Sunday, April 26, 2020

Fiona is SEVEN Months Old

Dear Fiona,

You are SEVEN Months old!

You officially outgrew 6 months clothes set! You are now wearing 9-12 months clothes. You are wearing size 4 diapers. For the first time in 6 months, Mama is starting to have order you clothes, and she feels so blessed to have all clothes donated or bought for you until up to this point. You are definitely very loved! She wants to pass on the act of kindness, and donate the clothes to others. Once this pandemic dies down, that will happen. 

A lot of happenings have been occurring in the past month. You have begun sitting up unassisted, and is able to sit for an extended period of time. You love being able to do so. You enjoy looking around, and seeing what your brothers have been up to. You love playing with toys, and explore the sounds that your toys make. However, your ultimate favorite toy is not an electronic, or makes any sound. It is a simple stick called a Teething Tube, and you LOVE gumming on it! With sitting up, you are able to roll from back to belly with no problem, and you even begin to squirm like a snake! Perhaps crawling is just around the corner soon?

You celebrated your first Easter! Mama had to be creative with dinner, and it was her first Easter meal that she cooked, because traditionally, Easter was always spent with either side of family, however with the social distancing, it was wise to stay home. It was a bit sad not to be able to celebrate Easter with family, yet at the same time, Mama and Daddy were grateful to be able to spend rare time just by themselves, because it was not something that was going to happen again for a long while (which was perfectly fine too). The kids loved getting baskets from Easter Bunny, and you got a piano music gym mat! Fox may have liked it more than you did, but that was okay, because you will eventually grow to like it as well!

By next Easter, you will be toddling around, and be able to participate in more fun Easter activities! Hopefully, COVID-19 will be under the control, and vanish away before more holidays can happen. However, this greatly depends on whether a vaccine will be established, and given out in order to eradicate the virus. In the meanwhile, you and rest of the family will continue to be thankful for each other, and technology to allow them to remain in a daily contact with both sides of family.

You recently visited Dr. Karbon in midst of a pandemic. The doctor office did a wonderful job of taking precaution to prevent the spread of CVID-19, and was able to keep the appointment short. Mama had to have her temperature checked before she could enter with you, and once she registered at a normal temperature, you were processed in pretty quickly to be seen. You weighed at 16 and half pounds, which put you in 43rd pecentile, which surprised Mama, because you had been chunking up pretty good! You clocked at 26 and half inches tall, and that put you in an average range among your peers. You received a second round of vaccinations, however, you only received two out of four shots. The next two were planned for your 9 month wellness check. You also got a Rotavirus supplement. You handled all of it pretty well. Dr, Karbon even checked your mouth, and to no great surprise, you had no teeth about to erupt. She was prepared for you to become a late teether too!

The next wellness check will happen sometimes during your 9th month, and you will receive two more shots. By then, you should be caught up until either your 12 or 18 month wellness check on term of your vaccination schedule.

You started sleeping in your crib for nap times! At first, you did struggle with the whole idea of napping in your own room, and with a bit of transitional steps, and you have not had a problem since. Mama sat in the glider in your bedroom, after doing a sleepy time routine with you, and slowly reduce how much time she spent time in your room while waiting for you to fall asleep. It was also a bit of challenge to figure out which times work the best. She watched for your sleepy cues, which was a rubbing of your ears, and eyes! Once you began doing that, she knew that you were beginning to get tired, and needed to rest. Eventually, she began to be able to predict when you would behave in such way, and implement sleepy time about fifteen minutes before you exhibit your tired cues.

You are beginning to develop a schedule of napping at 9:30 am, and again at 1:00 pm. You are changed, put in your sleep bag, and nurse while listening to a soothing music. As soon as you are done nursing, you are put down in your crib, and you are fairly able to go to sleep quickly! Usually, your morning nap is prone to be shorter than your afternoon one by about 45 minutes. Your afternoon nap can range anywhere from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. It depends on how active you have been during the day, your health, and your level of tiredness. It is nice, because it allows Mama some time to finish things around the house, spend time with your brothers, and do things she enjoys while you are resting. It is nice to have a bit of that freedom, and knowing you are getting the right kind of rest as well!

As soon as you are able to fall asleep without needing Mama to stay in the room, which is anytime now really, you will move out of Daddy's and Mama's bedroom into yours, and it is a transition that Mama is not very excited about. She hates the idea that you will have to leave her side, because just like your older brothers, you've spent 9 months inside Mama, then spent 4-6 months by her side. To have you be apart a bit further makes her sad, because it means your babyhood is slowly disappearing away.

*update* You will be moving out into your own bedroom starting tonight, because Mama's back can't handle from her picking you up out of pack n play anymore, and you have finally met the weight limitation  recommendation for the bassinet level. Mama is a bit sad at this prospect, because it is always harder on her than it is on any of one of you. At the same time, it will give Mama more freedom in the evenings to clean, crochet, take care of your older brothers, and things without interrupting your rest constantly. You would benefit from better rest from sleeping in your own crib.

With an okay from Dr. Karbon, and your signs of readiness, you have tried your first food, which was an applesauce that Gramps Dave made, and you were not very sure about it. Then you tasted a banana. You loved it! But you know who loved this even more? Frank LOVED feeding you! He took a lot of joy in being able spoon feed, and teach you how to eat. What a wonderful big brother Franklin had been to you, and it also did not surprise Mama that he wanted to be a part of the first surrounding food! You did gag a bit, and that was quite normal. Mama calmly cleaned you up, and praised you for doing an amazing job. Forrest thought you looked "gross" with food dribbling on your chin, and Mama laughingly told Forrest how he used to do the VERY SAME THING when he was a baby! Forrest had a great kick out of that!

You signed your first sign! Your first sign is MILK. Every time you get hungry, you start squeezing your sweet little hand, and reach out to Mama. It is quite amazing to watch your language slowly develop with sign language. Mama is constantly signing to you, and you are alert to her signs. You are also vocalizing. You love to scream; AAAAA, or OOOO! It's rather funny, even though your brothers may not always appreciate your little shouts, especially if they are trying to concentrate on their assignments, or video games! Nonetheless, Mama thinks it is pretty cute, and loves hearing you make sounds. You coo. You giggle. You are definitely a wonderful person.

While COVID-19 Pandemic is still happening, all this is doing is serving as a great reminder how we all should slow down, enjoy the small moments, and to cherish this time. All of this is even more exacerbated by having you meet your exciting milestones with us present, and being involved with you. For instance, Franklin may not have been able to help you with your first time trying food, or Forrest may not have been able to teach you how to sit up, because they'd have been in school. Of course, school is extremely important, and takes precedent over anything else, but it is also good to remember that even in time of bad things happening, there are also good happening during this time. Mama is so thankful for those small moments, and allowing that unify our family. After all, this is what a family is all about; being there for each other not just during good time, but troubled periods in our lives as well. Thank you for bringing a great deal of joy on top of even more joy from your brothers to all of us.

We are eager to see what month 7 will bring to you, and to continue create more memories to look back when we talk about this time in our lives.

Mama, Daddy, and the Boys