Tuesday, July 30, 2019


How Far Along: 30 weeks! OMG, OMG. 10 more weeks!!! I will probably be going OMG OMG, we are in single digits by next week, but as for now, I'm going to just rejoice that we are 10 weeks away from meeting our Baby Girl. 

I am Feeling: It is funny. When I was pregnant with Fox, I was worried about being outnumbered, and trying to balance 3 kids. Now? It's as if we are shrugging, and saying, what's one more? I don't feel intimidated by adding a 4th baby into our family. I know that it will be an adjustment at first, because we all need to find that happy medium with a routine. Pumpkin will be arriving right at the cusp of school year, and it is kind of a crazy time of the year with the holidays thrown in too. I'm not worried, because Stu is an amazing partner, and we are discussing about having him take over school duties in the beginning. With this pregnancy, I feel more excited than I am nervous. Of course, I am a bit apprehensive about changes coming, and how our kids will adjust. I think that is always a given. I'm nervous about trying to figure out childcare while I am in hospital. I think once we have that figured out, I probably will feel a bit better? Just a lot of excitement, nervousness, and anticipation. 

Movements: Stretches, and rolling are what all Pumpkin does. Like I had mentioned, it can be painful at times, and takes my breath away. Like baby girl, quit it!! Other than that, it's a wonderful feeling to experience this. 

Symptoms: I'm always peeing, and drinking water. It's never-ending cycle. With this terrible heat wave, I find that I need to drink a lot of water, but that means a lot of trips to the bathroom. I'm also dealing with a bad constipation, due to Pumpkin growing bigger, and squishing everything inside. My ligaments are loosening up. I find that I roll my ankles a lot! Not a fun feeling to deal with. My hips hurt. My back hurts. I'm tired. I'm having a hard time walking up a long flight of stairs. The heat sucks. Just feeling very pregnant! 

Labor Signs: BH contractions happen a lot these days, but I know it's harmless, and I am not worried. Pumpkin is still grooving and growing! 

Best Moments of the week: Visiting Dubuque, IA, meeting family members from Dad's side of family, spending time with our kids and family, and sightseeing! It was so much fun! Even though it left me with a vacation hangover for a couple days after! 

Looking Forward To: Being week 31! Family reunion with Stu's mom's side of family. We have it every year, and it's great seeing everybody there. 

Next Appointment: Tuesday August 6th at 1:40 PM. It's my FIRST non-stress test appointment. I am not sure what to expect. I am told it will be between 30-60 minutes. I think I will bring my crocheting stuff, and pass my time that way. 

Friday, July 19, 2019


How Far Along: Week 29! It's getting exciting to approach the big 1-0! Give one or take a week. I have a feeling Pumpkin will be here early by a few days before her due date. 

I am Feeling: Rested. My older two are gone at camp grandma for the week, and it's just Fox. It takes back to the days when I was pregnant with Forrest/Franklin. It is funny, because I keep thinking, gosh one kid is nothing. I remember when I had Forrest, and I lamented how hard it was, ha ha. No child, not at all. 

Movements: The movements have changed. She no longer kicks or punches, but rather stretches out, or rolls a lot. I feel a lot of movements near my hip/pelvis. I am really hoping it is a sign that she is head down. It would make me so happy if she is finally in the correct position. It is one less worry! Anyway, her stretches can be pretty painful. I tend to try move her out of position when that happens. 

Symptoms: Ugh, pregnancy insomnia is so terrible. I can't seem to get a full night of sleep anymore, and the heat isn't really helping. We do have central air in our home, but our upstairs don't always get cold. I get nauseous a lot. It reminds me of what I dealt with in the first trimester, but in a lesser degree. It's not as incapacitating. Just annoying. My sciatica and hips hurt if I don't walk. If I walk, then the pain is definitely a lot less, or not there. Because of that, I try to walk everyday. 

Labor Signs: Just growing. She's doing good in her home. I get BH contractions when I don't drink enough water, or if I'm not cool enough. Aside from that, it is all good. 

Best Moments of the Week: Spending time with just Fox has been really nice! I laundered Baby Girl's clothes, and put them away. So it felt good to have that taken care of! I was blown away by HOW MUCH clothes she had already. I did pull out my boys' newborn clothes just in case...only to discover that it was not needed. I decided to put it aside anyway...for a rainy day. It felt good to take care of that. I also started compiling a list for a hospital bag, because I ordered a CUTE bag for Pumpkin, and I decided that as soon as I got it, then I was going to pack her bag--most likely in early August! Getting our boys back! I've missed them so much!

Looking Forward To: Our trip next week to Iowa. I am really excited to be meeting more of my dad's side of family, and getting to know people. I'm also excited to be sightseeing with the boys, and Stu. It will be fun! I'm looking forward to having my check up on Tuesday. 

Next Appointment: I am seeing a midwife on Tuesday July 23rd at 10:30 am. I am intrigued to be meeting with a midwife? She's not my doctor, and she happens to be affiliated with the clinic. My regular OB can't see me that day, since she is out doing her rounds, and a midwife will be stepping in to do the appointment for me. She's also a wife of my high risk doctor! So it will be interesting to see what her approach is, and what she is all about. 

Update: I noticed on my chart from the last appointment summary that our baby girl was measuring a bit big. So I asked my doctor about it, and she explained that baby Girl was not quite in the area of becoming diagnosed with being a big baby, but rather she will be monitored. It was funny, because I went from being told that she may be a tiny baby to now a big baby girl? We will see! 

Thursday, July 11, 2019


How Far Along: 28 weeks! We are officially in the third trimester! It's hard to believe that I'm in my 7th month of pregnancy, and that we only have three months left? Whoa!

I am Feeling: Pretty good. I'm excited to be in third trimester! There is a lot of fun activities coming up this month, and I am pumped about those activities. It will be a fun month! 

Movements: You bet that Pumpkin is a crazy one. She changes her positions all of the time. I can't tell if she's a breech anymore, or if she's just chilling at where she is. Pumpkin's position changes the shape of my belly quite often. Some days I look bigger, and some days I look smaller, because of how Pumpkin decides to hang out. 

Symptoms: I'm dealing with a bad bout of insomina. It's so annoying. I know I will be dealing with sleep deprivation once Pumpkin gets here, so why start now?! I hate this. My round ligament muscles get sore sometimes, because of how Pumpkin positions herself, and I have to nudge her out of that spot by pushing her out of it. I still experience nausea from time to time. A lot of heartburn! I'm stubborn though, and eat a lot of spicy stuff. I'm sure that contributes to my heartburn. It also doesn't help that Pumpkin LOVES LOVES Mexican food. I'm always wanting that for dinner these days. 

Labor Signs: Baking is all what Pumpkin does. She's fattening up, and getting more squishy as the weeks go by. So grow little one grow! 

Best Moments of the Week: Stranger Things season 3 has premiered! So Stu and I have been watching that--slowly, but surely, we are. Finding out Fox's stats at his 2 year wellness check. Everything looks great with him. Yay! Setting up plans with my mom for camp grandma for the older two (it's more of them being excited that makes me happy), knowing that I'm pretty much set with food for Iowa trip (I may have overpacked, but better too much than not, right), being in third trimester, feeling Pumpkin's heart rate on the fetal doppler (Fox had fun holding the doppler at the doctor office), and enjoying the summer weather. 

Looking Forward To: Spending time with just Stu and Fox next week while the older two goes to Camp Grandma for a week. I think that will be good for Fox to have one on one time with us. I'm excited for us to go to Iowa for the family reunion. That will be fun! I'm loving the idea of car trip, but hopefully, the boys can handle it. 

Next Appointment: July 23rd. It's a regular check-up appointment. 

Update: I am starting my appointments every 2 weeks now! It is exciting to be in this part of my pregnancy. At the same time, it's kind of sad, because this is my last pregnancy, and it's going by so FAST. I am also starting NST (non-stress test) on August 6th, and will be having them pretty much for every of my appointment until Pumpkin is born. I have all of my appointments scheduled for this month as well as for the month of August. It's surreal to see the doctor appointments written down on my calendar book, because it means that I am truly in a home stretch. I have gotten my result back regarding my itching, and my liver bile count is ridiculously normal. I guess I am just an itchy pregnant lady at the night. I think it is just my Psoriasis acting up. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


How Far Along: 27 weeks! It's hard to believe that this is the last week of second trimester. It's flying by so fast!!! 

I am Feeling: Alright. I find that I prefer to chill inside a lot with this heat going on, but I do enjoy sitting outside with the boys playing in their splash pad for a while to just feel sun on my face. 

Movements: Pumpkin goes through a familiar cycle. She has a couple days where she's super active, then a full day of being more relaxed and sleeping a lot (I call those her lazy days), and she's back at it! I try not to worry during her lazy days, and assure myself that as long as she moves consistently, then I'm going to do my best to relax. 

Symptoms: Heartburn is still ever-present, and it is causing me to have a sore throat. I have discovered that drinking root beer soda helps to abate the heartburn! I'm not a fan of drinking soda, and I usually drink a bit, then have Stu finish it off for me. It does help, so I'm not going to turn my nose up to it. I think it has something to do with neutralizing the acid. 

Labor Signs: None. 

Best Moments of the Week: Forrest felt Pumpkin move for the first time! It is such a cool experience, because he's at this age where he understands what it means, and he gets so excited. It is definitely a wonderful moment, and I loved every minute of it. 

Looking Forward to: Being in third trimester! 

Next appointment: July 10th at 10 am.