Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fiona is FIVE Months Old

Dear Fiona, 

You are FIVE months old.

What? Five months old?! You are quickly approaching your half birthday. Just the other day, Mama had to take a pause to allow a little heartache pass, because time is so fleeting, and it is hard to believe that these months have already gone by. Mama fondly remembers when she held you in her arms, and how she cherished every 7 pounds of you. 

You are now 12 pounds and 8 ounces, and at 25 inches tall. This put you in 15th percentile for your weight, but 80 percentile for your height! Basically, you are tall, and skinny just like your predecessor (Fox). You may have gained some since, but it is hard to say with your colds, and slow weight gain. Your reflux is less, and less these days. Thank goodness! Unfortunately, colds have taken in lieu of your reflux, lending to a lot of snorting and puffing on your behalf, and it only makes us all aspire for spring even more. 

It is frustrating that you are constantly sick. With mild winter, germs have been quite rampant with RSV, flu, gastro viruses, and your plethora dish of winter doldrums. It is scary to see you gag, and cough on mucus. This is stopping Mama from wanting to transition you to your crib. It is a good thing that AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) recommends sharing room with your little one until they're a year old. It gives Mama a bit of wiggle room to keep you in their bedroom a bit longer--just until the winter has passed, then it will be a good time to transition you to your crib. Having said this, Mama is planning on transitioning you to crib for naptime, and establishing nap time schedule next month. She has decided on buying a baby monitor with two cameras to keep eye on both you and Fox, because Fox will be transitioning into a big boy bed! And we all know how sly, and mischievous Fox can be!

You have two big naps a day with a little one right before your bedtime. Your first nap of the day is from 8:30 to 9:30-10:00 am. Then your second nap is usually around 2 PM until 3 or so. Your mini nap is usually around dinnertime, which makes it easier for Mama to whip up dinner for the kids, and be able to nurse you while they are eating. You usually fall asleep by 7:00 pm. If you are kept up past 7 pm, then you take a long time to be able to fall asleep, and get way overtired. You wake up between 12-1 am to nurse, then again at 4-5 am, which is just how your brothers were when they were nursing, and it all appeared to be fairly standard. You get up between 6:15-6:30 am during the weekdays, and between 7-8 am on the weekends. 

You celebrated Mama's 35th birthday by having Daddy treat you two to a dinner! Mama did not want anything special for her birthday, because she got the best gift of all...YOU (along with your brothers). Then you celebrated your cousin's second birthday with the family. You and your brothers wished Gramma TC a happy birthday as well! There was a lot of February birthdays. It definitely helped the late winter blandness not to become overwhelming. After all, winters often overstayed their welcome here in Wisconsin.

Even with long winters, Wisconsin is known to have a few beautiful, teasingly warm days thrown in the mix to prevent many of us from going completely insane. We took advantage of those days by taking long relaxing walks with Beatrice. Mama was not sure who was happier; the dog, or the humans for being outside, and breathing in all of the fresh air! It definitely put everybody in a happier mood. 

You are now in 6 months clothes! You still fit in some 3-6 months set, but it is clear that you are better suited for 6 months set. You have quite chunky thighs, dimply butt, rounded belly, and squeezable cheeks, which all makes you even more adorable! Work it, girl!

You have achieved something exciting. You can roll from your back to stomach...only to not do it again. Forrest has been promoting you to roll over, and he has been engaging with you. Alas, you have no interest, and is more happy to coo back to Forrest than to roll over. You prefer talking, and kicking your legs, You are constantly moving your legs and arms. It can get tiring to watch you, because you will not stop moving. It's rather funny. Yet...you have no interest to actually roll over, or to move forward. You're very content to be sitting up, or laying on your back while kicking up a storm!

You are always chewing on your hands. It is a developmental thing; partly due to a new sensory experience of discovering your hands and realizing they can be fun to chew on, and partly due to pre-teething. Can you imagine that, you teething! Forrest got his first tooth at 7 months old, but Franklin and Fox got their first tooth much later between 12-14 months old. It will be interesting to see which one you follow! 

Mama has been thinking about buying you a baby piano gym. There used to be one in your household before you were born, and it had finally met its demise with Fox, because it was used so many times. Because of how useful it was even throughout toddler years, she has decided you deserved to have one as well.

You love to smile when you are with people you love, especially Forrest, and Mama! You break in the biggest smile when Forrest picks you up, and bounce you on his lap. He often tries to test a bit by walking around with you in his arms, which Mama isn't always a fan of, and he is often reading a book to you. You track Mama with your eyes, and you're always on an outlook for her when you are not with her. You have recently discovered blowing raspberries, and it often results in a soaking wet shirt for you! Mama often changes you, or puts a bib on you. Blowing raspberries is your way of expressing your frustration, and disapproval. It is pretty endearing, and hilarious.

Everybody is looking forward to what month 5 brings to you, sweet fierce Little girl of ours.


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, Franklin, and Fox