Saturday, January 25, 2020

Fiona is FOUR Months Old

Dear Fiona, 

You are FOUR months old. 

You've officially left the fourth trimester. Long behind you are the days of infancy, and off into the babyhood. It is a bit bittersweet to know that there are no more infants to be carried in Mama's arms...well, that is until then grandchildren, or other babies being born into the family! 

There was so many January happenings! You introduced 2020 by waking up two hours after midnight for your nightly feeding, and it was a perfect way to start the new year; just you and Mama together enjoying solitude while the world slept.

You met your Great-Gramma, Bernice, for the first time. You were wonderful for her, and she loved having you there! It was always a pleasure to visit Gramma Bernice, and Mama felt so blessed for you to have finally met her. Mama had always stressed on the importance of having grandparents, and great-grandparents in our lives, and to cherish them. It certainly brought her happiness that you and your brothers have such strong relationships with your grandparents as well as great-grandparent. 

You had your first scary experience with illness. One night early in January, you had to be whisked to the hospital, because you developed a high fever, and a terrible wheezing. Because Mama and Daddy did not have your weight confirmed by Dr. Karbon, it was difficult to know the dose of medication to manage your fever, and Mama was told to try manage your fever with non-medical approaches. It did not quite pan out too well. Worried about you, Mama and Daddy wanted you to be seen right away, and it was a good thing they did! The whole ordeal was not so bad with an exception of a baby x-ray contraption you had to be placed inside of in order to have your chest x-rayed. It looked like a medieval torture item, and you sure did not like it very much. Poor thing, you! You got diagnosed with RSV, and in layman's term, it was just a bad cold. You were weighed accordingly, and gave the proper dosage to manage your fever. Your weigh clocked at 11 pounds 14 ounces. What a tiny lady you were! In the weeks after, you slowly recovered, and was able to nurse better. It made Mama feel better, because that way you received more antibodies from the breastmilk, to gain more weight, and stayed hydrated. 

Despite your slow weight gain, you are quickly growing into an infant, and becoming more robust! You are now in size 2 diapers, and Mama loves Hello Bello brand for you; mainly because they have cute designs, are good for the environment (biodegradable and plant based), and does not irritate your bum. You poop so much sometimes! You can poop up to 5 times in such short time period, and it cracks up your brothers that something so small like you can produce so much poop! Sometimes, you have insane blow-outs, and manage to get poop ALL.OVER.YOUR.BODY. Your brothers think this is incredibly funny, and always scream about how you are turning into a PO-PO monster. While the language use is probably not the best, it sure does make Mama laugh, and it is great to see that you bring so much joy to your brothers (even with poop). 

You're finally done with 0-3 and 3 months clothes set. It does make Mama sad to have to put those away, knowing that you are bigger and older than you were before, and there won't be any more babies after you. It comes with a sense of finality, knowing that this chapter is slowly ending, and it is rather bittersweet. Having said this, Mama is also happy to see how you are growing, and staying healthy. You don't fit in 6 months clothes very well, and that is okay, because you will grow into them. In the meanwhile, it is better to have clothes to be a bit loose, and comfortable on you than trying to squeeze in clothes that don't fit, and don't feels comfortable, right? Mama also feels very blessed that she has been given so much clothes for you to wear, and there is not too much she has to buy. It is wonderful to have kind people to think of you, and to be thankful for what is given to us. It means you are loved, and cared for!

You are determined to be able to roll over, and sit up. You are able to roll onto your side, and have been able to do so since you were born. You prefer to sleep on your side instead of your back (just like how your brothers were). However, during your tummy time, you are still fighting it, and not liking it. You get frustrated easily, and scream out of anger. Mama has to tell herself not to always rescue you, because you do need to learn to strengthen yourself in order to hit other milestones. It is not to say that you are left on your belly constantly while you are angry. It is that you stay on your belly for a few minutes instead of being picked up at the very moment when you are losing your mind. You're gradually getting stronger. Mama notice that you desperately want to sit up, because you're always doing the sit ups! Hey, you will end up with strong abs from doing this! While you despite tummy time, you LOVE your gym mat, and enjoy grabbing at things dangling above you. It is rather endearing to watch you play. 

You are still dealing with acid reflux. It is much better than it is before. You dribble, and spit up, however, you don't seem to be in much pain anymore. It is what matters...for you to not suffer, and be cranky as result. Weight gain is still a challenge for you, because of this, but you are slowly filling out, and Dr. Karbon feel you're on the right track of growth. Medication appears to be helping you a lot! Until you are ready to be weaned off medication, you will be sticking to it, since it appears to be beneficial for you. 

With some hiccups along the way, you are nursing like a champ. On some nights, you nurse more than others.  You haven't been sleeping your best in the past few nights. Mama isn't sure if you are entering a sleep regression, which is as to be expected as you are entering the 4th month and sleep regression is common during this time. A small price to pay in lieu of having you in our lives! This won't last can only hope! Each baby is so different when it comes to development in their lives! Lack of sleep is just temporary in a great scheme of things. 

You are beginning to have set nap times. You like to nap between 9-11 am, 1-3, and 5-6 pm. Then we slowly wind down for the bed time routine by bathing, playing, and hanging out until 8-8:30 pm, and you finally fall asleep after nursing. Mama is thinking about starting a transition process for you to sleep in your crib during your nap time to help you sleep better through the craziness in the house, however, she will need to find a better baby monitor system to keep eye on you and fox both before she is ready to transition you. 

You've been trying several different pacifiers, because you are getting older, and your baby soothers are reaching their recommendation for age limitation. However, you have not been taking those well. Mama suspects it is because you have a small mouth, and it just means you will be sticking with baby soothers a bit longer with monitoring to see when you are ready to level up. It is just a proof in how each baby differ when it comes to developmental stages, even among siblings, and it is always keeping Mama on toes! 

You are still sleeping in your bassinet next to Mama's and Daddy's bed. You haven't met the weight requirement, and haven't rolled over. Once you roll over, or meet the maximum weight limit, then Mama will have to accept that it's time to transition you to the crib. Hopefully, that is at least a couple months away yet; more ideally between five to six months old, and then she will be more willing to let you go. The idea of separating you from Mama makes her anxious (this is nothing new; she has gone through the same thing with your brothers, because it is a big step from having you so close to her all of the time to being "far away" from her). 

Mama, Daddy, and the boys are looking forward to what brings to you in the next month yet to come. You're such a joy, and blessing to our family.


Mama, Daddy, and the boys 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Fiona is THREE Months Old

Dear Fiona,

You are THREE months old. You are approaching to the end of fourth trimester. You are now an infant instead of a newborn. Your vision is sharpening, and you are able to see things in color. So anything that are brightly colored attracts your attention the most! You love hearing people's voices, especially your brothers', Daddy, and Mama. You are starting to look like a squishy baby with your cheeks! You love to blow bubbles, which is pretty funny, and for some reason, it entertains your brothers when you do this. 

You had your 2-month old wellness check. Initially, you had a bit of trouble gaining weight, and was put in fifteenth percentile for weight. Dr. Karbon felt that it was a result of your reflux, and prescribed you a medication. My, there was a bit of disruption regarding your medication, because there was a recall, and it took a couple days for a replacement to be put in its stead. Once you went on your reflux medication, you bloomed into a completely different baby!

You are getting stronger with every passing day. You still dislike tummy time, and protest it as much as possible. You struggle to lift your head when you are flat on your stomach, but with a help from a boppy pillow, you are able to lift your neck like a boss! You enjoy looking around when you are being babyworn, which is most frequently while when Mama is cooking dinner, because your witching hour peaks around that time. You love riding in a ring sling, and see a changing environment around you.

Your newborn acne as well as cradle cap have mostly gone away. Now there is just a little remainder of cradle cap on your eyebrows. Mama has been putting a bit of Aquaphor lotion on your eyebrows, and it usually takes care of that! You don't enjoy having lotion put on you though, and protest loudly when that happens. Mama thinks you don't like the coldness of the lotion being slathered on your skin after a warm bath.

You became no longer colicky. You started smiling, and cooing. Your stomach did not rumble angrily, and you grew content. Your nursing sessions went on longer. The whole family felt like they finally could breath, and relax with you being happier. You returned in a week for a second weight in check, and you gained half of a pound! That was with the help of your medication! Thank goodness for medical advancements to allow babies become healthier, and happier, right? You also received your 2-month vaccines, and handled it well. Mama felt better with knowing you were more protected against diseases out there, and to help promote herd immunity for those with frail immune system.

You are still nursing well. You nurse between 8 to 11 times in 24 hours period. You nurse only once during the night, usually between 3-4 am. It is not very often when you wake up frequently during the night, and if you do, then it is either because you are unwell, or going through a growth spurt. Speaking about sleeping, you have transitioned completely into a sleep sack, and with some adjusting, you had no trouble with your sleep sack, because you usually liked to sleep with your arms up instead of pinned down anyway! You prefer being on a warmer side than not, and you like being layered up under your sleep sack. You appear to be comfortable, and happy. You have discovered your hands, and you like chewing on them!

You are alert, and absorbing the world around you. You recognize your brothers' voices, and smile at them. You coo when Daddy picks you up. You track Mama with intensity as far as your vision allows you. You still love being babyworn, and prefer snuggling against Mama over laying down by yourself. Speaking about laying down by yourself, you are far more tolerant of being on your back, and doesn't cry anymore. You don't mind being bathed as long as water is slightly warmer than luke-warm, and you're still wrapped inside a towel while being dressed. Then you want to be held immediately after! You are accepting bows, and headbands, much to Mama's glee, and does not protest them anymore! Bows galore! 

You are still in size one diaper, although you're on a verge of outgrowing them, and it is nearly time for you to size up. You are currently in both 0-3 months and 3 months clothes. You're beginning to fill out, and 0-3 may not fit you in the following weeks to come. Your thighs have rolls, and it's just precious! You are a regular pooping machine. You poop so much on some days that puts your brothers to shame! You've peed on Mama several times during diaper changes. So Mama is becoming more proficient at changing your diapers before she gets either pooped or peed on. 

You have finally recovered from your first cold. A lot of nose frida suckage and saline did the trick to clear up mucus. You are able to nurse better, and sleep better at night. Darn colds. At least you are okay for the time being, and this is only but the beginning of many bugs in your life.

You are experiencing your first Christmas. While you may be too young to remember your firsts, it is certainly exciting for your family!

When you visited Santa, you were fascinated by the bright red suit he had on, and you did not mind being held by Santa. Your feeling may change over the time though! As for that moment, it was rather sweet to see you snuggling right into Santa's arms (not pictured on this post though).

Christmas had been so much fun! You met so many new people, and the best of them all were your cousins. There were a lot of pictures taken of you with your cousins. It was neat seeing you next to Archer, because you two were born only two days apart! Family always had been so important to Mama, and she wanted to sense that feeling of togetherness among you kids. Her hope was to have you to be close to your cousins growing up as she had been to hers. You were held, and cuddled by your grandparents, and you got so much clothes! Mama was quite grateful to be set for a while with your clothes.

With 2020 rolling in, it is nice to have memories to be made from your first Christmas, and with people who love you. Daddy and Mama are quite excited to see what 2020 has to bring to you all kids!


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, Franklin, & Fox