy scan. The doctor was pretty sure of the gender, however, we needed to double check to see if his guess is correct. In the meanwhile, I suppose this means rest of you have to wait to find out! 

What Do I Miss the Most: I think being carefree during the pregnancy. I worry a lot post-miscarriage. You'd think with subsequent pregnancies, you'd feel more at ease, and carefree, but in my case, it is almost reversed. It is carefree with Forrest and Franklin, then with Fox and this baby, I worry more. I suppose it is because I realize how fragile life can be. 

Cravings: Still the same. Mac and cheese. It's my major craving. I could eat it every day if I can!

Aversions: Terrible smells. While this doesn't interpret as a true aversion, I have no desire for a hamburger. I usually craved for those with my boys.

Best Moments of the Week: Finding a stuffed Llama. It seems trivial to many, but to me, that is my sign for this baby that all is well. With each boy, there is a "sign" with them, and it is assuring to see those little signs up and around me. Starting my pregnancy journal, and baby book on Shutterfly. It's one of my favorite projects to do. Buying Easter stuffers for the boys, and making plans for Easter. 

Looking Forward to: Being Week 15! 

Next Appointment/Updates: Wednesday April 24th. I am hoping to convince my mom to come with me to this appointment. I think she would really enjoy listening the baby's heartbeat, but it depends on her plan during that week though!