Tuesday, November 24, 2020

FDR is SIX Years Old

Dear Franklin, 

You are SIX years old. You're oh so stubborn, fiercely independent, opinionated, hilarious, yet incredibly thoughtful and loving. You definitely pack a punch, and are filled with so many small surprises. As a second oldest, you are just like a blizzard that bestowed upon us on the night you were born. You are larger than life, determined, creative. and unpredictable. It is never boring with you around! You are a splash of color in otherwise dreary, and ordinary life. You are the masterpiece of every stroke that is being made on the canvas with ever slightly changing shades of colors. No one little variety is the same. The canvas is constantly being reinvented, and remade. Oh, our spark of madness, a wildfire, and ever powerful wind that cannot be easily harnessed. You are an archer of your life with a flaming bow in your hand. You are our rebel. 

You are an intense person. You remind Mama so much of an engineer bunny; so full of energy, and keeps going until you crash. When you do crash, you crash hard! You would fall asleep at 4 pm, and stay asleep until the next morning. By the way, you know this is exactly what Daddy used to do when he first started teaching? Yup! You are so much like Daddy that it's not even funny. You love saying: by the way when you start talking about something, and it is quite endearing. You can be stubborn when you put your mind to something, and completely shut down. This can incredibly frustrating at times, and Mama has to learn how to work around that. It is just how you roll. You are so goofy! You love slapstick humor. When it comes to creating, you love being a part of the process, and the outcome is amazing. You help Mama with baking, and cooking, but more so with baking. You love coloring, and drawing. Mama has a drawer full of your creation.

Your 4K got off with an excellent start. You loved school, and looked forward to going every morning. You loved being able to walk with Forrest into the building every morning. It made you feel distinguished, special, and cool. Mama knew it was what you wanted, and as much as she wanted to walk with you into the building every morning, she respected your choice of preferring to go in with Forrest, and handling it like a big boy. Mama and Daddy were so excited for you to experience a field trip, 4K spring concert, and end of school year activities. Mama always loved those rituals, and wanted so badly for you to experience them. Sadly, your 4K school year was cut way too short, because of a global pandemic stemming from a virus called CVID19. It caused schools to close down with a hope to squelch the curve, and this took place in early March around spring break. Unfortunately, CVID19 outbreak was much worse than it was initially anticipated to be, and the schools made a tough decision to not allow students back into the building for the rest of the year. Mama struggled with you and Forrest obtaining the best education virtually. The education you received did not match the school standard, and Mama really TRIED. She grieved that you did not get to experience things you should have. 

Despite her worries that you were not getting the education you deserved, your end of the year report card based on what you left off in March; you came with a glowing report, and because of that, Mama and Daddy were so proud of you! You showed that you knew alphabet, counting up to 30, understanding how to write a sentence, and being able to read beginner phonetics. Daddy assured Mama that you were in a great position to begin kindergarten, and Mama agreed. You always had bounced back from whatever that pushed you back. It was just in your personality not to be bulldozed over. You were, and still are, always resilient. This assured Mama that you were more than prepared to attend Kindergarten. 

The summer was uneventful. Mama and Daddy felt quite bad that there was no major trips, family outings, and get togethers. However, their worries were unneccessary, because as they saw how your friendship was sparked among your neighbor friends, and this enabled the parents to get know the folks that were living next to them. You and your siblings were gifted a trampoline that was used quite a lot over the summer. It was the best investment made. 

Mama and Daddy made a decision to send you and Forrest for in person learning. It was a decision not easily made, and they weighed so many factors with a biggest reason of wanting to make sure you received a complete education for reading and writing from someone who had years of experience of doing so. Because you were enrolled in LEADS, Mama and Daddy had an advantage of knowing who was going to be your teacher, and that was Mrs. Heins! She had already taught Forrest, and was eager to get to know you. With CVID19 still being an ever-present problem, it was required that you and Forrest to wear masks while attending school. You were a champ with using masks, and knew when you needed them. The drop off in the mornings were easy, because all Mama had to do was drive up to a teacher, and drop you off with Forrest to escorted into the building. However, the pick up after school was a bit of challenge, because you two were divided in separate groups, and needed to be checked out individually by a staff member. Mama made do out of a difficult situation, because she saw how resilient you were, and wanted to follow your example. Yes, dear Franklin, you were an inspiration for Mama to keep going. 

Unfortunately, in person learning did not last for long. The community struggled with the politics of wearing the masks, and socially distancing. As result, the virus ran rampant through the town, and the schools had an overwhelmingly difficult time with making sure there was enough staff to run the schools. You went from in person learning to virtually learning online. It was a bit of an adjustment! Mama quickly learned that you and Forrest needed a break from being on the screen so much, and she was able to orchestra a few local getaways for family to go exploring! It was awesome to be able to hike, and explore the woods. It brought back the memories for Mama, and she was grateful that you get to experience the same. It was easy to dwell on the negativity, and stress of being stuck at home during a pandemic. It was NOT easy to be stuck at home all day long with the same faces day in and day out. You continued to amaze Mama and Daddy by being SO resilient, and amazing. 

You recently recieved great marks from Mrs. Heins regarding your learning. You are quite on time among your peers, and you often put a lot of focus in your work. However, you can be quiet, and not a willing participant in the classroom. You often prefer working alone, and not to draw attention toward yourself. It could be your personality, your introverted tendencies, and a bit of your confidence level needing to be worked on. Nonetheless, you had been doing amazing, and it showed. 

Your signing has improved greatly from being at home with Mama. Because you are forced to learn at home, and apply your education experience through using an Ipad, you come to a realization that you need to be able to communicate with Mama more effectively. Your confidence with signing has always been a challenge for you. Suddenly, you began to flourish, and grew confident to fingerspell the words that you didn't know, and to showcase your abilities that you've had all along. Daddy jokingly had said that out of four kids, you were going to end up being an interpreter, and an active participant in the Deaf community. Who knows? You had always been on a path destined to make  you to be unique! 

You are growing to be more picky with food. You definitely have your preferences. Just like Mama, you don't like anything over processed, soggy, and substandard choices for food. You like food prepared in certain ways. You have a bit of advanced taste for a little kid!  For example, you scarf down corned beef, chili, and hamburgers instead of chicken nuggets from McDonald's-- the choices that may not appeal to small kids. This corresponds somewhat with your love for cooking and baking. You happily help Mama to peel potatoes, or carrots. With safe knife, you enjoy chopping. You love to measure, and experiment with baking as well. It warms Mama's heart so much to have you show so much interest in cooking and baking! 

As a second oldest, you are often found by Forrest's side, and there is not anyone else that you look up to as much as you do Forrest. While you do have your own developing interests, you do find yourself copying Forrest's tastes, and desperately wanted to be just like him. Forrest and you have a close relationship, and it is rather wonderful to see. Mama hopes to see this continue well into your growing years. You love playing with Fox when the mood strikes. Mama suspects it is because she is still so young, and doesn't really do much yet. However, you do have your moments with Fiona. You are absolutely kind to Fiona, and often love to love on her. 

Your wellness check is due in December. By then, Mama should find out the status of your height and weight. You are an overally a healthy person! This is important during this time in our lives for you and your siblings to remain healthy. Currently, your favorite color is GREEN, and everything must be in green. You love chocolate, bananas, and pineapple on your pizza! You love outdoors, Pokemon, Pete the Cat, and gaming. You dislike to be bulldozed over, to be told what to do, and to be forced into something you don't want to do. You have such a big heart, and it shows. You are such a goofball! You say the wildest things, and make everyone chuckle. 

Franklin, this goes without saying that you are such a beautiful person, and we all are extremely lucky to have you to be a part of our lives. 


Mama, Daddy, Forrest, Fox, and Fiona