Sunday, September 25, 2022

Fiona is THREE Year Old

 Dear Fiona, 

You are THREE year old. 

Oh Fiona, you are such a fire sprite! You are sassy, strong-willed, daring, stubborn, fierce, loving, empathetic, kind, hilarious, amazing, and powerful. Whatever you put your mind to, you don't stop until you end up with it. After all, you kind of have to be when it comes to having three older siblings that may run around you, but you make sure that does not happen. Matter of fact, you run the roost among your siblings!

You are about 3 feet tall, and weighs under 30 pounds. You may be small, but you pack a punch! You wear size 3T, but you are transitioning into size 4T. Mama suspects that halfway into winter, you should be able to switch completely over to 4T clothes, and she has started dressing you in that size now just to make things easier down the road. 

One late morning, you disappeared and Mama went searching for you only to discover you perching on the toilet! You had been showing some interest in the potty, and learning how to communicate in sign language as well as speaking words to associate with the potty training, but Mama kept putting off the process due to other factors in life. She thought she would start encouraging you after your siblings start school, but you had your own plans! You were not going to do that! You took the bull by its horns, and decided to jump start the training on your term. That was just so you. Nonetheless, Mama decided to buy two packs of underwear, and put you in those. You had some handful accidents as to be expected, and even with that, you did well!

About a month later, you are still training, because like your older brothers, you can be tricky when it comes to pooping, and you prefer to hide and poop even in your underwear! Mama has decided to give you a bit of break, and to help you feel that you have some control over this journey. She has a plan for when you go back at the training process, and hopefully that will help with pushing along for pooping part. 

You are staying another year at home with Mama. Mama is quite happy about that, because she is not ready to let you go. It is hard for her to accept that she will be enrolling you in 3K next fall for the school year of 2023-2024. She is not ready to let go of the walks with you and the dogs, doing fun activities, and just having someone at home with her. Mama has a lot things planned with you, and among of them is a possible class of a tumbling course in winter. She thinks you'd absolutely love it given how you're always jumping on the mini trampoline at home! 

You spent a year working with Kim from Early Intervention for speech. You made sure that she knew that it was on your term, and she was wonderful in working with you. She was able to make you think that you were in control of your decisions while she was actually the one doing that all along. She was able to push you along with speaking. You leaped in your progress from not speaking at all to verbalizing to speaking words. You still had ways to go, yet you did all the hard work yourself! The day came too fast for you to be released from early intervention program. It was a bittersweet day, not necessarily just about you, but because Kim had been with our family for years, and you were our last to go through this program. There was a lot of feels with ending EI program forever, and having you transition into school system for speech therapy.

Your favorite phrase is: WHAT IS THAT? WHAT IS THAT?

Mama or Daddy often patiently answer your question, because they want you to feel comfortable in asking, and to always ask when you are curious. Curiosity is a wonderful thing, and should never be muted. 

You ended up going into the care of Ms. Jessica at Hillcrest for speech therapy, starting on your birthday! While you were not attending Hillcrest for school, you had to be enrolled into the school system in order to obtain service through them, and it was a strange feeling to register you! There was something about you being the last, and having to go through the process brought up some random feelings, that's for sure. Fortunately, it was just to obtain speech service, not to start school, because then that would be a whole nother ball game for Mama to deal with! 

You are a foodie! You love food. Your favorite food is black olives, tacos, and guacamole. You are game for trying anything, although Mama is curious to see how long this will last, and if you will be picky as you get older. She sure hope you wouldn't. 

You love your pets, especially the cats. Missy seem to be most drawn to you out of all the kids. She loves to cuddle with you while you are napping. She tolerates you when you pick her up...sometimes by her tail! You aren't a fan of chickens though, and don't like when they approach you with their wings flapping! Dogs are alright. You do love kissing and cuddling with our dogs. Mama continues to work with you to remind you to be careful with other dogs though, because not all dogs are willing to be kissed and hugged. You do love animals in general. 

You love Mama. You are always wanting to be near to her. It is not very often that you choose to be away from her. Daddy often complains that he is a chopped liver when she shows up, because when she isn't around, then you'd hang out with Daddy, but we all know the truth, you also do love Daddy. You sure have his finger wrapped around you! You are starting to warm up to strangers, and you will go and hug random people! Mama hopes that you two will always be friends. 

You are weaning off naps. You love running, jumping, and kicking. You alternate between sitting calmly and doing crafts or watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn or being wild and screaming on the top of your lungs while running around the house in the laps! There is just no knowing how you will act! For bedtime routine, you had no problem being put in you pajamas, and being read to. You love signing with Mama as she reads you a story, and to be honest, Mama loves it too. It's a great way to learn how to sign, and to learn how to participate in reading! What a win! You love to snuggle with a stuffed animal of your choice, which can change on a whim, and your glow worm. You don't quite like the dark, and require a music night light to be turned on. Then you settle for the night...for about two hours. Once that is up, you open your gate, and run to find Mama! You spend maybe an hour watching TV with Mama, then head back to bed. It always has been your routine! 

Remember how it is mentioned that you run the roost? Oh, boy, oh boy! You sure do! Your brothers dote on you, and do what you want them to do for you. Forrest is gentle with you, always looking over you, and protecting you. When you are being sassy, and you are scolded for that, Forrest always jump on his feet, and defend you, "But she is only a baby! Leave her be!" 

Franklin views you very much as a playmate. He takes a great delight in chasing you, scaring you which you respond with a loud shriek of happiness, and roughhouse with you, much to Mama's dismay, but you run back to him every single time. You don't ever get mad with him, and you just love the attention you get from him. Franklin rarely loses patience with you, and often go looking for you when you run away from Mama's sight, then return you with your hand in his. 

Fox....Fox. Now, Fox is closest in age to you. You two participate in so much imagination, and play. You two are almost like peas in the pod! Fox is rarely without you around the house. When he's outside, or somewhere apart from you, you get quite upset, and you want to be by him. As much as you two love each other, sometimes you two can become quite violate! Just like a cat and a dog! Bites, kicking, and screaming at each other--usually because one of you want something that other have, or won't share. Mama and Daddy often have to step in to resolve those battles, and gently explain that this belongs to whom, and sometimes sharing is needed, and sometimes sharing isn't. It is all about learning lessons, patience, and kindness. 

You love dressing up. If you have a chance to, then you grab a dress from your dress up bin, and put it on. Two of your play dresses are quiet worn from always being dressed, and washed. Mama is hoping to finish making you a dress up shelf, and it would make things easier for you to see, and choose from! Mama loves putting your hair in buns, or pig tails. It usually last half of the day, before you decide to take it off! Nonetheless, you ask Mama every morning to be brushed, and you pick out a bow, then have it placed in your hair. You LOVE LOVE LOVE, I mean I emphasize, SHOES. You are always wearing shoes, and if you can, then you'd be wearing it to bed! You are probably the most fashionable one in the family!

You love art, and craft. You are often cutting up and gluing construction papers with Fox. You love helping Mama making things, and paint when you have a chance to. You enjoy movies when you are in a quiet mood, and you love Disney movies, and have no real preference which genre of Disney movies as long as it is "good"! 

Our sweet girl, You are going to run the world. Mama just knows it. 


Mama, Daddy, and the Boys