Friday, March 27, 2020

Fiona is SIX Months Old

Dear Fiona,

You are SIX months old. The first six months of your life has certainly gone by so quickly, doesn't it? It most certainly does not feel like it has been six months. It is as if you've always been a part of our lives, and it is hard to imagine a life without you in it. 

You are currently experiencing a historical period in your short life. It is a surreal time, and we all are thrown off the curve. There is a major pandemic of CVID-19 virus overtaking the globe, and we are all through a major upheaval of our daily lives. You and your brothers, along Mama and Daddy, are socially distancing, and have put ourselves in a quarantine for the next several weeks. While it is out of norm, Mama is doing her best to maintain some sense of normalcy for you all, especially the older two, since they are most affected by this change. They are no longer attending school in person, and it has been rather a difficult adjustment for them. As for you and Fox, you two really don't understand, and are less impacted by this. If anything, you are most excited to have your favorite person, Forrest, as well as your brothers, to love on you all day long!

While your six month wellness check has been rescheduled, Mama has discovered that you are now 15 pounds, and it doesn't surprise her at all. She has been noticing that you've become more chunky in the past month. You're nursing like a champ! Mama suspect it is because you've outgrown your reflux, and can tolerate bigger portion in your belly. As result, you've been gaining more weight, and you are no longer struggling with reflux pains. However, you're starting to develop a trait, "Fear of Missing Out" aka FOMO, and must nurse in a quiet spot in order for you to get your belly full! Otherwise, you'll snack a bit, and want to participate with whatever is going on!

You are a growing baby! You are now in 6-9 months clothes set. You also went up in a size in your diaper, since you are beginning to experience frequent blow-outs! It is time for Mama to go through your dressers, and sort your clothes. It is always a bit bittersweet to put away your clothes that you've outgrown, and replace them with appropriate size for you.

You are generally a good sleeper with some bouts of irregular sleeping patterns that is related to your health; when you are struck with a cold, you tend to sleep more fitfully and want to nurse frequently, or when you go through growth spurts. You're still sleeping in Mama's and Daddy's bedroom. Mama does not feel comfortable transitioning you to the crib just quite yet with CVID-19 pandemic crisis going on. However, you have transitioned from your Halo bassinet to pack-n-play bassinet! It is much roomier, and also safer for you to sleep in! It is also easier for Mama to nurse you at night when you are still sleeping in their bedroom, especially with Mama not sleeping well in the past couple week (not due to you, but because of scary time happening right now). 

You are a lazy baby with no desire to roll over, or crawl. You've rolled over once, and that is good enough for you. You are happiest when you are being held by either Forrest or Mama. You are constantly moving. You kick, squirm, and wiggle endlessly when you are on someone's lap. It is rare that you are still...that is until you are placed in Daddy's arms, then you're out like a light! There is something magical about being in Daddy's arms; it's a safe, warm, and comforting place for you, and sleep always lulls you there.

You've started to slowly sit up unassisted! It is feasible for you to tripod sit when you have a boppy pillow around you as your back support. You lean forward rather dangerously with a high risk of face-planting, yet you have a biggest smile on your face when you are able to do this! You are not only able to tripod sit, but you are proudly showing off how strong your abs is! You've managed to get into a sitting position several times by doing crunches. You've always preferred being upright than being on your back. Mama suspect it was due to your reflux days, and your slight case of  FOMO. Nonetheless, when you are playing on your jungle gym mat, you love grabbing at your feet, and roll around while holding on to your feet. It's your favorite game, and you squeal happily when you do this!

You don't like to be on your belly for too long. The boys love it when you are on your belly, and scream SUPPPPERRR BABY, because you've positioned yourself in the superman posture every time. You tolerate being on your belly for at most around five minutes, then you demand to be moved, yet you won't roll over to get out of that predicament! Silly you, our little darling.

While CVID19 may disrupt so many things in our lives, but it has not taken away the small freedom of walking around at a safe distance from others. You still enjoy being babyworn in your ring sling, or ergo carrier,  and you love going out when we are able to. You love the fresh air, and being able to look around you. It is a small blessing to be able to go out with Bea, walk, and escape the confines of being inside all day long. Mama is looking forward to warmer days ahead, and take you kids for a nature walk in the woods. 

You love baths. You recognize the sign, BATH, and you burst into a big smile. Then you kick up a storm as Mama undresses you. You are not necessarily a fan of being naked, but you accept it when you know it's BATH TIME. You enjoy sitting in the small tub, and kick your feet vigorously in the water to splash water everywhere. You prefer when the water is set at lukewarm to slightly hot, but not too hot, versus bathing in a cooler water. You laugh, coo, and scream as you try to grab at the water. 

You still do not exhibit readiness for BLW (Baby Led Weaning), and that is okay! You haven't lost your tongue thrust ability, and still mastering sitting up unassisted. When that time comes for you to be able to start eating solids, then we will definitely explore that. This can happen anytime between 6-10 months. If Mama remembers correctly, your brothers were ready around 9-10 months old. There is no hurry in many areas regarding your development. As a Mama of a fourth child, she has taken a laid-back approach with you, and allowing things happen when they do. No big deal! Besides, food is for fun at this point until you turn one year old, then it becomes necessary for substance. 

You love to talk. You grumble, coo, laugh, and scream. Forrest enjoys reporting to Mama when you make sounds, and interpreting what you have to say. For instance, Forrest will tell Mama when you are laughing, and you're laughing, because Frank or Fox is being silly. You thump your feet and heels against the surface when you want to be picked up. You scream when you are tired while rubbing your eyes, or pulling at your ears. You quizzically coo when your brother appears in your sight. You make ahh sound when you are content, and full. You grumble a bit when your brothers are being too loud, or when you are tired of being carried around. You smack your lips when you are hungry. It is fascinating to see you beginning to make sounds. Mama is exposing you to all signs, and she's always describing things to you. It is how you, and your brothers begin to learn to communicate by signing. Mama is rather curious to find out what your first sign will be! Ball, milk, and momma all are your brothers' first sign word.

You love petting Bea, and the cats when they are in the mood. Bea often likes to lay next to you, and clean you up if you spit up. Sometimes, she even likes to clean up your dirty diapers...ugh!! Because of this, the dirty diapers must be disposed immediately, or meet its fate of being eaten by Bea. You enjoy feeling textures from your board books, and you are absolutely fascinated by the images. You seem to like contrast in colors the most, and you're already trying to turn the pages. Reading a book is one of your favorite activity. It warms Mama's heart to see how much you, and your brothers love books. Mama hopes you will end up having books scattered all over your bed...just like your older three brothers!

While Mama is not sure how long CVID19 pandemic will affect all of us, she chooses to look at the silver lining, and she is so grateful for this time for you to bond with your brothers. This will go down in time, not just time of worry and fear, but time of love and connection.

You are so, so loved, and we look forward to what month 6 brings to you! As Mama is ending this letter, a familiar little shout is reaching to her ears, and it is time to pick you up...and just to love on you!


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, Franklin, & Fox